Mature Maquillage Tutorial

Even though I’m a makeup minimalist moi-même, I do enjoy and learn how to get the most out of the products I do use from makeup artists and tutorials.

Lisa Eldridge has some wonderful tutorials available on YouTube and her blog ranging from very natural to very theatrical looks. I thought the makeup she did here is lovely (though uses more products than I would on a daily basis) and I liked her emphasis on definition of features rather than creating illusion or drama. And I loved what the model says at the end about embracing your lines.

Seeing this has made me recommit to a bit of eyeliner.

Do you wear makeup on a daily basis? What do you choose to emphasize?

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  1. Looking at the before and after reminds me of the value of smiling, no one sees me most days so I don’t wear make up every day but when I go out I do and the eyes are my focus.

  2. Looking at the before and after reminds me of the value of smiling, no one sees me most days so I don’t wear make up every day but when I go out I do and the eyes are my focus.

  3. Yes, I wear makeup every single day. Without it, I look totally washed out. I don’t have any distinctive features so I use makeup to define my eyes a bit to allow them to show up. Eleven years ago, when I was turning 50, I read some makeup advice for those 50 and above. If I remember correctly, it was from Bobby Brown, the makeup purveyor. She said that all women over the age of 50 should wear eyeliner. I took her at her word and have never looked back. (While I had worn eyeliner in high school and as a very young woman, I had stopped wearing it during the hectic child raising years.) For my eyeliner, I use Lancome’s Artliner in brown. It’s easy to get a thin line right at the lash line with it. I think it makes a huge difference.

  4. I like the idea of minimalism in make up, and follow the approach of enhancing good aspects as opposed to concealing poorer features. This lady in your post is given instant energy with make up and looks rested in the pic with a little touch of product, she has beautifully shaped lips and eyes, and the gentle addition just gives her that lift making her look energetic! Without make up, she looks exhausted.

  5. I love makeup and probably own more than I could possibly use up. My problem is that I am always searching for the perfect look. Once or twice, I had my makeup done and loved the result, but never could replicate it. I wear mascara and lip gloss daily, but stopped wearing full eye makeup because I just didn’t like the result. Maybe its time to go to a professional for advice.

  6. I love makeup, and I had gotten more minimal as I’ve gotten older, but my eyes need more definition, so lately I’ve been doing a smoky eye which I love. I keep the rest of my face pretty simple and lo key. I work at home so I don’t always wear makeup, but if I feel the need for a mental pick me up, it’s makeup.

  7. Sisty, I think using a closeup makeup mirror is essential. Mine is on a long arm and is screwed into the bathroom wall. It puts the mirror very close to me and helps immensely with the application of eyeliner. As I mentioned above, Lancome’s Artline is what I use and it is VERY EASY to apply. There is no gap between the line and my lashes because the applicator gives you a lot of control and the close up mirror allows me to see what I am doing. I guess you COULD wear eyeliner without mascara, but why would you? Mascara is very easy to apply and together with the eyeliner is a good look.

    I’m likely to put wearing eye makeup over lip color, but I’m fortunate that my natural lips are not pale in color. It’s my eyelashes that are colorless!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I’ll try the magnifying makeup mirror tomorrow morning. And thanks for the tip about Lancome Artline.

      The reason why I mentioned wearing eyeliner without mascara was in response to Pseu’s post, where she says she’s going to recommmit to eyeliner. At first blush I read that as eyeliner-only, but I see what you’re saying.

    2. At my mother’s suggestion I just installed a close-up mirror in my bath, I hadn’t thought about trying it for eyeliner — good tip!

  8. Foundation, brow pencil and lipstick are my minimum; next add mascara and occasionally eye liner. There are several points that came to mind watching this. One, the model has a lot of white colouring under and around her eyes. I’ve never seen that in real life and it certainly doesn’t describe me. If there was a product they didn’t mention I feel cheated. Second, with hooded eyelids that age has brought me, pencil eyeliners don’t stay put. That’s to Kate Middleton I now know about gel eyeliners and I’m very grateful. Third, hard to say what the long term effect of powdered blusher under the eyes would be. On me it would probably be exaggerated wrinkles and a very hard look. On the positive side, a lot of the products Lisa used are very moderately priced and well within reach. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That was fascinating. Thank you for that. How gorgeous is that model?! Yeah! We worked hard for these lines. Let’s be proud!

  10. I do wear makeup every day. Love experimenting. And I adore Lisa Eldredge. She’s the best as far as I’m concerned. This is the first time I’ve seen her do a video for older women and it’s really good. Hope she does more. Thanks for posting!

  11. Enjoyed the video…I have been looking for a concealer I I will give this Rimmel a try. I always learn something from tutorials like this. thanks!

