Friday Miscellany: Hair, Sleepwear, Sugar, & More

Susan B. wears a long pixie haircut, front view.

A long pixie…

Susan B. wears a long pixie. Side view. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A few of you have asked me to post some back and side views of my long pixie haircut, so here you go! This cut is so easy, requires almost no drying or styling time.

Susan B. wears a long pixie cut. Back view. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

My hair is fine, thin, and straight. My natural color is mostly a faded cardboard brown, with a few areas of silver. I started coloring my hair in my 20’s as my natural color always felt drab to me. I also found that coloring my hair adds some texture and makes it look thicker.

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post on Going Gray, and thanks to Brian for all of the great tips!

Sweet Dreams

Soma Cool Nights long robe in navy floral. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

The change of season is a good time to take stock of our underwear, loungewear, and sleepwear situation. If anything’s a little worse for wear, Soma is having a Friends & Family event this weekend, with 25% off your purchase. Above, a long robe in Cool Nights fabric. (I’m a big fan of the Cool Nights pajamas, have worn them for years!)

The Sweet Life (With Less Sugar)

Faster Way to Fat Loss October Sugar Detox. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Are you a sugar junkie? I was for many years, until I realized that it was playing havoc with my body…often causing me to “crash” (lightheadedness, shakes, irritability, fuzzy thinking, even nausea) a few hours after eating it. I’ve *mostly* weaned myself off sweets, but have become aware of just how much hidden added sugar there is in many foods, some of which you’d never expect.

But even if you don’t have an immediate adverse reaction to sugar, it can aggravate inflammation, metabolic disorders, mood disturbances and more. Next week, Faster Way To Fat Loss is offering a FREE 5-day community sugar detox. If you sign up, you’ll get:

  • 5-Day Detox Guide to walk you through each day’s steps
  • Daily sugar-free recipes
  • Exclusive trainings
  • Community support

I’m going to be doing this, and expect it to be a real eye-opener. I hope you’ll join me! Again, it’s free, and you can sign up HERE.

And there’s a new round of Faster Way starting up on October 19th. If you’d like to finish up this year stronger and with more energy, I urge you to give it a try! Click HERE for details.

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This week’s Sales

Colleen Rothschild – Friends & Family sale, 25% off sitewide with code FAMILY25

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  1. I like your long pixie. It’s softer and more flattering than super-short versions. I particularly dislike a buzz-cut-type neckline on women over 30 or so. On very, very young ones, it’s kind of tough, which is a cute contrast with their vulnerable young faces. But usually it looks too harsh, not feminine, especially as our aging features lose their softness. Fine if not-feminine is the goal, but I think it often happens because the stylist doesn’t know how to manage the short/feminine balance. Yours nails it.
    I have a bob, but I’m going to save your photo in case I decide to go short one day.

  2. Yes, it is a splendid haircut, and suits you to a T.

    Pixies don’t suit me, but that one is perfect on you. I do hope my stylist will cut my hair shorter (a bob, not a pixie). It is a challenge, as my hair is curly-kinky and I will NOT have it chemically straightened.

    Yes, a really short one can work on women who refuse conventional femininity, but there is always the danger of resembling a care-home resident with an extremely short cut or zoom.

  3. Susan—I recall a few times in years past that you tried growing out your short pixie. After a few months you’d cut it short again, I don’t know what the difference is this time, but it’s looked great throughout the growing process. I suppose it’s the great cut. It’s looked fabulous every step of the way. What did you do different this time around?

  4. You keep amazing me with your skin. You look so darned young. The pixie cut suits you. I have tried it too but either the shape of my head is no good for it or my neck is too long, but it didn’t suit me.
    I am sticking with the stupid bob.

  5. You look amazing! I do admire the look, flattering to your face shape (I’m told my face is round) and your perfectly shaped head too. Since mine are not helped by very short hair I have a short-medium length Bob slightly layered underneath. I feel I do need the length along my cheeks that have been suggested by stylists.
    Again- you look great!

  6. I am convinced that it takes a certain ‘type’ to carry off a severe pixie! Plus that ‘type’ needs an amazing stylist. I know several lovely gray haired women who rock the look, they invariably have large eyes, pixie-ish faces and have the makeup down. Susan’s is a more subtle version that I find is very universal. I wore a pixie for years but stopped in my early fifties and went to a shoulder length, slightly asymmetrical long bob…went with a shorter bob for awhile but too mums-y, severe and impractical for me( I need to tie it back or up for work) I think some softness around the face, regardless of length, is the key to a youthful but feminine look. I really like our ‘gamine’ with her softer but playful style!

  7. I am jealous of your hair! The cut looks great and low maintenance makes it even better. And, belated thanks for the post on going grey. I’ve already crossed that threshold, but still found it interesting.

    I wish I’d done more research before signing up for Faster Way. It has far too much structure, complexity and upselling for me. But for people who like lots of counting and don’t mind micromanagement, it could be worth it.
    There was a silver lining. I was so annoyed that I signed up for this program without doing the research (a mistake I call tuition), that I went back to my favorite resource- How Not To Diet by Dr. Michael Gregor – for inspiration and have added 3 lbs. to my healthy weight loss totals. His advice is medically sounds and I find his “Daily Dozen”
    and “21 Tweaks” easily to follow and maintain.

