A Fall Outfit For Warmer Days

Fall outfit for warm weather: Susan B. wears a striped tee, bandana neckerchief, boyfriend jeans, and leopard slide sandals. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Fall in Southern California is actually two seasons. From early September until late October, it’s often hot and dry. (Fire season 😟 ) If we’re lucky, it will turn cooler (and we might get some rain) by late October or early November.

Earrings | Scarf | Tee | Bracelet (c/o) | Bracelet (c/o) | Jeans | Sandals (similar)

Plus options: Tee | Jeans

I’m wearing a Small in the tee, and 28 in the jeans.

I’ve had to learn to adapt my Fall wardrobe, and look for lighter weight pieces that feel seasonally appropriate but are still comfortable on warmer days. And that will layer well when it finally starts to cool down. So you know I snapped up this striped tee with elbow sleeves the minute I spotted it!

Because we don’t have much humidity this time of year, I find jeans perfectly comfortable on warmer days, especially if they have a more relaxed fit like these. I bought these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they’re now marked down again.

When the weather cools down, I’ll add a jacket, and swap out some sneakers or boots for the sandals.

What’s your biggest style challenge during the transitional seasons?

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  1. I like the stripes,, jeans, and scarf. Very cute and fresh look. It is still very warm where I live, low 90’s and high 80’s so cool clothing is necessary. I like to keep most of my arms covered to avoid sun damage.

  2. My closet is a mess at the moment because I still have Summer things available for warm spells, but I”m also reaching for heavier Fall things. I’ve learned that it’s best have both wardrobe sets available, otherwise I’ll be ordering something I already own that’s just not out!

  3. I can not get over how great you look in “ your” colors! Comparing pictures from today’s to yesterday’s post it is so obvious how wearing the right colors (and hair color) make you look so much younger and brings out your natural beauty. On the Fall transition question…ever since I learned to layer from blogs like yours, dressing for Fall became easy. I use most of my summer tops and just add a sweater blazer, denim jacket or cardigan. I get chilly easily so I often wear a sleeveless, scoop neck tee under my top so I stay warm with an open front sweater or jacket.

    1. I agree with Kelly – you look always look pretty but there’s something about the look in this post that’s really special. Natural looking hair, cool shades, great smile. Gorgeous!

  4. I also live in SoCal and face the same issues. I wear a lot of draped scarves and if bought right(transitional colors) my summer T’s serve this purpose. I love light weight girlfriend style chinos as I do denim for this purpose. Thank you for always being spot on with you posts and relevant to those of us of a certain age.

  5. Where I live it is a challenge also to look ‘season appropriate’ in early Fall. Your outfit hits the mark completely! Heavier weight tees and casual blouses in fall colors often can see me through mid-November.

    I know you favor stripes over pattern, but I really love a good pattern in the mix and would love to see you show some patterns in your outfit ideas (even if not for you personally) — especially any fun/unusual patterns which you seem to have a knack for finding.

    1. Thanks, Cinzia. While the clothes I feature in outfit posts are from my own wardrobe, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for a future style roundup.

  6. The bandana is Very fifties look to me since I grew up then. My favorite outfit was my blue circle skirt, white fitted sweater and a red bandana tied around my neck. We wore penny loafers which actually held a penny or saddle shoes with Bobby socks. Always white. Sounds ghastly I know but we loved it.

    1. I think these definitely go in and out of style. But I do love some of the late 50’s/early 60’s styles.

  7. This New York to SoCal transplant is finally adjusting to the climate and style. Your posts have helped tremendously! I am out in the desert where the high today will be 105; next week they’ll fall into the 90’s. What I love most about California style is the casualness. I find I get much more wear out of many of my cotton tops depending on the color. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. I think it runs pretty TTS. I’m wearing a Small. It’s not a fitted tee, but not oversized either.

    2. We tend to get some crazy storms in Snowtember. This year has been gorgeous. No frost yet!

      The biggest challenge about fall dressing is that we go straight from a hot summer day to winter in a matter of hours. People are often scrambling to dig out their parkas and boots when they’re wearing shorts and sandals. It’s hard to adjust physically to dramatic changes like that.

  8. Transitional weather in NJ too, but that means dress in layers as we will have a big range in temperatures during the day. For example, it was 54 degrees at 9:30 am when I went outside but is supposed to get into the low 70’s by early afternoon.

    1. I remember that from my time living in NJ. One Thanksgiving it was in the high 70’s and everyone was in shorts!

  9. In San Diego I LOVE enjoying my summer wardrobe right through September and October (with an occasional light sweater or jacket in the evening…). After all, there is a l-o-n-g cool weather season ahead and I’ll wait until after Halloween to transition to jeans and sweaters and boots. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the last few weeks of “summer” no matter what the calendar says!

  10. Your outfit is perfection and I love everything about it. Your haircut is lovely and I would love to see side and back photos (so I can take to my hairdresser).

  11. The weather is Iowa has been sweater weather and now turning warm again with temps in the 80s today. I love your outfit today! What brand are the sunglasses you are wearing?

  12. You look great Susan, as always! The longer haitstyle suits you. Much better than the ultra-short style you used to rock.

  13. Yes, I confess I don’t like bright orange, but really like the stripes shown here.

    We also have a two-part autumn; the first half is the best part of the year for looking chic; no snow or mud, and not too much rain. Beautiful fabrics. Magical light and leaves turning, the last of the flowers. Then it gets nasty and in November, we can even get snow. It doesn’t last, but puts a damper on everything, and will be horrible this year.

  14. Great outfit! I thought the jeans looked familiar and yes indeed, they are the wonderful AG Ex Boyfriend Slim Jeans! I happened upon a pair a few years ago at Nordstrom Rack and they’ve been by far my most worn pair of jeans ever since. The cut, the quality of the denim, the comfort, everything about them is stellar.

    It’s probably not a coincidence that my favorite trousers are also by AG – the Caden. Again, great cut and quality, and so comfortable.

  15. Actually, I find the scarf reminds me more of the Côte d’Azur style (as espoused by BB, but not only). Logical as the light is more like that in SOCAL.

  16. Hi Susan, I am asking like Rose for all angles of your great haircut. I want one just like it! And I wish I could find my colors as successfully as you. Your transformation is astounding! I used to think you were chic in black (and you were) but the transformed you is young and radiant.