Jumping on the Mad Men bandwagon…

If, comme une femme, you’re counting the days, hours and minutes until the series “Mad Men” returns at 10pm on August 16, here’s a way to amuse yourself in the meantime…

At work…
At play…

Edited to add one more:
After the riding lesson…

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  1. Belle – thanks! They have a lot of options to customize.

    Sal – too much fun…could do this for HOURS!

    Tessa-Scoffs – yes, I’m her older, plainer sister who worries about her and tries to get her to stay away from the married men. 😉

  2. WendyB – and I’ve answered back!

    metscan – we’re about to start season 3. You really should watch it. The writing and performances are amazing, but even if you watch just for the clothing and set design, it’s worth it.

  3. Ha! I just discovered this last night, and wasted lots of time creating my own avatar. Love yours. I haven’t seen any episodes of Mad Men yet, either.

  4. Waiting for release of dvds for Season 2 (no TV) and so far avoided spoilers. But read today that S3 includes Don meeting a stewardess- surprised?

  5. Oh my goodness! You love it too! I bought Season Two the same day it came out and allowed myself one delicious bedtime episode daily until I’d watched them all. It is all so well done, and as you said, even if you aren’t taken by any given storyline, the sets and costumes are enough to watch.

  6. Madmen is seen also here, but I have not had time to watch it, so I bought the first season, have not had time to watch it either, so I´m totally out. What is the latest season now over there?