Foulard de la semaine

I think this J.Crew linen/viscose scarf will see a lot of daylight during the next few months. It’s soft and gossamer light, and stays put once tied. And the creamy ivory is a flattering color near the face.

(As you can see, my hair color has changed…again. I’ve migrated to more of a slightly reddish brown with gold highlights. Not as fun as the red, but it’s much easier to maintain. And it’s getting a bit too shaggy, good thing I’m scheduled for a haircut today!)
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  1. I don’t like this kind of scarfs, I only like crocheted or knitted ones…Or some smaller silky ones with nice print and graphics that I can tie pretty bows with….or knot around with some pretty brooches. I don’t like to wrap anything bulky around my neck in the mummy style….

  2. Your hair was the first thing I noticed — even before another one of your magic scarf tricks — tell us more.

    It looks very pretty and it’s longer.

    Cherie is ready for you.

    Ohm yes, like the scarf. You’re just like a French femme, scarves throughout the year.

  3. Your white linen scarf is a basic every woman should own. Not everyone could tie it the way you do though 😉

  4. I got that scarf in thistle, bright pink and a light teal. It is one of my favorites. It is such a great and easy weight.

  5. Belle – true about the weather. Since I’ve started wearing scarves regularly, I’ve noticed that my neck feels cold without one if the temperatures are below 70F.

    materfamilias – thanks so much. The texture, shape and weight of this scarf make it very easy to work with.

    Duchesse – merci beaucoup!

  6. Sue – thank you.

    metscan – thanks so much. This tie is actually quite easy; I’ll do an instruction next week.

    LBR – ooh, it comes in other colors?? 😀 I’ll bet that light teal looks gorgeous on you.

  7. Marieanne – merci. Yes, another reason I don’t like warm weather!

    Everything Pretty – I normally can’t handle a lot of bulk around my neck either, but this scarf is so light I don’t notice it. I’m a bit of an omnivore when it comes to scarves; I like a little bit of almost everything. 🙂

    Tish Jett – the hair is shorter today than yesterday (more about this tomorrow) but I’ve lightened the color a bit. I love to wear my scarves in all but the hottest weather.

  8. Rosina at Middle Ageless – thank you so much! I love this scarf and imagine I’ll wear it quite frequently.

    Miss Janey – thank you!

    tiffany – thanks! It’s great to find these classic, versatile accessories.

  9. Sher – thanks, and thanks! It’s great to see you back at your blog again.

    Semi-Expat – thank you!

    Faux Fuschia – thanks! That Pucci scarf would also look great on your bag.