A Note About Shoes…

walking in Regent's Park

A few of you have asked me about the leopard shoes I was wearing in yesterday’s post, as I hadn’t included them in my travel wardrobe. I mentioned that I was considering adding a fourth pair for wet weather, but all of my water-resistant shoes were either too heavy for this time of the year or not comfortable enough for all-day walking. I decided at the last minute to toss in this years-old pair of Paul Green loafers, on the premise that they’re already a bit banged up and I wouldn’t worry about ruining them. They’ve been champs, and I’m glad I did.

Sadly they’re no longer available, but here are a few alternatives. I’ll be keeping an eye on the fall shoe collections as they arrive for similar styles, and share anything that looks promising.

The nice weather (e.g. no rain in the forecast, though it is cloudy and cool) is still holding. Today we’re planning to hop a boat down the Thames to Greenwich to look around, and tomorrow we’re traveling to Normandy. I’ll post updates as time allows, and will be updating my Instagram as well.

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  1. This note is probably too late…we loved Greenwich! I hope you didn’t miss the maritime museum, and it’s gift shop with a Saint James tee, the food stalls, or Ian McKellans house. Love London!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned “years old” shoes. Personally, I find the old reliable, broken in, comfy shoes are the best for travel. My 6-year old Tropezienne sandals by Rondini have broken in so well to my feet that I wore them more than any other foot wear while we were in France!!! Enjoy Normandy and the rest of the trip. Safe travels!

  3. I’ve only recently been introduced to Paul Green footwear…with a pair of boots I bought last fall. He makes THE most comfortable boots. I’m going to go back and try a pair of flats I’ve had my eye on. Hope you are having a fabulous trip, Sue.

  4. Love the shoes! Paul Green’s are so comfy. I have an animal print scarf that is always my “go to” piece. I can wear it with anything and it always adds a great finishing touch to any outfit. Hope you are enjoying your trip!!

  5. Loving your pictures and travel adventures. We thought Normandy was one of the all time best vacation spots we’ve seen. Such history and natural beauty all rolled into one.

    Paul Green is one of my favorite brands. They last forever and are so comfortable. I haven’t seen leopard print loafers or I’d surely own them.

  6. I’ve never tried/seen Paul Green shoes, but I’ll have to check what I’ve been missing. I had a pair of DKNY leopard flats that kept making their way into my carry-on for years for exactly the same reasons you cite.
    We loved the day we spent at Greenwich a few years ago — enjoy!

  7. I am truly enjoying reading about your time in London – a favourite place that we re-discover often!
    And as for shoes…due to an ankle injury that can flare up and make for swollen and/or sore ankle and feet, I now have resigned myself to travelling with three or four pairs of shoes to accommodate the changing moods, (actually, size), of my formerly little ankles.
    While visiting a city last month, I wore my super cool high heels for about 2 1/2 hours, just long enough to look great at dinner. Then, off they came. And that was just sitting! 🙁
    Enjoy your travels and thanks for the lovely posts!

  8. Susan you just look fabulous! I swear you are looking younger–is it retirement?? Thank you for your posts–looking forward to more. Are you traveling by train to Normandy?

  9. we also went to Greenwich on our recent trip and loved it! and I always try to bring an old pair of shoes along…

  10. Yikes why are you posting when on vacation?! You deserve a break! We will still love you if you wait to post!

  11. Susan, you look so happy and relaxed. It must be retirement. Thanks for sharing your journey while on vacation.

    Great shoe options. I still wear my Donald Pliner leopard loafers which must be 8 years old. Will check out Paul Green shoes.

  12. Feeling a little bit nostalgic and homesick reading these posts, as we lived in London before retiring to Spain eight years ago and we used to run in Hyde Park. My eldest daughter lives in Greenwich, just off Point Hill (great views from there!). I agree with other comments, but I noticed you enjoy a beer so if you have time do go to the Greenwich Meantime Brewery or, failing that, go to one of their pubs. Enjoy!

  13. I purchased those Paul Green shoes after you posted them years ago. His shoes and boots last forever and are comfortable too!

  14. Have been meaning to suggest you see the Missoni exhibit at Fashion & Textile Museum, but I think you have left london already! I have been dying to go and it’s only there until Sept. 4. Too bad!!!

  15. Shoes are the evergreen topic, and the quest, on many travel boards. Something comfy and supportive, but that doesn’t look like big honking white trainers.

    Another way to get to Normandy is the ferry. There is a ferry between Newhaven and Dieppe, but I don’t know if it is only for cars or if they have a “walk-on” rate. I loved Dieppe, but it is a sad place for Canadians. I actually got drinks paid by the townspeople when they heard my accent, but of course I wasn’t alive, my parents weren’t even married then (they were war workers in Ottawa and married after the war) and can take no credit for that.

  16. Susan, as always, I look forward to your posts, and am traveling vicariously through you until we can go to Europe later this year (coincidentally, to France and the UK). Also, I owe you a debt of gratitude; it was only through your blog posts that I found out about “Paul Green” shoes. I suffer from several foot problems, and Paul Green boots and shoes (in addition to some others you introduced us to, e.g. Ecco and Munro) are an answer to a prayer for me; stylish AND comfortable! Safe travels and thanks for sharing your trips with us!

  17. Hi Susan — Looks like you’re having a wonderful trip. I just wanted to share a favorite shoe-traveling idea. I agree with your previous posts that heels are extravagant waste of space/weight in your bag but sometimes I just want something dressier. I tuck in a pair of low heeled slides around the edge of my packing so I have a more dressed up shoe for dinner or theater. Take care.

  18. Susan-I am enjoying your posts from London, one of my favorite cities.

    A question: I own the Taos Freedom sneakers that you often mention and I love them. I’ve had trouble finding mini-socks that work with them, though; most “ped” type that are low enough not to show just pop off my foot after a bit. I tried some SmartWool ones, and loved the weight, but they don’t fit the shape of my feet well. Any ideas?