Foulard de la semaine

Above, my favorite way to wear a silk square during warmer months. This scarf is from Talbots from a few years ago, and is still one of my best-loved and most often worn.

Scarf detail

For how-to, see below, “Scarf as necklace.”

Bon weekend!

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  1. Pseu- I recognized the scarf right away as one in my collection. And the knotted necklace is a fun way to wear it. 93 degrees today in upstate New York so I will tie my scarf to my tote. While I love summer, I would love a few cooler days. Happy weekend!

  2. Your very useful video is enchanting, as always, and seeing you in action (as opposed to still photographs) is a delight – I smiled all the way through. Thank you.

  3. Thanks! I am going to do this for teaching this week!! I will try to post a picture and link back to you!! I have a perfect scarf in mind….

  4. Charmant!

    Reminds me of the “old house in Paris” illustration from Bemelman’s Madeline.

  5. I rarely wear a scarf during the summer, they make me too hot! Yours is very pretty x

  6. I think our weather is going down to 80’s from 100’s. I’ll try the necklace version next week!

  7. Is this a new one? I’ve missed the scarf videos. Making a mental note to try this as part of the 6 items challenge. I’ll be working my scarves!