Accessories! Because Who Doesn’t Love Some Bags, Scarves, & Shoes?

Exploring Lake Como in my favorite travel shoes. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A chic & practical bag for travel and at home…

The Lo & Sons “Pearl” crossbody has been one of my favorite bags for travel for a few years now. And the Pearl has become one of my most-used bags at home. It’s practical, lightweight, chic, and has excellent organization. I never have to go digging through the bag to find what I need.

Navy, ochre and pink outfit in Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

It’s currently 30% off during the Lo & Sons Fall Sale.

I have bags in both the Saffiano and Nappa leather. The Saffiano is more structured, and more durable. The Nappa is a bit softer and lighter in weight. These bags can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder, as a wristlet with the shorter strap, or carried as a clutch. They fasten securely, with two zipped compartments and a center compartment with three strong snaps.

Susan B of une femme d'un certain age wears jeans, a white shirt and sandals for sightseeing in Beaune.

Scarf it up…

Brown leopard print cashmere silk scarf from Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Just in time for cooler weather, Black has restocked their popular leopard print scarves in Brown, Navy and Black/White. These scarves are 50% Cashmere/50% Silk, so you get warmth without bulk.

Navy leopard print cashmere silk scarf from Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A Giveaway from one of my favorite brands…

There’s still time to enter to win a $350 gift card from Paul Green Shoes USA! Just pop over to their Instagram account for rules and to enter. If you’re already a fan of this brand, or have been wanting to try some of their good-looking and comfortable shoes, don’t miss out!

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  1. I love the jacket in your second pic; it really suits you and the turn back cuffs just add a little je ne sais quoi. What is it please?
    Just to add: you wore a fab pair of Cole Haan sneakers 2-3 weeks ago, gold with red and leopard trim. I traced them, to the US and they have arrived today, fabulous! I’m delighted. They looked great on you but I do not have small feet and was a tad apprehensive about whether they’d suit. Did not want to be returning to the US but fortunately, no need. Thank you for the inspiration.
    The bags are good, but the jacket distracted me! I think that’s how we find our best ideas, when we are not actively looking.

    1. Thanks, Sara! The jacket is from a brand called Scapa, which I believe is from The Netherlands. I purchased it in 2017 in Venice. It’s a beautiful lightweight wool, and I still have it.

  2. Scarves & shoes can totally change the look of an outfit. It took me a long time to understand this; I thought a pair of black, brown & navy shoes should round out a woman’s wardrobe (I was SO young!!). I used the same bag until it just was worn out; cheap purse & it’s going fall apart. After my mom passed in 2009, I went with a friend to an outlet mall on the Gulf Coast & I went to a Coach store (I had promised my momma I would get a ‘good’ bag); now I’m hooked! Shoes as well! The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t wear heels anymore; thank goodness we have some great looking flats! Love your blog!

    1. I’m not sure you are referring to G p t MS but we have an amazing outlet mall here. I haven’t been in a while but a lot of major brands are there.

  3. I’m needing a new pair of shoes. My running/walking shoes are so pathetic for wearing out and about. I love your style — I feel as a 65+ person I can look good without going for the teeny bopper style.

  4. Love the Lo & Sons Pearl–Purchased a couple of years ago on your rec and so pretty and practical. I have black and tan now. Also have their smaller Waverly, for when I want a really small light weight bag. The Quality is excellent.

  5. I bought the Lo & Sons Pearl cross body bag in black several years ago after reading about it on your blog, and I love it! I intended to use it just for travel, but it has since become my everyday bag. We live downtown and (at least pre-pandemic) tend to walk when we go out to dinner or shows. I have been very impressed with the quality of the leather. It is also a great size–large enough to hold everything I really need but not big enough to stuff full of junk! I carried it all over Europe, and I have never been concerned about security. I keep my small wallet and phone in the zipper compartments and my glasses, sunglasses, lipstick, and keys (on the attached lanyard) as well as a small, reusable shopping bag in the central snap-close compartment. I have been contemplating getting a second Pearl bag in the cognac brown color. Now that they are back on sale, this might be the time to pull the trigger!

