Sea glass + Olive 1

Last week was one of those “it’s always SOMETHING” times chez nous. First, le Monsieur had been  under the weather since the previous weekend with a really nasty cold. Work was busy. Then on Friday night I took our dog Coco to the pet emergency room as she seemed to be having trouble breathing. (Turned out not to be serious, but still meant a late night once they were done with all of the x-rays and treatment.) Finally yesterday we had some help with jeune homme and I was able to get out of the house to catch up on all of my errands and grocery shopping. So by last night, even though we had planned dinner out and arranged a sitter, neither of us was in the mood for a big production. This was as dressed up as I got.

We decided that some delicious food in a casual environment was what we needed. East Borough is a favorite local spot for yummy Vietnamese. This was our second time there, and we were not disappointed.

EB Uong Bia

Who am I to argue?

EB Tiger


EB Mural

Tilapia ceviche, Vietnamese style…

EB Tilapia

My favorite dish was the Banh Xeo, crab and mushroom crepe with lettuce wraps and mint leaves.

EB crab crepe 1

Nom nom.

EB crab crepe 2

Sea glass + Olive 2

I accessorized with earrings and these wonderful sea glass bracelets from Tamera Beardsley (thank you, Tamera!!). I love how the color of the glass beads plays off the olive jacket. Yes, it’s still cool enough in the evenings that a jacket is a good idea, especially if dining outdoors.

Earrings: Vintage from Beladora  // Jacket: Gap, similar here and here // Tee: Eileen Fisher // Jeans: AG “Stilt” // Sandals: Everlane

Sea glass + Olive 3

These sandals are quickly becoming my go-to casual summer footwear. They’re super comfortable and sleek. If the current Birkenstock trend leaves you cold, simple sandals like these are a great alternative. Went a little crazy with the pedicure: that’s Essie “Coat Azure” on my toes.

I’m going to take the rest of this week off, but will pull some oldies-but-goodies from the archives to take you through the July 4th holiday weekend. I have some really nifty new finds to share, and will be back with new stuff on Monday July 7.

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  1. This exactly what I might wear to a casual dinner with Mr. B…but I wouldn’t have thought of the bracelets. Tamera’s jewelry is amazing and the bracelets take the whole thing up a notch. I hope this week is peaceful and joyful!

  2. Love your outfit. It looks just right. I love jeans rolled up with flat sandals…and that military jacket is cool and casual…but chic too. Just the right outfit for a relaxing casual dinner out… stretch out your legs under the table, sigh and sip that cold beer. Ahhhhh. So good after a stressful week.

  3. There is more than Pho to VietNamese cooking. I like to order the crepes myself.

    It’s worth it to go a couple of times and figure out what you like on the menu.

  4. You have great style. I’m the same age – petite and “curvy” too! I will definitely be back!

  5. Awesome. The perfect casual but intentional look. I like the way the pearl earrings and the wrapped beads work together too.

    1. Hi Sandra, I actually don’t think in terms of acquiring outfits, but rather look for individual pieces that can be combined with what’s already in my closet. I’m working on a series of posts about building or updating a wardrobe, and should have first one up in two weeks or so.

      1. Great, looking forward to learn how you shop. Sales? Not on sale? What’s your method. How do you find the time wih working full time and a child at home?

  6. The food, and your outfit, look absolutely *perfect* for casual night. Sorry you’ve been so swamped, here’s to serene week ahead.

  7. Great outfit – you look wonderful. Will you consider doing a series of posts on how you built your wardrobe – and maybe a secret peek inside your closet?

    Something like Janice is doing over at theviviennefiles but using your unique taste?

    1. Hi Kristi, thanks! Actually I’m working on something along these lines, and should have first installment up in a couple of weeks.

  8. Great color combinations. Love the icy bracelets played off against the olive. That’s similar to what I aim for when I pile on pearls with olive or pine green separates in the summer. Luminosity (sp?) or translucence, contrasted with earthiness. Looks great on you. Enjoyed the amusing restaurant pictures too!

  9. Your green jacket seems a fresher green than olive – thanks for the cheapo Old Navy tips; I’ll check on whether they are available here.

    I love ban xeo. There is a very small and unpretentious Vietnamese restaurant in our neighbourhood called Nhu Y. They make a great version, with even more greens. And it is a byow.

  10. I’m salivating just thinking about Vietnamese cuisine.. love it especially the lettuce wrap! I normally do it myself at home. But if you can get a bottle of Tiger Beer with it, that’s a plus! Tiger Beer is close to home (it was founded in Singapore in the 30s and that time Singapore was part of Malaysia).. I love this look – simple, cool and perfect for a casual day out!

  11. My dear, you set the bracelets off beautifully with your jacket and casual attire! I knew you would style the pieces wonderfully with your own chic flair! I hope they add much joy to your wardrobe!

    Wishing you a calmer, less stressful week ahead! When things truly calm for you, I look forward to meeting you in person! Jeff and I are so enjoying visiting LA these days!

    Thank you for the lovely bracelet shout out!


  12. We had a lot of “it’s always something” in the last few weeks. I have to pin it on Mercury in retrograde. I hope things really are better now.

    I love the sea glass bracelet! It’s so clean and bright, and makes a nice accent for the casual outfit.

  13. You pull off chic, even when casual. Your attention to detail is admirable. The sandals, Tamera’s bracelet, and the festive toes!

  14. Ugh, sorry to hear. I’ve had a few of “those weeks” but fortunately not lately. Gorgeous sandals. Your food photos are making me hungry…and thirsty (I’d like to try that Tiger beer)! Good food makes everything better.