Make Mine A Double!

Good and good for you!

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  1. Strepitoso!

    Making myself a second small pot of “mocha” – the espresso one makes on stovetop, in my little stainless-steel Bialetti. But I can also go out and have one at a nearby café from about 5:00 a.m. as there are old Italian workingmens’ caffè-bars, which have become female-friendly in recent years, still open very early for builders and other workers to have a morning shot.

    One of the most famous is Caffè Italia; a documentary film has been made about it.

    Indeed, seems much nicer than cocaine. I have never been tempted by the latter but did know more than one journalist tempted by it for all-nighters. It is NOT good for the heart, even later on.

  2. Not quite awake yet, though already up for 2 hours. I live in la Petite Italie de Montréal, near the Jean-Talon market.


  3. Unfortunately coffee gives me heart palpitations which I don’t find pleasant!

    Though interestingly my WV is roses! Obviously you need a bunch Deja Pseu

  4. I adore coffee in all its milk-enhanced versions, and also espresso. There are two very good and one outstanding indy espresso bars in my neighbourhood. But I can only have one before noon.

  5. Like Imogen, I get unpleasant palpitations so coffee’s only an occasional treat — luckily I have a few places that do a very good Decaf Americano. And when we’re in Paris, we stop for an espresso at least once a day — perhaps because we’re walking so much, it gets metabolized quickly and doesn’t seem to bother me. And after our stay in Portugal last year, we bought a little stainless-steel stovetop esresso maker to duplicate the coffee we enjoyed their so much — either espresso style, or, more often, with copious foamed milk — mmmmm!

  6. I am a macchiato fan. I love the dollop of foam on top of a double espresso. Mium! Mium!

  7. This is so funny! I’d be nowhere without my morning cafe–but instead of a double I like to stretch out the caffeine into more cups of weaker stuff. Did you know espresso has less caffeine than coffee?

    Thanks for making me laugh. ♥

  8. I gave up all caffeine last November and don’t miss it a bit. I’m quite happy to open the Lavazza tin and inhale the aroma. That’s enough for me.

    What I have discovered for the instant buzz effect is lecithin, recommended to me by an American doctor actually. I sprinkle it on my porridge twice a week and WOW! the world is suddenly a brighter, shinier place. It’s so good I’m amazed it’s still legal!