  12. As I work primarily from a home office, I do get dressed each day (contrary to the “bathrobe” theory) but I don’t necessarily put on makeup. I do – always – wear makeup when I go out, for anything. A walk, the supermarket, obviously if to see a client or meet friends.

    My routine takes all of 5 minutes (if that), and I do find it “brightens” me and makes me more confident to go out with a bit of something on.

    Always a drop of Chanel, and generally, focus on the eyes.

  13. I never go without my demi-maquillage even if I’m home alone all day. I envy people who look great without make-up but I am not one of them. I’m a pale, faded auburn and have colorless lashes and brows. I look and feel much, much better if I have a little color and definition.

    I like a very natural look but I have to have nars blush, a thin line of moss-colored eyeliner, tinted lip gloss, and mascara. I permanently tint my brows. I just started wearing eyeliner in the past year and like the extra definition.

  14. Shelley I have the exact same white-pale skin around the eyes as the model. Not an unmentioned product, I can tell. Several of my friends have ‘paled out’ too. I’m really glad she addressed this because I’ve never figured out how what to do about it. For those of us with that paleness, I think it’s even more important to define the eyes- otherwise we look so washed out. Lots of times I’ll read “less is more” when people talk about make up for mature women. I think I’ve been steadily going for less and less, and looking more and more invisible. The trick seems to enough make up to look defined and energetic. Love this video!

  15. Someone upthread said that they don’t like a lot of eyeliner on mature women. I agree. But, as someone who daily wears eyeliner, I want to stress that we are not talking about a thick black line, we are talking about a thin brown line. The idea is to define, NOT to make the eyeliner obvious. Like Carolyn from Oregon, I wear makeup even if I am spending a whole day by myself at the farm. I like to look my best even when there is no one here but me.

    I also envy those who look great without makeup. My beautiful daughter in law (almost age 34) is one of those. What is the difference in those who look great sans makeup and those of us who need it to look good? I think it is the eyes and eyebrows. My daughter in law has very large beautiful brown eyes with lush dark long eyelashes. She looks beautiful even when she is having a bad day. She looks GORGEOUS with just a bit of makeup. People who have well defined eyes and dark eyebrows are so fortunate. I don’t think they understand what it is like to have features that don’t show up at all without a little help.

    1. Absolutely agree! I have sparse, light brown lashes, although at least my brows are decent. But eyeliner and mascara make a HUGE difference for me. I’m so envious of people like your daughter-in-law; she’s so lucky to have those lashes!

      —Jill Ann

  16. I really enjoyed this tutorial – a lot of great tips for women of any age – I do like wearing make up and like putting it on but never make the time to do it on a daily basis – the results speak for themselves though – she looks lovely but not over done. I feel like making more of a daily effort seeing this and I’m going to look up more of Lisa’s tutorials.

  17. I love cosmetics. I’m also incredibly pale, so I’d be invisible without make-up. Mascara is an absolute must for me, no matter what I’m doing or wearing and I am addicted to lip-gloss.

  18. Like a few other commenters, I am usually at home alone during the day and don’t wear makeup. But if I’m going out, and might conceivably see people I know (or just want to look decent) I have to put on, at minimum, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip color. I’m pale and have sparse lashes, so I really need that color and definition. I think my makeup is pretty understated, but what I wear is essential!

    —Jill Ann

  19. Wow, so many products! Enjoyed this.

    I wear eye makeup (sheer single colour on lid and mascara) every day, and lipstick. No foundation or blush (but I have good skin.) Eyeliner for evening or if I feel like it. I like the paint-on lipcolours (like Outlast) for staying on while eating- otherwise, no matter how applied, lipsticks don’t last.

  20. I go most days without makeup, but almost always have some lip color on — Clinique Black Honey or Chanel Double Intensite in Rose Garnet. But this video is making me think twice. I had Lasik in December and am now out from behind glasses, so eye makeup is beckoning.

    Problem is, I can’t see when I’m that close up, and eyeliner tends to go on with a gap between the line and my lashes. Any tips?

    And then you can’t really wear eyeliner without mascara, right?

  21. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I have used the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser, like it but wish it was in a tube not a pot. I use camouflage make up on my pesky brown spots really covers them. I am also a fan of the Clinique tub eyeshadows, very easy to spread.

  22. I wear makeup if I’m going out into “the world” — (not when I’m sitting around the house, schlepping to the gym etc) — and lately I’ve been wearing more for special events. I feel like why have I been so conservative for so long? If I’m wearing a dress printed with big dollar bills, why go for “pretty” makeup? 🙂

  23. I enjoyed the Video. I don’t wear always wear makeup. When I do, I emphasize my eyes. I am not a fan of too much eyeliner on mature ladies but I have a colour Khaki doré by Chanel that I wear. It’s warm and soft looking. I like a tinted moisturizer by Chanel. I find that Chanel products are softer and creamier than some others that I have used.

