The big reveal: before and after photos of my home refresh

And here it is…to say that I’m really excited to show you my home’s “new look” would be an understatement. I’m absolutely thrilled with how my home redecorating project turned out! Today I’m sharing some before and after shots, and details on what I chose and why.

This home redecorating project was a long time coming…

For the last 15+ years, we’d lived with the same (mostly) inherited pieces of furniture. And some areas of the house hadn’t been repainted since we moved in 27 years ago! The furniture we inherited was (originally) good quality, but older, and mostly too large for our space. Our house was built in 1941, and even with the master suite addition we did in 2003, is still only about 1500 square feet.

And, as often happens in smaller spaces, we’d accumulated a lot of clutter and various bits and bobs. It was at the point where I was a little embarrassed to have anyone over who wasn’t family. We kept saying “someday” we’d clear it out and redecorate, but there always seemed to be other priorities.

A couple of years ago, I’d convinced le Monsieur that we really needed to give the front areas of our house an update. But about that time his ALS began progressing rapidly. So the update was put on hold while we dealt with more urgent issues.

Le Monsieur passed away in August, and I spent a good bit of time in the fall clearing out clutter and some furniture. It helped keep me busy, and was a constructive way to help process my loss. I donated some pieces, and used the furniture resale service Kaiyo to sell some others that were newer and still in good shape.

Before and after: my living room transformed

Here’s how the living room looked last fall. (I’d already done quite a bit of decluttering on the shelves when these photos were taken.) The sofa is too large for the space, and at 30+ years old was beginning to look pretty sad and drab…

Living room before, looking toward front entrance.
(Our dogs always liked to sleep on top of those back cushions, hence the dented appearance. 😂 )
Living room before with sad brown furniture.
(Over-crowded, over-large furniture, visually cluttered)

I’d described my design vision as “California relaxed modern with a pinch of Paris.” I did a lot of furniture shopping, but didn’t work with a designer. I approached everything with an “I’ll know it when I see it” attitude. Here’s the result:

Living room seating area with off white sofa, round nesting coffee tables, camel velvet accent chairs, Persian style area rug.
Living room after home redecorating: off white sofa, camel velvet accent chairs, nesting coffee tables, area rug

As you can see, it’s more open, airy, and light. I feel like I can breathe in here. Just for fun, here are a couple of comparison sliders:

Living room before redecorating with beige and brown furnitureLiving room after re-decorating: off white sofa, camel velvet accent chairs, nesting coffee tables, area rug
Living room before, looking toward front entrance.Living room and front entry area with console table and vintage French poster

More details:

Living room view from front entry. Off-white sofa with accent cushions, mirror over fireplace, camel velvet accent chairs, (dog-approved) area rug, nesting round coffee tables

For the furnishings, I went with a warm neutral color scheme. (Ivory, camel, brass, terracotta.) The first piece I chose was this 76″ sofa in a textured ivory fabric. It’s quite comfortable, and the more compact size gave me room to change the orientation of the furniture to be more open and inviting. Though I’d originally been considering a curved sofa, all of the ones I looked at were either too large, or not comfortable to sit in.

Another consideration was practicality. I prefer the look of furniture on legs, which feels lighter and also makes it easy to vacuum underneath!

And after looking at several mirrors to go over the fireplace, I went with my original choice (3′ size) and am quite pleased.

I’d considered several accent chairs, and saw a few I liked, but they just didn’t “wow” me. Then I spotted these online and made a beeline to the store to see in person. They were exactly what I was going for! I used pillows and a throw to tie together the ivory sofa and bronze-y camel chairs.

View from living room toward front entry way with console table and vintage French Avrances poster

The artwork is a vintage poster we purchased on one of our Paris trips, and one of my favorite pieces. It visually helps fill that entry area, without taking up floor space. I decided to just hang a few of our larger pieces for now. I’m really enjoying the clean and open look.

Pink and orange tulips in a white glazed tulipiere
Tulipière by Kathy Leeds

This tulipiére from Kathy Leeds is another of my favorite artworks.