  8. Your longer, feminine pixie is perfect for you, imho. I love it’s soft lines. As someone else mentioned, your complexion is glowing. All of your self care is working together beautifully!
    I signed up for the free detox. I don’t consume much sugar at all, I read labels, etc, but thought I still might learn a thing or two. Thanks for the link.
    Oh..I did enjoy seeing you in some darker colors with the pops of bright in a top or scarf..a few days ago. I believe they were older photos. What can I say, there’s just something about black. Now and then won’t hurt, will it?
    I enjoy your Instagram and blog posts immensely. You are a beautiful, fun, and informative follow!

  9. Your hair looks so well behaved, I love the cut and style. Mine is too curly and has a mind of it’s own, so when I got a shorter cut a couple months ago, it was great, going from shoulder length. Now as it is growing the curls are taking over again so a longer type pixi is in the works with just bang trims and that, I think, is going to work. With the warm head coverings and mask ear loops I think I will keep shorter for winter. I am intrigued by the idea of extra content for subscribers and look forward to more info from you. Great fun.

  10. I love your haircut and color too. I agree with others that a cut with some softness and femininity looks better that a really short edging on severe pixie. I look awful in short hair but am very happy with my medium length bob. Looks like you’ve found your “sweet spot.”

  11. Your hair looks great and your complexion is amazing! I’m starting the sugar detox on Monday, fingers crossed that I won’t be climbing the walls! Happy Friday!

  12. Susan, you bring up a great discussion about sugar. I eat a ketogenic regimen. It is a lifestyle really. I highly recommend to everyone Dr. Ken Berry who is on You Tube and educates on every aspect of Keto (and paleo) from basics to deep diving. I also recommend loading up the application called Carb Manager and it will walk folks through setting their “numbers.” I have never felt so good along with a healthy weight loss and maintenance. I have been living Keto for over 2 years.
    For all of your diabetic followers, my husband has type 2 diabetes that was not well controlled and he had a health scare wake up call recently. He finally embraced Keto and has lost 15 pounds and his fasting blood sugars are now within normal limits…low normal…and his insulin dose is plummeting. The internist highly recommends Keto. Sorry for the long email but you hit a topic about which I am passionate and if anyone wants more info I’d be happy to help. Some great cookbooks out there too!

  13. What products do you use to maintain the lift and volume at the roots? Wondering if these (wonderful) pix are right out of the salon or your own daily styling? ((No criticism implied…just wondering if this is your daily look. So often salon perfection is so hard to duplicate at home.))

    1. Hi Marta, this is my own styling. I generally don’t use styling products. For this photo I did use a little bit of Oribé Dry Texturixing spray on dry hair. It acts like a soft hairspray to keep it in place (there was a little breeze outside when we were taking these photos).

  14. I gave up refined sugar almost 1 1/2 years ago. Though the first 2 weeks were hard after that my cravings went away and I feel better than I have in over a decade. At age 62 I lost 80 pounds and have maintained that loss for 5 months. I did not believe that it would make a big difference but I have been amazed! Best thing I have ever done for myself! Good luck with your sugar detox.

  15. I love your long pixie. It’s the hairstyle I move too when I get bored with a short bob. I like my ears covered so a long pixie gives the bangs I want and my ears covered.
    I was told I had ash brown hair by a hairdresser years ago and I’ve based my color season on that ever since using winter as my season. I tried some of your colors and it opened up a whole new world of color for me. I’ve always loved these colors but avoided them. How wrong! I look way better in warmer color. Funny how a side remark can affect what we do for years. Thank you for your blog.

  16. I love your haircut. It is just perfect for your face.
    I love the update on going gray. Actually I went silver over the course of a couple years. I am still working on new colors and makeup that work. I would love you to do some more on that subject in future blogs. I subscribe and look forward to your updates. Keep up the amazing work!

  17. Your long pixie is waaaaaay better than that darned fool scalped short version you started with…..please keep it the new version because you look fabulous

  18. What an adorable haircut! It’s perfect. Some women are put off by very short hair. I am not one of them. I liked your short pixie also. But this cut is super cute. Kind of a blonde Audrey look. I like the idea of a newsletter. I look forward to that. While so many worry about fat, sugar is happily making us sick. I have used The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise for years now. Its low sugar and low carb. Easier for me to stay on.

  19. Always enjoy your posts! Have loved your past packing for travel suggestions…Now that we are not traveling, how about a post on a good stay at home capsule. I still, like you, get up & ready for the day, but every day I angst over what to wear with my existing wardrobe. What basic pieces work? I want to be casual & feel good. Stay safe & well!

  20. You inspired me to cut my hair in a similar style yesterday, and I LOVE IT! I showed my stylist your pictures as an example. Already getting compliments. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  21. Thanks for posting these multiple views of your haircut. I’m taking the pictures to my hair stylist tomorrow! My side part pixie bob cut is driving me crazy trying to keep the pieces behind my ears and out of my eyes, and I can only make it look good with lots of gel and a quick photo before life happens.

  22. Yes, this is definitely what I’m looking for! Your haircut is adorable, I have the same type of hair, so I hope I’ll not have any styling hair problems either. You look very feminine, bravo!