Foulard de la semaine

Once again, I must apologize for the out-of-focus picture.  It seems to be time for a new camera (again).

And I feel I also must preemptively apologize for the lack of variety with recent scarves and knots; it’s just that time of year.  This one is my vintage Liberty of London sheer silk paisley, inherited from grand-mêre Lucille.  I folded it diagonally into an oblong, then folded in half.  Drape around the neck with the loop hanging down on one side, and the ends on the other.  Pass one of the ends through the loop, tie, et voilà.

(Yes, that’s a sweater.  In August.) 

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  1. Pretty! It’s been so hot and muggy here, I can’t even think about scarves. Which is a bummer, because one of my sisters brought me a gorgeous blue silk scarf shot with silver from China, and I haven’t been able to wear it yet!

  2. I just love it that you wear your grandmother’s scarves.
    And isn’t it amazing how cold it has been this summer. Usually I don’t wear scarves during the summer but this year I’ve needed to.

  3. Liberty does great patterns and this scarf shows well, even if you feel that the image is a bit blurry….do you have a Macro setting? I use that for close ups and my camera is very old indeed!

    Fall will be here in no time and we’ll all be back in scarf wearing mode.

  4. Isn’t that the new Eileen Fisher sweater from the Nordstrom’s sale? I don’t blame you for wearing it no matter what the weather. The color is great on you.

  5. No scarf for me today. Actually no scarfs for me until it gets cold. I love how you make a scarf look cool and comfortable in the summer. The colors are gorgeous.

  6. Can you believe this weather? I’m a Sonoma Valley girl (over fifty!) and have had a scarf disfunction all my life. I have tried to wear them chic. But, as you have displayed, there is an art to knotting and billowing! I am jazzed!

    I took my favorite scarf to Manhattan a few years ago, it belonged to my grandmother, it still smelled of her perfume. I left it in a cab.I want it back, but it is gone. Nw I must move on.

    It is my 53d birthday on the 20th and I want a Hermes scarf. Found some lovely ones on ebay for less than 100. Any advice on Hermes?

  7. Rubiatonta – I’m pretty certain we’re in for a brutally hot September and October once the Santa Ana winds kick in, so I’m getting in my scarf time while I can!

    Belle – I’m so happy to have something of hers that I can use often to be reminded of her. And yes, especially in the morning when I’m walking the dogs, scarves are called for.

    Tabitha – you’d think, wouldn’t you? Though we’re nowhere near as green as Scotland, even in the wintertime.

    LBR – thanks! I’ll admit that once it gets much over 75F, this one is too warm, but am wearing on the cooler days.

    hostess – I think our camera may have been dropped a time or two by le petit monsieur. But I’ll try playing around with the settings to see if I can improve the focus. The pattern on this scarf really is amazing, very vivid and detailed.

  8. Wendy B – it’s been a weirdly cool summer here, but I’m dreading September/October when it typically gets HOT. The rest of the northern hemisphere gets to wear their pretty fall clothes, and we’re back in linen.

    Miss Janey – thanks so much!

    Beryl – why, yes it is. 😉 You have a good eye! I fell in love with this sweater the minute I saw it, and it’s so light I’ve been able to wear it several times.

    BODECI body – oh, I’m so sorry about your grandmother’s scarf! You must have been absolutely bereft. The trick to tying scarves is just to practice, practice, practice, and experiment until you find a few methods of tying that you like. There’s really no wrong way to wear a scarf; it’s all a matter of personal taste.