Foulard de la semaine

This sheer silk chiffon square is just for fun with the ruffled edges and insect menagerie print.  Here I’ve folded diagonally, then draped “cowboy kerchief” style with point in front.  Cross the ends in back, then bring back to the front and tie off-center.
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  1. Pretty and spring-y! I have to remember to give the “cowboy tie” a try. Even have a new Talbots scarf to play with…

  2. Love the idea of an oh-so-delicate “lady scarf” with critters all over it. The barely-there colors are gorgeous on you, too.

    [I kind of haaaaate you for making the knot/arrangement sound so easy, though. I’m not going to admit how long it takes me to get a dang scarf fixed in any way that involves looping, knotting, etc.]

  3. Well done as usual. I think Cherie must send more students in the fine art of scarf tying your way. I always thought Friday was scarf day.

    Please advise Cherie as to your weekly schedule and I’ll tell her immediately.

    Merci par avance.

  4. I lift my arms up. I can´t just do it. The scarves. Only the thick winter ones, pashminas and shawls. May those, who master scarves, enjoy!

  5. Sal – thanks!

    Duchesse – Thank you! I’m a big fan of chiffon scarves for warmer months and am always on the lookout for them.

    Materfamilias – merci beaucoup!

  6. Mardel – Thanks! Chiffon is great for spring and summer, and is also an easier fabric to work with than silk twill for styling/tying.

    Kalee – thank you. So far, no shocked reactions. 😉

    Make Do Style – thanks!

  7. Rubiatonta – Thank you. it’s an easy tie to do and modify.

    LPC – thanks!

    Vix – thanks so much. I’ll admit, it took some practice to build up the knot repertoire. And certain scarves work better with some knots than others. Lots of trial and error!

  8. metscan – well it sounds as if you’re playing to your strengths. 🙂 You probably have a long season for pashminas and shawls too.

    Anonymous @ 9:26am – Thanks, this was from Nordstrom, about three years ago.

    That’s Not My Age – thanks so much!

  9. Tish – merci beaucoup! You may let Cherie know that my scarf posts will generally land on vendredi henceforth. FDLS came early this week, as another post I’d hoped to have ready is still in progress.

    Miss Janey – thanks so much!

    Rosina – thank you. It is girly, but I think the bug print keeps it from being overly so. Just the right amount of girly pour moi!