In a Fall 🍂 🍁 Mood

Susan B. wears a red sweater, brown corduroy pants a silk scarf, and metallic sneakers. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

September has been all over the place. We experienced record-breaking heat over the Labor Day weekend, and then some honest-to-Maude Sweater Weather earlier this week. But because of the fires, the air has been too crappy to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Earrings | Scarf | Sweater (similar) | Pants | Bracelet | Sneakers

At least the smoke has begun to clear out, and it’s still lovely and cool in the mornings and evenings. We’ll probably get more heat in the next few weeks, so I’m enjoying this while I can.

To me, corduroy will forever be evocative of Fall. I’ve been hunting for a pair of corduroy 5-pocket pants for a few seasons now. But I could never quite get the right combination of color and fit. These are *chef’s kiss* on both accounts. And they’re currently marked down too. (Several colors available, Regular/Petite/Tall sizes 23-37. I’m wearing a 28 Petite.)

The sweater is from last summer, purchased in London on sale at Maje. It was the first thing I bought after my color analysis, and is still a favorite. The scarf is also one of my favorites, gifted from Red Leopard. (I’ve used the same tie I demonstrated here.)

A favorite re-stocked!

Brian + MW Re-Creation Lip Treatment. One of Susan B's faves! Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I can be fickle when it comes to skincare, but this is one product I buy over and over again. I always used to have dry, flaky lips (even with regular lip balm use) until Brian gave me this treatment to try a few years ago. It really smoothes, plumps and eliminates flakiness. When I use it regularly, my lips feel moisturized for hours and lip color stays on better.

It’s been out of stock for a few weeks, but Brian just received a new shipment this week! So if your stash is getting low, it’s a good time to reorder.

Is there a particular fabric, color or garment that always feels like Fall to you?

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  1. Susan, your “fall colors” are so inspiring! You just radiate a look of confidence. It was fun to see you feature a corduroy pant. I had a pair of black, small wale corduroy pants years ago. I loved the fit and feel of these pants. It might be time for me to add another pair to my fall/winter wardrobe. They would mix so well with sweaters, cardigans, flannel or any jackets. Thanks for new ideas that help keep us current.

  2. Amazingly, Talbots has some really nice fall colors and if you can wear Talbots pants, some pretty cords. Also they have some gorgeous scarves. I bought 2. I’m not sure why I’m buying clothes….I’m generally at my office in tights and a tee shirt since I’m pretty much alone there or I am home or golf clothes at the club. Seems like it’s turned into a hobby.

      1. You are lucky. I know people (a cousin and friends from the Bay area to Vancouver) who have been at least severely inconvenienced, and some much worse, by this monstruous firestorm. Good luck.

        As for the cords, how I love the dark green ones. Would be expensive with our dollaritos though.

    1. I’m inland a few miles from Susan, and we did not get the cooling trend they got on the coast. The smoke is less but still bothersome. I like the idea of fall, but I don’t know what that will be with this fire mess and the lockdown. 2020 can go away, please.

  3. Your 1st photo made me smile. I opened your post while wearing a pair of Lee, saddle-colored, pin wale, corduroy jeans I found on clearance at Kohl’s two weeks ago. I only paid $9.00 for them. They are my favorite shade of “spring” brown – a color I am seldom able to find. Your pants look just like the pair I am wearing! I love that you paired them with a red sweater and golden brown scarf. The red with saddle or golden brown is one of my favorite combos. I discovered your blog in June and really enjoy seeing your outfits. Your spring colors really make you shine. I started reading several blogs by “older” women this summer and yours is one of my top three. As a nearly 66 year old spring, I really relate to your fashion choices.

  4. I LOVE this outfit! Because they aren’t *too* gold, the metallic sneakers add just that bit of color contrast that to me feels sophisticated.

  5. Your ability to take your color analysis and run with it is amazing. The whole outfit is just so warm and inviting. Like a cozy fire. Great Fall outfit.