View from living room into dining area.
That curved wall is one of my favorite architectural details, but can be tricky to decorate around.

On choosing my paint color…

Many thanks to those of you who recommended taking a look at Maria Killam’s website and videos. It convinced me to select my biggest piece of furniture first (sofa) and then choose a paint color to coordinate. I painted the entire house interior, including doors and trim with Benjamin Moore “White Dove” and love, love love how it turned out. It somehow just works in every room of the house. (And a special thanks to reader Lisa, who came over with her Maria Killam palettes to help me determine undertones!)

Next up: the dining area

Six years ago, we did a major kitchen renovation. As part of that, we knocked out some walls, and opened up the space between the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Here’s how the dining area looked after that renovation…

Casual dining area after kitchen renovation. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

And now…

Dining room after with farmhouse table, wicker pendant light, boucle fabric dining chairs

The chairs are comfortable, but much visually lighter than the dark gray upholstered ones. And I love how the curved chair backs echo the curve in the wicker pendant! The table is still the same one we purchased 6 years ago. I love it because it’s easy to add and remove leaves when entertaining.

That’s another vintage French poster, purchased on the same Paris trip as the one in the living room. I love how it looks here!

And the den/office/color studio

We’d converted the front bedroom to a den/office after we added a master suite in 2003. At the time, we purchased a “closeout” floor model leather sofa bed.


Studio/den before with old leather sofa bed and beige ottoman.

I cannot for the life of me remember how we got that piece of furniture into that room, but I ended up having to pay a service to dismantle and haul it away. (I’d tried to donate it, but they couldn’t get it through the doors to remove it.)

Aaaand, after:

Studio/den after with boucle lounge chairs and vintage French school map.

This room also functions as my studio for doing personal color analysis, so I needed to keep the space mostly open. Instead of another sofa, I decided to go with chairs that would be comfortable enough for TV watching, but light enough to be moved. (On the opposite wall is a large screen TV.) I have a larger area rug still on order.

And one of my favorite new additions…

Vintage French school map in black frame

I spied one of these vintage French school maps in our local Room & Board store and was immediately obsessed! I’m a map geek and a Francophile, so it just seemed perfect. These are one-of-a-kind, and there are still a few versions available. They come framed and ready to hang.

So there you have it! I’m absolutely delighted with how it all came together, and this refreshed look just lifts my spirits when I walk in the door. What do you think? Have you recently done (or are planning to do) any home redecorating?

Results of living room redecorating project

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  1. Congratulations Susan, it’s just beautiful. So fresh and light and I love your warm accent colours and touches of Paris. Enjoy your lovely “new” home!
    Best wishes,
    Julie xx

  2. I really love your make over. It looks modern, stylish and fresh, but not devoid of personality and warmth. I have an older, ‘character’ home which really needs an updated extension at the back where the kitchen is. But the thought of the mess, expense and disruption for several months really puts me off. My husband nearly passed out when the builder quoted close to $400,000 for a renovation and at our ages late 60s, find it hard to justify the spend. I think what you have done is great, Enjoy. Just watched the first three episodes of The New Look – jury still out on a verdict.

  3. Truly a stunning redo!! Visually so beautiful. Your eye for color and balance really shows. Based on the pictures, I would only make one teeny-tiny change. On the table in the entry by the front door, I would move the lamp to the right side of the table so that it helps draw your eye into the room when you enter from the front door, instead of stopping your eye right there. I know placement of outlets can be a problem but do you really need light there or can it just be a decorative piece?

  4. I love the new look. I especially like the dining room chairs. They make such a difference in the feel of that room, everything is so beautiful!

  5. I’ve been waiting to see this, and it’s absolutely wonderful! I can see that your home has “good bones” but in the “before” they didn’t show well, and yes, overcrowded. You did a fabulous job – it’s really beautiful and inviting. I love the living room chairs with their curve and echoed in your dining chairs. They both enhance your curved wall (which is so great) Thank you for showing your tulipiere. It’s a good one, and you style it so well.
    I’m thrilled for you about the whole redecoration project. Enjoy it!

