Foulard de la semaine

Scarf inherited from grand-mere again, this time with an Hermès chain d’ancre horn scarf ring.
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  1. I love the scarf ring — so elegant — but is it bad it makes me think of something we used to use on our extra-long t-shirts back in the ’80s? 🙂

  2. I’ve really wanted one of those Hermes rings ever since I first saw all the things Mai Tai did with hers. Do you find it a useful ring, DP?

  3. Kalee – thank you! You’re too kind.

    Marsi – actually yes, I find this is my most-used scarf ring. The horn material is quite light, so it stays in place, and the color is neutral enough to wear with just about any scarf.

    Rita – thank you! Having a scarf ring or two really does expand the styling options.

  4. materfamilias – thanks, this one has not yet been to Paris. I may take it along on this trip.

    Lisa – thank you. Yes, it’s a very light silk chiffon. The scarf is at least 45 years old, maybe older. But it’s holding up well!

    WendyB – oh you’re right! I remember those!

  5. LBR – thanks! I love that ochre color, which for some reason is looking brighter yellow on my monitor than it actually is.

    Belle – thank you. And yes, this scarf will always be special, but I’m especially glad it’s in my favorite colors.

  6. That colour is so rich. It makes me think of butternut squash soup. It seems I am hungry. Well, your scarf is delicious.