Guess who’s coming to Chico’s?

Diane Keaton!

Yes, Chico’s has signed her to be the face of their 2011 Holiday collection. This is not only the first time Chico’s has enlisted a celebrity endorser, but also the first ever fashion campaign for Keaton.  As she’s long been known for her distinctive style, this might be a very smart move on the part of Chico’s which has often been associated (fairly or unfairly) with an overly embellished, Aunt-Gertie-Goes-To-Vegas aesthetic. (And fessing up: I have some Chico’s basic pieces in my wardrobe that have been reliable standbys for *years*.)

I’ve always been a fan of DK’s polished boy-meets-girl style, and hope that this might be a new direction for Chico’s, emphasizing a simpler, cleaner aesthetic.

Chico’s has a promising section of Diane Keaton looks, here.

(BTW, I’d kill for her hair.)

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  1. Even though I am often the youngest person (57!) in Chico’s and even though I am appalled by my mother’s shopping addiction practiced there, I must admit that the ponte pants and the basic solid tanks are just fine. Somehow though I doubt Diane will actually wear the stuff. The fabrics tend to be very cheap and the workmanship poor. Might be part of her contract to wear the clothes!

  2. I agree with the poster who pointed out that often Chico’s fabrics are poor quality along with workmanship. I DO wear their denim jeans. They fit my 59 year old body and are comfortable. I was wearing them yesterday and my daughter in law asked me the brand because she liked them.

    I also have many Chico’s white sleeveless tank tops for summer. They are a staple for me along with a pale pink one and a black. Their other others are too too garish.

    I also bought a rather unusual black/white three quarter length inside jacket a couple of months ago that soon disappeared from the ships and catalogs. It was one of those super sale days and my cost was $65.00 after all the discounts were taken. I’m not enamored of the fabric quality, but the jacket itself is a great look if you don’t get too close and actually feel the fabric. Where have I worn it? Out to breakfast at a white table cloth place in NYC. I think it will be useful–especially when traveling.

    Better quality and simplicity–that’s what Chico’s should strive for. Diana Keeton is great, but the fact that they are using her as a model doesn’t impress me.

  3. Just had to leave a comment on this one. I have entered and left Chico’s many times and I just could not put my finger on the “why.” Now I know, …..Aunt Gertie Goes to Vegas!!!!!!too funny!

  4. LOVE Chico’s. Their Travelers line is unbelievable versatile and lasts forever….

    LOVE Diane Keaton. (Unbelievably versatile and (hopefully) lasts forever!)

    And I would also hope – no doing to Ms. Keaton what Ann Taylor did to Demi! No ridiculous photoshop tricks – PLEASE. We love our gracefully maturing women as they are!

  5. Those pictures are convincing me that I should check out Chico’s. And since I have never been impressed with their window displays, that’s saying a lot!

    Good for Chico’s for re-thinking their brand. I only wish it were working with the Talbot’s.

  6. Love DK! She’s so flippin’ gorgeous- glad to hear she’s doing some fashion endorsing.

    I have no opinion on Chico’s since I haven’t shopped there, but she’s too fabulous to be sitting at home waiting for her next movie!!

    BTW, I’ve been reading your blog at work, I just can’t comment (the word verification thingy doesn’t show up). The IT guys block that, but allow Facebook??

  7. In July, I had close encounter with Ms. Keaton in New York, where we had travelled to see the McQueen exhibit. After the exhibit, we stood behind her and her group in line for about half an hour at the Met cafe. They had just come from the exhibit too. It was during the NY heat wave, 104degrees outside, but she was wearing a black felt hat, a long black gabardine duster, black slacks and ethnic jewelry. On her feet, she wore masculine black oxfords without any shoelaces or socks. Very Annie Hall and quietly eccentric. She is not tall, maybe 5’5″, and is very small boned. She wore no makeup and has had no work done. Looks older than in her photoshopped photos, and lovely. Her hair was unremarkable (has that been photoshopped too?). I came away a bigger fan than before, impressed by her down to earth sweetness with her friends and family, and her obvious bien dans sa peau.

