Grand Canyon, always an amazing sight from the air

Our flight arrived a bit late last night due to some strong headwinds, but fortunately I was able to sleep for a few hours en route, and had enough energy once in the door to get started with the unpacking process. Still partially on Europe time, I think, woke up at 4am raring to go, so have made another dent in the unpacking. Ahead: mountains of laundry, sorting of gifts and detritus (maps, metro stubs, etc), getting back into the routine. Not to mention that le monsieur and I are both due back to work this morning.

So please bear with me for a couple of days while we get our “land legs” back. I have beaucoup to share, and should be back up and posting by early next week latest.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re back safely and can’t believe you’ll be putting in a full work day today — you’ll be staggering to bed tonight! I second what Lisa says — take your time; we’ll be patiently waiting.

  2. Welcome back to the USA, Pseu! Being in that strange zone of I’m home, but I’m still there is like no other. I can’t imagine you being at work today. Take care, looking forward to the details of the trip.