  6. Cute and colorful! I only say cute because your hair cut and style are “gamine” as you told us from your experience in London.
    I followed to one of the mentions on Sights We Love about sustainable coffee pods from Tripod Coffee (they fit the Nespresso coffee machines). Good for them for making pods that don’t just go into the landfill. I refused to buy a single cup maker until I found San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. They make pods that fit Keurig machines and although not completely recyclable, almost the whole capsule is. The bags they come in are also compostable.
    As for my own personal clothing choices, although I’ve tried shopping the great spring and fall sales on-line, probably only 1 out of 4 items worked out for me to keep. I don’t know why I even keep trying! And then I feel guilty about the carbon footprint of all of the mailing back and forth. Time to be happy with what I already have and live vicariously through you!

    1. Thanks very much! I don’t have a problem with “cute,” as I’ve been told that much of my life and have decided to lean into it.

      Did you know that Nespresso also recycles their pods? They are very committed to sustainability. You can get free recycling bags with each order, which can either be dropped off at a Nespresso boutique or shipped with the pre-paid UPS label. Easy peasy!

      1. That’s funny about being called cute. I think it is the bane for all of us who are ‘petite’. Even at 90 years of age, my mother (who was tiny, yet stylish) would be called cute.

  7. I’m inland a few miles from Susan, and we did not get the cooling trend they got on the coast. The smoke is less but still bothersome. I like the idea of fall, but I don’t know what that will be with this fire mess and the lockdown. 2020 can go away, please.

  8. LOVE those shoes! Being a Brit, I don’t call them sneakers. Now trying to see if available in the UK.
    They look absolutely fab on you. I do not have small feet, but I’ll try hem if I can source them. Great idea.

  9. Oh my gosh, yes, fall, please! I’m so ready! I’m on Vancouver Island & it’s grey & dark under fog & smoke from the WA & OR fires, but it’s also claggy & hot & humid & everyone’s sticky & grumpy & just the thought of pulling on a sweater gives me hives. In spite of being a classic winter I’m also the only blonde in a family of redheads & have true hazel eyes that go from dark green to gold depending on what I’m wearing, so can also wear some fall colours — pumpkin, some rusts, red, copper, pomegranate — as long as they’re “sharp” (for lack of a better word) & not muddy or subdued. What says fall to me: boots! I spend 80% of my time in sandals in summer & know Fall Has Arrived when I put them away & haul out all my boots. I was thinking I’d do that this weekend but it’s still way too hot & humid to even think about closed footwear! So thank you for this post, Susan. At least I can enjoy YOUR fall adventures while waiting for it to happen here 🙂

  10. Susan, you are the picture of Fall! Just radiant. We on the East Coast are praying for all of you on the West Coast. We cannot begin to imagine living with all the smoke and the fire. Stay safe.

  11. Fall is my favorite season — for the sweaters! Love your casual but pulled-together outfit.

    While I like pullover sweaters, I live in cardigans both at home and at work (well, if we ever go back to work….). It has been so very hard to find a cardigan these past two years that is not either shrunken or duster length. I’m tall-ish, so the short ones just look silly and I am not a big fan of dusters — you sit on them all day and they get pulled out of shape.

    I would love, love, love if you could keep an eye out for “normal” size cardigans — say mid-hip length. Either

    1. Being about the same “height” as Susan, I feel like a kid dressing up in mamma’s clothes in duster cardigans. I’m not a great cardigan fan to begin with; I prefer woven jackets. Here cardigans just let too many cold breezes through. I went all the way to a velvet jacket today; it was really chilly.

      There was the most beautiful light in my home office and balcony this afternoon, but alas it’s almost dark now. There are many things I love about the autumn, but not the early sunsets, as I no longer feel comfy cycling after dark (yes, of course I have front and back lights, and reflectors). Not that there is anywhere to go in the evening now. We have a very good “art” cinema nearby, but if I take in any films, it will be a matinée.

      I have a pair of brown Campers (Spanish casual shoes) and gave them red laces.

  12. Susan, I love your color palette and have copied several of your ideas, which have been very helpful. Love this outfit and crazy about the light gold sneakers. I will probably live in sneakers this winter and would appreciate any tips on styling this specific shoe with other colors. ( I been have a pair of winter sneakers!)