  8. Wow…great minds think a like…look who is on my post today? I love DK and was so happy to find her with Chico’s…I really like the red collection as well!

    Happy Friday!

  9. What a perfect choice for the brand. Love those leopard gloves.

    I don’t shop at Chico’s much (you nailed their aesthetic right on the head), but my biggest beef is their bizarro sizing system. 0? 000? One half? What the cuss size is one half? If you need a translation chart for your sizes, you’re just making it too hard for your customers …

  10. I love DK’s style and also would kill for her hair. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll stop in my local store and check it out.

  11. I know a lot of you think Chico’s is not well made. Some of it isn’t, but some is as well made as merchandise from similar priced merchants. I love my Chico’s clothing and I pretty much have on at least one Chico’s piece of clothing in all my outfits. I like bling and bright colors, so I guess I am a Chico’s woman.
    They started changing in the last few years and have many more classic pieces. They had a ponte pencil skirt recently that was really classic.
    For some of us, who don’t live where there are Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus and really cool boutiques, Chico’s is one of the few stores where we can actually try on and buy clothing that doesn’t look like something our great grandmothers might have worn.

  12. DK at Chico’s?! Very good news. Let’s hope she wakes them up a bit. I remember when they first started. The sizing was more fun and the clothes were more frisky. They even used natural (well-dyed) fibers! My mother and I scored and “fought over” a gorgeous turquoise heavy cotton trench coat that we managed to wear out between the two of us. Those were the days. They slowly started shifting from well-crafted whimsy to flammable fabrics and predictable lines. Heavy sigh. If anyone can end this, Diane Hall can!

  13. I totally have a love-hate relationship with Chicos: it’s such a schizophrenic store. Half, as you say, Aunt Gertie, and half completely decent basics. Just keep me far away from those embellished bright things that look like they were put together with a hot-glue gun!

  14. I’ve always called it The Menopause Store.

    I have shopped there online because they sell pants in tall. But that was it.

    However, I love that red coat so maybe this ad campaign will pull me back in!

  15. I love her look. Might be able to get similar hairstyle if I grew mine bit. Will have word with my hairdresser.

  16. Calling Chico’s the Menopause store made me laugh, along with the reference to a glue gun. Both fit the store. But, I agree with posters who say that there are basics to be had there. It is true! Every so often, i spend some time in Chico’s and often emerge with a find. It’s not easy, but is doable.

  17. My sister Cynthia and Diane could be twins, their personalities, their tininess!

    I was just in Chico’s as a good friend gave me a cert for my birthday. There are some very good looking pieces!

    Art by Karena

  18. I had not been in Chicos in quite some time and just decided to try it yesterday. Sorry – Diane Keaton or not, that store just has way too much bling for me. Definitely not my type of shop.

  19. Genius I must say. I have been looking a Chicos lately. I have never purchased anything from Chicos–mainly because one of my gf’s would kill me if she never knew. I am seeing some cool stuff from them lately…you never know.

  20. Long life Diane! This was a smart move! I will pay more attention now. Love the red coat. Just goes to show you can be over 60 and not dress like some crazy eccentric.

    Love your outfit below – a striped T is so versatile and fun.

  21. Since there is no Chico’s in Canada, used to drop in when visiting my mother in FL. Screeching bizarre prints (I called those pieces “ma jong party on acid”) sent me out the door before discovering the basics so many like. They can hire *anyone* as a model but if they do not create enough good designs, we will not buy. Sharing the love for DK!

  22. The menopause store! That’s funny. I’m another Canadian who has only visited Chico’s when in the U.S. I do love Diane Keaton – not just because we share the same first name…I fell for her style when I was 16 and watching “Annie Hall” at our local movie theatre in a small prairie town.
    How does she manage to stay soooo slim…


  23. Yeah Diane Keaton still looks sexy and fabulous in her Chico’s outfit. I totally love Chico’s too – classy and chic styles that speak of fashion that’s never outdated.