Les bijoux incroyables - une femme d'un certain âge

Les bijoux incroyables

Vintage Retro Charm Bracelet in 18k

If you love jewelry, especially unique vintage items, you must go visit the newly redesigned Beladora and B2 websites! They have so many amazing pieces and you can search by item type, designer, period, or by price.

Here are some of the items I’ve been drooling over…

Tahitian Pearl Ring in 18K. Look at the lustre of that pearl!
Lapis Bead Necklace in 18K

Who says “real” jewelry has to be serious or stuffy? Wear this to next year’s Westminister Kennel Club Dog show! Does your bulldog drink champagne?

Diamond and Sapphire Bulldog Pendant

After a fabulous week of skiing, I’ll admit I’m tempted by this mid-century brooch.

Mid-Century Skiing Duck Brooch in 18K

Or maybe your taste runs to an earlier, more elegant period. You could channel some Downton Abbey action in these Belle Epoque Amethyst earrings.

Belle Epoque Amethyst Drop Earrings

Someone really needs to wear those on the Oscars red carpet…

Lady Mary might have pinned something like this to her riding cravat…

Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Brooch in Platinum

What’s your favorite period for jewelry?

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  1. February 12, 2013 / 11:55 am

    I find myself drawn to Georgian jewelry.

  2. February 12, 2013 / 12:26 pm

    I love the stick pin. I have one that is very similar. It was my great-grandmother’s and I usually wear it on my blazer in the winter. I can’t wait to see the jewelry worn at the Oscar’s!!!

  3. February 12, 2013 / 2:02 pm

    Ironic that you are posting this right after your “Scrimp and save” blog post!! I think I’d take the Edwardian brooch. Love some bling in blue and grey.

  4. February 12, 2013 / 3:03 pm

    Some incredibly beautiful pieces there, Une Femme. I love an antique ring.

  5. Anonymous
    February 12, 2013 / 3:16 pm

    Des bijoux incroyables, not encroyables.

  6. February 12, 2013 / 4:02 pm

    I love Edwardian jewelry!

  7. Marla Robinson
    February 12, 2013 / 11:16 am

    I think jewelry from the Edwardian period is so pretty. I love the delicate look of these pieces.

  8. February 12, 2013 / 7:43 pm

    Those amethysts for me please… 🙂 xv

  9. February 12, 2013 / 7:50 pm

    Love love love vintage jewelry. (Lady Mary… You crack me up!)

    One gorgeous stickpin or brooch can say so much. (I loved the way my grandmothers would accessorize. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. Stunning.)

    Going to explore these sites!

  10. February 12, 2013 / 8:20 pm

    Oh, purr! I like art deco and mid-century and find that vintage pieces return excellent value, especially Beladora’s, which are well-priced and beautifully curated. I don’t understand why anyone would buy a mass market brand (Yurman etc.) when you could have this.

  11. Pam @ over50feeling40
    February 12, 2013 / 1:18 pm

    I have seen this style of pearl ring on several different sites lately…I love it and would love to own one!! The Georgian jewelry is really beautiful!

  12. gracefully50
    February 12, 2013 / 1:54 pm

    Hey, I’ll take anything from any period! I’m not picky when it come to bling bling. 🙂
    That pearl ring is calling my name!

  13. Kathy
    February 12, 2013 / 2:00 pm

    I love jewelry from the Art Deco period, definitely my favorite, other than now.

  14. Sulky Kitten
    February 12, 2013 / 4:58 pm

    There is some gorgeous jewellery on this website. I really like a lot of the Edwardian pieces.

  15. mette
    February 12, 2013 / 5:11 pm

    Strange as it may seem, I have no desire for jewelry of any kind per moment.
    But -things might change, who knows..

  16. February 13, 2013 / 2:29 am

    Merci for your wonderful post.
    After many months of meetings and mayhem the new Beladora.com was finally launched. We’ve added all kinds of features to make the site easier to navigate and we’ve even added a blog. From period pieces to high jewelry to designer bling to fun funky vintage items, we think that there will be something for everyone’s taste and budget.

    I hope that everyone will check out the new site and then let us know your what you think. How can we make it even better?We are tweaking it as we go.
    Cheers, Nancy

  17. February 13, 2013 / 8:11 am

    very nice items. I think it’s essential for this days, accessory rule the world

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S> I’m your very happy newest follower

  18. Gretchen
    February 13, 2013 / 1:12 am

    I’m with Duchesse on the wonderment…most modern pieces (Cathy Waterman excepted) do nothing for me. My favorites are Art Deco, Edwardian, Art Nouveau. But Georgian is lovely, too. Once the 50s hit, the jewelry became far less expressive. Overall, that is. And now, I know there are individual artists on Etsy and in communities where beautiful work is available, but mass market? Yuck.

  19. Erika
    February 13, 2013 / 8:47 am

    Art Nouveau, if I really had pick just one. If I could have more than one, then contemporary and Georgian.

    I’m hoping that as the weather cools down, I’ll want to start wearing jewellery again!

  20. February 13, 2013 / 10:57 pm

    Goodness, this one was a troublemaker. As in “I’ll be back, I’m off to drool at Beladora for a bit.” (A bit is something of an understatement.) They have the nicest pieces, I just pinned three more charms, including the bulldog you showcased. And I am an enormous Belle de Ville fan as well, so this was a post that had me smiling ear to ear, thank you!

  21. Lynne DeVenny
    February 13, 2013 / 9:38 pm

    When I saw the lovely pearl ring, my appreciation of the pearl ring my mother passed on to me was renewed. I have had so much vintage costume jewelry passed through my hands by relatives that I don’t know what period I prefer! Thanks for sharing this site – looking forward to perusing 🙂

  22. CathyEarnshaw
    February 14, 2013 / 12:12 am

    Don’t know if I’ve ever posted but I read your blog all the time.
    You NEED that duck brooch! It’s so you!

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