  6. Lovely! So much more open and light. The smaller scale furniture is perfect for the space. Those living room chairs are wonderful – I love the color and the style

  7. I don’t know where to begin; I LOVE EVERYTHING. It’s such a comfortable, welcoming home. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Beautiful, Susan! It’s amazing how changing out the dining chairs really modernized the dining room. Love the large art pieces, especially on the Dove White walls. Using larger pieces in decor looks much more put together than a lot of little trinkets. Really love the entire look.

      1. I completely agree. The overall difference is striking. So light, open and welcoming. The posters add a nice pop of color, but not overly so. I like how the living room poster colors connect with the color of your new chairs. It is interesting to see how just the change in chairs and overhead lamp made such a difference in the dining room. At first I didn’t notice that the table was the same. Very nice! That’s a lot to take on after the death of your husband, but probably for someone like you to whom style is an important part of your life, very therapeutic.

  9. My first thought was “I am so envious that she can easily sweep under her furniture in the living room” . I have to-the floor upholstery and just last week did an intensive dusting under the sofas. The dust bunny situation was critical and I was aghast. I know designers tend to favor a mix of legs and no-legs but as I always say, the designers are not here to clean my house after. It’s the same with big footboards on a king bed. (For the love of Pete, you cannot tuck the bedding under the foot of the bed unless you lift the mattress waaaay up.) Decorators are always saying they feel they should be called in early in the design process. Agreed but they also need to stay after the project and go through the day to day cleaning of the house! Susan, you did a great job with your place! Cozy yet sophisticated and oh so chic.

  10. Susan,
    I love your home makeover! Your rooms are so light and inviting. You did a wonderful job in combining your personal style with contemporary design to create a cohesive look throughout. Love!

  11. Wow! You’ve changed the feel of the rooms. It’s all light and airy with a nod to your style. Well done. I made notes for my next remodel. Cheers

  12. Kudos to you on this redecorating! All looks beautiful and fresh, and the color scheme is somehow peaceful and vivid. We too are passing along some furniture pieces that are too dark and oversized. I look forward to a lighter feel in our own living room. May your home bring joy to you.

  13. Nice job Susan. There’s nothing better than entering your home and being totally delighted. I’ve just finished creating a snug in my home as a place to listen to music, read a good book or watch one of my favorite black and white movies. Totally delighted whenever I walk into the space.

  14. Really beautiful. Aside from the gorgeous new living room, I love the dining room table and chairs! Enjoy enjoy your new delicious space!

  15. You should be as pleased and proud as you sound! It is beautiful, pleasant and peaceful. Reflects all the effort and thoughtfulness you put into it. Congratulations on a job well done

  16. Bravo! Your home looks fresh and vibrant. What a great way to honor your husband and create a beautiful, peaceful landing space for yourself. You are an inspiration.

  17. I think it came together beautifully! I like how you rearranged the position of the sofa. It’s more inviting, and I think good feng shui . My hubby and I live in an apartment. The one thing we need to do is paint. The thought of this alone gives me a headache.

  18. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing! The before photos look fine, but I can really see a difference with the after, how fresh and light, yet still personal. Enjoy!

  19. I love it all! What a wonderful way to take care of yourself. And that map in your studio is perfection. When my husband and I were first married and didn’t have a lot of money we would buy maps of places special to us and dry mount them on foam board, as it was cheaper than framing. I’m still partial to maps for decorating and still have a vintage one on our walls many years later.

  20. Susan, I adore your newly decorated spaces! Well done! I especially love the bronze accent chairs. I like simpler spaces so that I can relax and breathe. When I renovated my bathroom a few years ago, I also utilized Maria Killam’s color theory re undertones and her palette boards. They helped me get a timeless bathroom that I love every single time I go in there. Hope you enjoy your lovely home for years to come!

