I Need Professional Help

At least when it comes to sorting through my closet and figuring out what works, what to keep, and what to let go. I’m having a tough time being objective. So I’ve engaged the stylistic services of Karen, who will be coming over this weekend to help me edit further and make the most what’s left. If I’m lucky and time allows, maybe she’ll help me put together my travel wardrobe for Paris.

I’ll report on the results next week!
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  1. I suppose asking you all to set up a webcam to document the process is too much, huh?

    I bet you will be so, so happy with the outcome. You’ll be in good trim for your vacation *and* better able to assess what absolutely has to come home with you!

  2. Very exciting and can’t wait to read about the results – Imogen Lamport I noticed lives in the same City as me and so maybe I should also ask for her professional help in this area… Perhaps I am just resisting as about 18 years ago I went to a ‘Colour Person’ who basically told me that the only colours I could wear really successfully are those I felt made me look like a tree!! Don’t think that they are quite as dictatorial now!!!

  3. >plus we probably can find a way to do a video for the blog.

    Wow, I was kidding about that…but if it went online, I’d be pushing “play” for sure.

  4. That’s great – I look forward to hearing about the results. I have a consultation with Imogen next month which I’m excited about too!

  5. I’m looking forward to this. It is so fun to play with people’s clothes, showing them things they hadn’t thought of. You’ve already learned so much about making purchases that aren’t 100 percent–the cropped shapes, things you love but don’t use for the everyday. We’re going to have to talk about the Italian Kelly bag. You loved it for a reason, it’s highly functional, and can be dressed down to a daily aesthetic. You don’t want to OVER CULL. Now you’re more slouchy for bags, but in six months you could want structure again and then you’ll be out of a really nice bag you already invested in.

    I’m bringing my camera to document your outfits, plus we probably can find a way to do a video for the blog.

    Get out your jewelry too.

    And a wheelie. If we have time I’d love to help with that! But you’re not going in anything more than a carryon!