  6. I’m looking for a jacket like the one in your 1st picture, can you share information about it? I’m going to get the Pearl – I’m trying to figure out what leather I want. I was also wondering about their smaller cross body. Do you happen to own that as well?

    1. Hi Alexis, that jacket was from a 2013 Sandro collection. It’s pretty unique, and I’m always on the lookout for similar styles to share. Though it’s shorter than mine, this one has a similar look:

      I don’t own the smaller bag.

  7. Susan,
    On your recommendation, I purchased the Pearl crossbody a couple years ago. The color is lovely but I found it too small to carry 2 pairs of glasses, etc. The leather is rather stiff which I assume makes it slightly more difficult for a pickpocket but also difficult for me to quickly remove items!

    1. I bought the Pearl in Navy saffiano several years ago, as navy is my best neutral. I love the bag and decided to get a second one in black napa leather. The Napa leather is much softer, and now I prefer it, but they don’t make a Navy napa Pearl bag. I use a Vera Bradley Double Eye case for my glasses. It is softly padded and fits quite well in the center snap section of my Pearl bag.

  8. And jewelry! You introduced me to French Kande and I watched the first video of Kande and her daughter over the weekend. The subject was the chains they use from smallest links to most chunky. I love everything they make and want to have a piece when I can narrow it down; I think I might have to order something custom. Thanks for sharing that company…..women owned in CA!

    1. Hi GeeGee, thanks, these photos are from prior years. My hair was lighter and sometimes shorter then.

  9. I no longer buy any leather bags or most other accessories for environmental reasons, but do still give in to leather footwear at times for orthopedic ones. As few as possible. Plastic pleather is probably at least as bad for the environment. I prefer water-resistant fabric bags; they are also lighter-weight. I often have to carry too much for some of the small bags shown here.

  10. Coincidentally, I was complimented on my Pearl bag by a stranger when I did errands the day before yesterday! I love the bag although it is hard for me sometimes to resist the urge to carry more crap than will fit in it. I use one zipped side for my wallet and anything else that is like money, which would include parking tickets, bus pas, receipts, etc. I use the other zipped side for all the handy things to have with you, lipstick, etc. I usually keep my phone and glasses in the open middle section. That way I can easily reach them and see that they are there. I wish the glasses pockets were a bit bigger or that the middle section was a little wider. But otherwise it is good. Keeps me much more organized than any of my other bags! and it comes in such great colors.

  11. I’m interested in how many people like the Pearl bags & mention how easy it is to find things in them. I use one bag 99% of the time, a leather hobo bag that’s over 40 years old. The leather’s worn to the texture of velvet, I’ve had it repaired & redyed a couple of times & I love it as much today as I did when I bought it — but it’s like a Black Hole in that anything that goes into it instantly disappears. I keep everything in small clear makeup cases, so you’d think it would be organized but I spend a ridiculous amount of time digging through it. I try to carry as little as possible: no lippy while wearing masks, nothing I can leave in whatever vehicle I’m in (car, truck, motorbike) like my phone. But I find I’m leaning more & more toward something more structured & discussions like this are moving me ever closer to retiring my old friend (to show how attached I get to things, I still use a ballpoint pen that I was given when I graduated from high school in 1974! I’ll be using it as long as I can buy refills for it.).

  12. Funny you’re posting about Lo & Sons today. Did anyone catch the segment on the Today Show (Hoda & Jenna segment I think) about Lo & Sons? The story is so good for readers of this blog; Mrs. Lo, at age 65, was frustrated at not being able to find the perfect travel bag, and her sons challenged her to design one. She became an entrepreneur and convinced her two sons to join her. Am sure you could find the segment online, it was very interesting

  13. Hi Susan,

    Which leather in the Pearl do you recommend for a busy New Yorker who is constantly walking the city and rushing through errands etc.
    Thank you,
    Laurie Gelbart