  21. Congratulations Susan, it looks really beautiful, light, relaxing, chic and welcoming! You will be getting requests from all your friends to act as their decorator!
    Love the same colour scheme for each room.

  22. It turned out beautiful. I love that it is fresh and modern and yet still very warm. I am torn between the accent chairs in the living room (I can definitely see why you acted quickly when you saw them) and the dining room furniture. What a cathartic way to process your grief.

  23. Hi Susan,
    Love the update! Great colour choices. We redid our primary bedroom this year, and it was long overdue. I agree that lighter, brighter and less cluttered are the way to go. You have a good point about seeing the legs of the furniture. It’s amazing how much improving your daily surroundings can improve your life! Congratulations,


  24. Wow you did a fantastic job on redecorating your home! It looks so light, airy and welcoming. Thanks for sharing. I love to see how people’s personalities show up in their homes!

  25. Wow ! Absolutely stunning . It looks the perfect home for you going forward and looks modern , warm and inviting and very much you .

  26. Just beautiful, Susan. It looks so much like you and like a home to really feel at home in– inspiring! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  27. Bravo. Looks beautiful, and most importantly, as you wrote, it lifts your spirits when you walk in the door. Who could ask for more? I have some renovations ahead of me – but first need to figure out structural issues (leaks, etc.) Less fun.

  28. I love how your home now mirrors your fashion sense. It all goes together! What a great design job and worth the wait. Room & Board is such a great store, isn’t it.

  29. I love the changes! I am especially charmed by those two new living room chairs (such a great shape and color!) and your new dining room is fantastic. Congratulations! I have a question…I am looking to downsize and have some large living pieces that won’t be coming along, so I am looking to sell them. How was your experience with Kaiyo? It sounds like just what I need.

  30. This is fabulous, Susan! I love every piece. Your entire design says warm, fresh, comfortable, and home. It’s so very you. Congratulations on a job extremely well done!

  31. Beautiful transformation, I love your new picks! We recently changed sofas from a humongous slipcovered one to a lighter, smaller upholstered one, which made such a difference opening up our room just like yours did! Our dog really misses the crushed down cushions but has adjusted admirably! Enjoy!

  32. Susan it’s beautiful! You did a fabulous job decorating to what pleases you and your lifestyle. The colors are in your color palette and are just perfect. A refresh is always fun and sometimes just what we need. Thank you for sharing and enjoy.

  33. You did a fabulous renovation. I have the deep caramel accents also and love them. Your very own personality shines through in all your choices. Enjoy

  34. It looks fabulous Susan. You did a great job! Where did you donate the furniture? I have a client who also lives in Culver City who has a lot of furniture that needs to be picked up. So many charities won’t come in the house. Thanks

    1. Hi Cindy, some of the bigger pieces were given to friends of our neighbor’s housekeeper, and they came and picked it up. But I think St. Vincent de Paul will pick up furniture, as well as the UCLA thrift shop.

  35. Bravo. So well done. I absolutely adore your livingroom. And the curves of the dining chairs not only match the lamp, they also match the curved wall. And the sitting area…so good.
    You can be an interior decorator.

  36. Your newly decorated rooms look wonderful – light, fresh, stylish and livable! And it looks like you incorporated your colors as well! Enjoy your “new” nest and happy Valentine’s Day!

  37. Susan, what a wonderful space, I’m in love with the mirror over the fireplace you sourced! Wow and Wow!. Well done,, enjoy your space. Cheers, Linda

  38. I am so inspired by your remodel! Wow, I can really see how it would lift your spirit to enter your house, particularly after your great loss. So often I see “designer” rooms that feel so impersonal but your house is just the opposite. I see a real person in your design choices and I love it!

  39. What a beautiful transformation — so much more open, welcoming, light-filled and calm. I love it. And kudos on including your dog in the color scheme, LOL!

