How to wear a scarf this summer…

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of scarves. They can add color, pattern, and personality to an outfit, and keep your neck warm in cooler seasons. But you don’t need to stash all your scarves away until autumn. Here are a few ways to wear lightweight scarves this summer.

Detail: the Emma J. Shipley "Odyssey" long silk scarf in Spring pink.

I’m delighted to partner with Emma J. Shipley on this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. The scarf shown was gifted.

Emma J. Shipley recently added another scarf collection in collaboration with my friends at Red Leopard! These gorgeous pieces feature Emma’s newest “Odyssey” design, and in colors that harmonize with each seasonal palette. Mine’s the Silk Skinny Scarf in the splashy Spring colorway.

3 easy ways to wear the Odyssey scarf

Susan B. wears the Emma J. Shipley Odyssey long silk scarf in Spring pink colorway.

This scarf is so light, and perfect for summer! Draped casually like this over a popped collar, it adds some lively color and pattern without heat. (And if you get seated underneath the air-conditioning vent, as I always seem to do, 🥶 you can wrap around your neck to keep the chill off.)

scarf (c/o) | shirt | pants (similar)

Emma J. Shipley has kindly extended my readers a 10% discount on all Odyssey scarves with code SUSAN10

Susan B. wears an Emma J. Shipley Odyssey silk scarf as hatband.

Here’s another option that also adds some color near your face, and is fuss-free…wear it as a hatband! (The hat is a couple of years old, here’s a similar style.)

And here’s a quick tutorial on how I tied it:

Another easy way to wear a scarf in summer is as a belt…

Susan B. wears an ivory outfit with an Emma J Shipley Odyssey pink silk scarf as belt.

You can leave the ends hanging long, tie in a bow, or run them back along the belt and tuck in.

jacket (similar) | top (similar) | scarf (c/o) | pants | sandals (similar)

In addition to this skinny silk scarf, the “Odyssey” collection also includes…

A large silk chiffon style (shown here in Summer’s Cornflower Blue), and a Modal-Cashmere scarf (shown here in Winter’s Emerald Green). All of the Odyssey scarves are available in seasonal palettes, and were designed in collaboration with Red Leopard. And remember to use code SUSAN10 for 10% on all Odyssey scarves!

Do you have a favorite way to wear your scarves during the summer?

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  1. A specific question on colors: the colorway for the Snow Leopard Silk Chiffon Scarf – Red Leopard in Berry is listed as Summer, but the colors looks more Winter to me than the selection that is listed as Winter. I have hesitated on buying one of the Emma Shipley scarves because I am definitely a Winter, but the color selections for Winter often seem more lurid than the deep aubergines, wines, etc. that are my best tones. I know you are not a Winter, but I think you have seen many of the scarves, so perhaps you can comment on the color palette for the Emma Shipley Winter offerings.

    1. Hi Mary, I haven’t seen that particular Berry scarf in person, but Summer colors are cool and soft, as these are. Winter colors are clear, bright, and saturated. There are two Winter options in the Odyssey scarves, one in Scarlet and one in Emerald.

      1. I have the same thoughts as Mary. These winter colors would be garish on me- even when I was younger and less faded. But I still love all of the color analysis posts so thank you!

    2. I’m with Mary on this one. The scarf for Winter includes gold, which is not in the Winter colorway. The berry scarf seems like it should be the Winter scarf.

  2. Susan, you inspired me with your outfit yesterday, simple top and beautiful scarf. I took out one of my Mothers square scarfs from Paris and wrapped it around my ponytail. I have a shorter neck so scarves can be too much for me when worn around my neck. I loved having the chance to “display” this beautiful scarf.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the utility pants you have on from Banana Republic. I want a pair! Do they run true to size? Did you get a petite or regular?

    The scarf is very nice with the off-white.

  4. I’m just back from Paris where it was beastly hot and virtually no one was wearing a scarf- a first in my experience! I am currently fond of wearing small neckerchief type scarves in silk or cotton, tied simply at the neck (a la Dorie Greenspan, for those who know who she is) as I find that anything more than that in the summer is too warm and bulky. And I have completely and forever abandoned all infinity scarves as they are just too much fabric, regardless of the season.
    That said, I did come home with a new oblong woven linen scarf bought at a craft market in Bruges! Scarves are irresistible to me.

  5. The scarves are gorgeous; I will check them out. Great to see you use the scarf-as-belt trick too.

  6. Gorgeous scarves! The scarf on the hat video is so useful, Susan!
    Could you share the link for that asymmetrical pearl necklace you’re wearing in some of today’s photos? Thanks!

  7. Not a scarf question but are the women who talked about choosing the correct colors for your skin tone available for an online consultation? I had my colors done in the 80’s and was told I am a Winter. Unfortunately, those colors, especially the highly saturated fuchsia, red and even white just seem too stark for my “now” coloring. I’m wondering if I fall into another season. I had on a khaki green barn jacket from J Crew the other day and two people told me that color looked great on me! So, I’d be interested in maybe revisiting having my colors done again. Just not sure how it can be done online.
    Lisa B

  8. Thanks so much! I’m kind of at a loss. Think my coloring has become sallow with some yellowing around my eyes and that’s what’s throwing me off. At my age I don’t want to purchase any more clothing that doesn’t look great on me. I have a closet full of “stuff” with the tags still on it that I probably bought at times I was feeling low. Online shopping during the pandemic seems to have become my panacea of choice. I’ve been reading about “Toasted Winters” and am wondering now if that’s my category.

  9. I’m behind on my reading so this is a few weeks late. I just went to a conference and wore a little bandanna around my neck. Helped in the air conditioned conference rooms, but when I went out, to protect my hair color, I pulled it up over my head and wore it on the streets to cover my hair. Didn’t have to carry a hat with me! (I could’ve done the same thing with a regular scarf, I suppose)

    Also, if a bandanna is tight enough, it kind of serves as a temporary facelift.

    (Note to self: buy more bandannas)

  10. Another suggestion for scarf use is to tie it on to your purse strap. I love a scarf but don’t want anything around my neck. Attaching to the purse strap allows me to utilize the scarf without actually wearing it.