Foulard de la semaine

Another warm weather scarf option. Silk plissé (pleated) scarf, worn as a necklace.

(Thanks again to Audi in comments whose suggestion for correcting the color problem with my digital camera did the trick!)

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  1. Deja – do you have something securing that knot – just looks lovely but I never have luck unless I secure things from the back.

  2. sue – thanks, actually the knot tends to migrate toward the back. But a periodic slight adjustment does the trick.

    duchesse – I really love the plissé, so much less bulky than the traditional carrés. Next week I’ll show you another fun plissé knot!

  3. Oooh, pretty. Does the knot stay in position? I’m sure any knot of mine would end up in the pendant position in no time.

    I always enjoy your scarf posts. I liked seeing last week’s vintage sheer, too.

  4. Dejapseu: Is this a Hermes scarf? I bought a couple which must be always folded into a spiral and kept in their round orange boxes, after use. The thought means I rarely use them but seeing this, I am tempted to.

    BTW have you see the Hermes colours this summer? Stunning Indian pinks and oranges! Some must come to me. (Evil laughter).

  5. Shefaly – yes, it’s a design called “Sous les orangers”

    Oh yes, I’ve seen the new scarves. They’re absolutely stunning. I may not be able to wait until Paris to pick one up…

  6. I have about 2 days, looking for this kind of scarf and I can’t find it, maybe someoane can help me???