  40. Bravo!!!
    I’m especially in love with what you’ve created in your living room – it’s so calm, warm and inviting.

  41. Hi a Susan,
    Lovely refresh. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job and without the help of a professional! I wonder if you would consider a more nitty/gritty post. Like how you made color choices, what you did with your furniture while work being done, etc. Logistics are often very difficult and are a big reason we have not undertaken a remodel. We really need our wood floors redone, but the thought of moving and storing etc is a bit overwhelming.

  42. Your refresh looks fantastic! I’ve been eyeing those crate & barrel den chairs. They look so good in your den. I need to see them in person.

  43. Your wonderful sense of color and style for clothing carry over to the choices for your home. I love the French accent pieces! You should feel so proud of what you accomplished!

  44. Your updated home is beautiful. It looks serene, modern and very comfortable. Thank you for sharing. Having been on the loss of a spouse journey I know there is there is no road map to guide you and each person has to do what is right for them. Prayers for you as you address each day.

  45. Your house is perfectly charming! Reflects a gorgeous mix of So Cal and France!! Enjoy it and thank you for sharing!

  46. The place looks fabulous! We’ve purchased two rooms of furniture from Room and Board over the past few years. We love the quality, and their customer service is unmatched.
    Kudos to you on your fresh, beautiful “new” home!

  47. Absolutely beautiful and refreshing. So calm and inviting. Kudos to you! I, too, have had old, but nice hand me downs for 32 years. It was such an exhilarating feeling to clean the slate (and clutter) and buy the pieces that reflect my taste. Every day feels like Christmas morning. I hope you have the same feeling as you walk through your new space!

  48. Wow — I’m impressed, particularly since it is all your own design. It looks great. You’ve given me some incentive to do a much-needed makeover on my 25-year-old decor.

  49. It’s fabulous, Sue! What a gorgeous result from a very practical way to process loss and honour memories — and a wonderful way to move forward. (having met your monsieur a few times and knowing how much he admired your taste, I dare to say he would have approved, although he might have lamented–with trademark humour — losing the comfy-est seats xo)

  50. Your house is beautiful, Susan. I wish you many more years of joy and happiness in it. Thanks for sharing with us, I really enjoyed seeing the transformation.

  51. LOVE IT! White Dove has been one of my favorites for years now! It seems to be just the right white for me. Your furniture choices are outstanding and I know it has to make you feel better every time you walk inside!

  52. Sue, it looks fabulous—congratulations! Your color palette is lovely, warm & inviting. Aren’t rugs and lighting HARD?? I have fallen into the “bold rug” trap a couple of times & am trying to resist–a more subtle, rich rug is so much more versatile (yours looks great). It’s so much smarter to go bold with the pillows….

  53. Susan what an amazing job you’ve done! I love your color choices! You have a very personal environment now–elegant yet inviting. Doing all that furniture shopping etc must have been exhausting–did you have your sister with you? I love C&B as well as R&B–we went to both those stores when we were buying furniture after the Tubb’s Fire. Enjoy your new home!!

  54. Susan, Thanks for showing us your home makeover. It is truly lovely and looks so comfortable, I also have a small home ( 1600 sq feet ) and older ( 1925 ) and have struggled with the size of my older vintage furniture in the small space. Your choices gave me so many new ideas to think about for my home. I also had to have a box spring dismantled to get it out.

  55. Susan!
    Your house looks fabulous and it’s clear how happy it makes you. I especially love the new chairs in the living area and your artwork!

    Nothing like coming home to a house you love!