  24. I make up my eyes, (taupe shadow/dark brown shadow used as liner top lid only/mascara) use under eye concealor (pixi – Pixi Correction Concentrate Concealer-Brightening Peach – its amazing) and clear lip balm – a little powder foundation at the most if going out. I dislike actual foundation.

    My colors are very light (I am a pale irish redhead) and I use makeup to define as I am so pale in general. I need mascara and some liner to define my eyes

  25. I’ve seen Lisa before but not this particular clip , it’s very good & really illustrates what definition can do for some of us . I wear much the same as Tiffany above , when I feel like it & it does perk me up . I’m told I look a good ten years younger than I am – but they wouldn’t say that if I were makeup-less . I started using eyeliner , smudged a little , a few years ago & it makes a real difference .The one thing I really need is waterproof eyeliner for a gentle line on the lower eyelid , my dry eyes water so now in cold air . I use a Chanel one , otherwise all my make up is cheap & cheerful?……wendy

  26. I don’t leave the house (except to go to yoga class) without makeup – tinted sunscreen, concealer, brow stuff, soft eyeliner, taupe (almost nude) eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick/stain/gloss (whatever I’m in the mood for). It looks like a lot when I write it down as a list but everything with a light hand – to me it’s just the difference between looking like a corpse and looking semi-human 🙂

  27. I love Lisa’s tutorials, I’ve also seen them on Chanel’s website, and the end result is always pretty, but polished. I’m a beauty junkie, but I’ve managed to get my routine down to about 5-10 minutes. One must for me is curling my lashes, I have a Sephora eyelash curler that works wonders. As for products, I use:

    Bobbi Brown BB cream in Fair, lightweight yet moisturizing and as I get older, really evens out my ski tone
    Mascara is always Benefit, “They’re Real, Honest!”, which has the most lengthening and volumizing I’ve ever found in a mascara. Period.
    Blush is Nars Orgasm, lovely natural color on me without making me look too circus-clowny
    Liner is either a Stila marker which is great for making cat’s eyes without needing to be a makeup artist
    Or I’ll use my new favorite Nars eyeliner in a shimmery metallic black called Aigle Noir, which I love as an alternative to just plain black eyeliner
    Lipsticks are either Nars Dress To Kill, a new shade that is a gorgeous pinky, mauvy shade with gold. Sounds weird but is soooo gorgeous! Also, MAC RubyWoo and Laura Mercier True Red are my usual winter reds, while Bobbi Brown Tiger Lily is my summer, bronze shade.
    Sounds like a lot, but I promise I can get out of the house in under 10 minutes!

    The only thing I have never found is an under eye concealer that doesn’t accentuate and accumulate in the wrinkles under my eyes. Does anyone have one they like?

  28. I agree: that was really useful! Thank you so much for posting it. I don’t normally have the patience to watch videos, but I am glad I sat through that one.

  29. Beautiful model and a very professional makeup artist.
    I do wear makeup on a daily basis, it makes me more comfortable.
    This is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen and already watched it twice. I checked out Lisa Eldridge’s website which is very useful.
    Thank you so much for this post.

    Lady of Style

  30. SO — USEFUL….. I LOVE all that you recommend as you know.. And I think eyeliner is the way to go. A no makeup makeup look is the one that I go after but often that that takes longer than a MAKE UP make up look if you know what I mean! S x

  31. Oh and I wanted to say…. how good is LISA? Will be sending this link to my daughter and I know she will be able to recreate this look for me too…. x

  32. The model in this video is so fortunate. Instead of the typical dark hyperpigmetation under eyes which makes most of us look old and tired, she has hypopigmentation which causes the area under her eyes to be white. I would trade my dark circles for that any day.

  33. Quite a lot of makeup stuff was needed. The result looks good though.
    I only need my eyebrow pencil and some lipstick daily, some days using nothing.
    I have never/ would never let anyone place makeup on my face. It wouldn´t be me afterwards.

  34. Loved the video, and went to Lisa’s website and watched several others. She makes it look so simple! Makeup has been such a mystery to me; I have to remind myself it’s not rocket science; I can master it with practice. I have two questions for everyone: have you ever paid for a makeup lesson and was it worth it? And — this is what I really want to know — how do you remove mascara without irritating eyes? Mine are really sensitive; I can’t wear mascara or powder shadow more than two days in a row without red, itchy eyes. C

  35. Great video!
    It’s great to see makeup application for mature women that looks vibrant but not overdone!
    My makeup routine is very similar, but a little simpler and quicker. I think as I get older a little less is more. I don’t want to have that hideous mask-like look with drawn-on brows that one sees occasionally on older women.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  36. It takes me about 5-7 minutes to apply my make-up, mostly eyeliner (yay!) and foundation to cover my acne rosacia (boo!). I’d love to go make-up free but peeps ask me if I’m sick when I don’t wear make-up. Ugh.