  56. Well done, Susan! You stayed true to your vision by not hurrying the process, and achieved a thoughtfully done renewal of your home. The space is welcoming, fresh, and filled with light. You have chosen your furniture well and have accessorized with special pieces that hold good memories and reflect your own tastes. Such a good way to show us your successful transition ! Very enjoyable.
    I had the wonderful opportunity upon retirement and moving to eastern Vancouver Island , to renew a well built 1997 bungalow (with 6 skylights needed during greyish months) , after years of helping clients with their homes. I also use Benjamin Moore paints, and the house is fresh inside and out, with colours that reflect our style and work with our furniture and garden. Like your home, I relied on shutters throughout, so that summer sun can be tempered, and overall curb appeal is boosted.
    On a travel note: I too am travelling to Paris in a few weeks. Uniworld had a promotion with the SS Joie de Vivre river ship sailing along the Seine, which was excellent for this solo traveller. I also discovered that BA had an unbelievable price on business class return flights… Vancouver to Paris (via Heathrow) for 1/3 the cost of Vancouver to London. Having a snooze while flying overnight definitely is a plus! Not to mention the great service. I asked Greetje if she was meeting you in Paris, but you’re visiting her in Amsterdam. If you happen to be in Paris on March 30-31, prior to boarding, or perhaps later upon our river cruise return on April 6, and would like to meet for a coffee “a la francais”, let me know. I am staying near the Luxembourg Gardens on the Left Bank, and concentrating my excursions there. Maps and books are out for my enthusiastic research. Such fun!

  57. Absolutely gorgeous! Streamlined but comfortable with the most gorgeous colors and textures. The living room chairs are divine. Enjoy your “new” pied a terre. xox

  58. Truly lovely and well deserved update as you move into a new phase of life. Something I truly admire about you ( I have been a quiet follower of yours since the early blog days) is how you are able to use your interests to work with the situations that life has given you; creating beauty for yourself and others in the process. You have helped me to do the same.

  59. Congrats, Susan – it looks lovely. Exactly what you were trying to achieve – light/bright and California meets Paris. I also painted our whole house (different sheens for trim) in White Dove. It’s a great colour in so many lights. I really love it.

    I don’t think you need to add more art, etc. – I prefer visual space -and of course, that’s so personal.

    The only thing I would add is a big sisal rug layered under your pretty rug in the living room. I feel like a bigger rug anchors the space and love the layering contrast. It would also tie in with your dining room fixture and allows you to take up the other carpet during the summer months if you wish. That’s my 2 cents.

    Love it – it suits you perfectly! Congrats.

  60. Your room remodel looks fabulous! I have White Dove in my kitchen, and adjoining room and love it too! The colors you chose and artwork blend well. You did an awesome job!

  61. What a wonderful, fun post for all of us! Thank you. The poster in the dining room looks so much brighter on the white wall as opposed to the former more beige/gold wall. Even your interior colors compliment your warmer (personal) palate. May your newly created home space give you years of happiness and peace.

  62. Susan, you have hit the nail on the head! As soon as I saw your new decorating scheme, I thought, it’s Susan wearing her best colours. Enjoy your beautiful new environment.

  63. Love your renovation it’s amazing how less stuff just in itself lightens and lifts spirits. I’ve experienced this after a recent move where the decor demanded a lighter touch. I really admire what you’ve achieved and how you used it as a way to work through grief. Always enjoy your posts and really sad you set up your colour consultation business just as I departed the Central Valley to return to NZ

  64. Your home is beautiful. You did an amazing job. It really catches my eye because your style and color preferences are the same as mine. I especially like the 2 camel chairs in the living room!

  65. Hi Susan, My first thought was how fresh, open and bright everything looks. I love it. What a difference changing the sofa location makes (and of course, the new sofa), it really opens up your entry and makes everything so much more inviting. Each room echos that in turn.
    We might be moving and downsizing after retirement soon, your wall color and other choices will be in my inspiration file! Oh, my husband and I were just talking last night about the sofa bed that was once in our guestroom, wondering how on earth it fit down the hall and through the door.

  66. Your refresh is beautiful!! Iam so sorry that your husband has passed. THe work you have put into your home was great during the time after. You have given us so many good hints and advise. Thanks!

  67. You did a marvelous job! Your house is very warm and inviting. Glad you had a project to help occupy your time and mind after you lost your dear husband!

  68. You did a great job of transforming your home. Love the vintage posters. Now I am eyeing my living room and wondering if my leather chairs are too large and too dark. Enjoy your beautiful home.

  69. That looks wonderful. Very light and airy. I didn’t even realize it was the same table, in the dining room. You have a great eye. And you picked some winners. Good job .

  70. Your beautiful room is what I’m aiming for. Did you choose the furniture first then the wall color, or wall color first then the furniture? And what color is your paint? Thank you!

  71. I think you have done a great job, I would suggest to add larger lamps on the fire place. The mirror is large and needs to have balance. I always feel it takes a number of friends to give us ideas we don’t see.

  72. The new space is so light, airy, and feminine! I love it, and it truly reflects your style and personality. So happy that you ended up with a redecorated space that’s exactly what you wanted….congratulations and enjoy!!

  73. Susan,
    The transformation looks great !
    Love the warm color scheme. So cozy and comfy looking. I notice that your dog approves as he/she looks equally cozy and comfy.

  74. I am mainly a reader and yet had to say how much I Adore your renovations, the areas looks so much larger and lighter.

  75. Susan, your rooms are so Beautiful. I love rooms that are light and airy and yours are just that. The colors you chose are so pretty and I love that touch of Paris. You have waited so long for this, ENJOY! ❤️❤️
    —Linda Williams

  76. Love it Susan! Especially since it really reflects your sense of style and color. I love Maria Killam, have followed her for years and you were smart to start with the couch and then pick paint! Your house is lovely!

  77. Susan – your remodel is lovely! Such a great mix of colours and yes, bright and light. I love the new paint colour. Well done.

  78. I love the transformation!! I hope it makes you feel good every time you walk through it. What a beautiful home.

  79. Absolutely gorgeous refresh!! I love every single detail – you can tell that you really thought it through and it is amazing how dramatic a few changes will make in your home!

  80. What a gorgeous transformation! We are planning to have the majority of the main floor of our house repainted soon (living room, kitchen/dining room, hallway, master bedroom, den, and one of the bathrooms). I haven’t chosen the exact colour yet, but like you, I want a basic off-white throughout. The baseboards, doors, and trim throughout are a very dark brown and I’m considering having all of that redone in white.

  81. It looks fantastic! I was wondering where you got the furry looking throw to protect the couch seats from the adorable dog?

  82. Love all you did with the refresh, reno. So bright, light and airy!
    One quick question – as we are also planning on painting our main living areas soon. What paint finish did you choose? Eggshell, Pearl, Satin? I’m never sure about that!
    Suz from Vancouver

  83. Very nice.
    We live in an older neighborhood and it can be frustrating to shop for furniture, a lot of it is too big. We have plenty of rooms, but they aren’t big enough for a lot of the oversized furniture you often see. I like the Crate & Barrel side chairs in your Den. I had a chair from Ikea that was similar in our vacation place, but somehow the frame got broken when we weren’t there.
    I hope that the freshly redone house will help you forget the hard later days of your husband’s life, and remember the good times you had together.

  84. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband in August. May he be resting in peace. Thank you for all that you do. I really enjoy reading your newsletters!

  85. I LOVE it!!! I especially love the feeling of ‘lightening up’ a good bit!! (it’s what I’m seeking to do here in my own home. I’ve loved all your blog posts…but especially this one (as it’s been on my mind for a good while to do the same thing here in my own home!). Thanks for all the good info! By the way – do you still love your ‘window shutter blinds’? I am needing to replace my Levolor blinds (they are the bottom up/top down blinds) and while I’ve loved them…they are beginning to fail after 15 years, and they are no longer making repairs for me since they’re out of warrantee. 🙁 So I’m considering whether I want to get more of the same? or someting totally different! Ease of cleaning is a must for me!!

  86. You are an amazing woman to take on such a large project while grieving. On the other hand I know anything that requires focus beyond your grief is positive.
    I admire how you have dealt with your loss; it is a long slow process.
    All that aside your house is wonderful, airy, bright, easy but very chic…like you.

  87. Susan – You did all this beautiful work without a designer??? Wow! I bet it feels great to come home to your lovely home.