Modern Classics From Burberry

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Burberry Trench, Audrey Hepburn Trench

Clockwise from top left…Burberry Sunglasses, Umbrella, Scarf, Watch, Riding Boots, Tote, Trench.

What is a classic anyway? Everyone has their own definition, but to my mind classics are those pieces that are not only functional but recognizable and iconic, a part of our style lexicon decade after decade: a trench coat, a plaid scarf, a quilted jacket, a riding boot. The very best classics are essential, yes, but combine function with an easy, understated elegance. What makes a classic modern is a tweak here and there to keep it fresh. Burberry gets this, and seems to be more on top of their game than ever. Especially this season, there are so many fabulous Modern Classics in their collection. My favorites tend to be the outerwear and accessories (I’ve recently added a Burberry scarf and watch to my own accessories collection), but there are some very tempting sweaters, boots, eyewear and bags too. If there’s someone special on your holiday gift list with discriminating tastes, see some of my picks below, or shop the Burberry collection at Nordstrom here.

Do you have a favorite Burberry piece?


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  1. I really should get something in Burberry plaid. It reminds me of Boston which is such a Burberry town. My son lives there so perhaps a little Burberry would make a great Christmas gift. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. For me it’s a classic Burberry trench coat I bought on sale the day after Christmas about 30 years ago. It’s been all over the world with me and still looks brand new.

  3. I just saw a gorgeous gray Burberry peacoat at Bloomingdale’s. It was love at first sight but I didn’t have the heart to look at the price tag because I know it is way way out of my price range. Sigh. Love their coats. XO, Jill

  4. Just a suggestion to take The Vivienne Files (no longer a site) and The Elegant Bohemian (wrote a blog saying she no longer wants to blog) off your “Daily Reads” list. I enjoy checking out your referrals but know you would want them to be current.

    1. Just jumping in to say that The Vivienne Files is alive and well, because I just “came” from there! Pseu ‘s link does not seem to be working, though.
      I love that red Burberry scarf!

  5. I have a Burberry quilted jacket that I love. I feel good wearing it and although it was a bit more money that I usually pay it is in it’s 6th season and looks brand new. A true classic.

  6. My Burberry plaid cashmere scarf- must be at least a decade old. Does anyone else find the clothing very narrowly-cut? Except for the trench -which is downright voluminous- the other coats and clothing are super-skinny.

  7. I very much like Burberry, at least in theory 😉

    I always linger at their store windows, although I stop short of pressing my nose up against the glass. But I’m afraid the prices are too steep for me!

    —Jill Ann

  8. I have a Burberry trench coat (very long) that I purchased in 1987. It does look like new. I seldom wear it in Dallas (its long length) but do take it abroad in the winter. I want to know–should I have it shortened? This particular coat is not cut slim, but I have noticed that tendency in current Burberry items.

    1. Susan, I’d take it to a tailor or dressmaker you trust and get their take on it. I think a shorter coat (slightly above knee length) looks more modern, but it really depends on what’s comfortable for you and what you wear it with.

  9. From my view in the UK , It is interesting to see the way brands are seen in in other parts of the world . Whilst I can’t dispute the quality of Burberry , their check pattern became so overused here that no stylish person would dream of wearing it . Another case in point is Jigsaw , which I have found to be poor quality, usually bought by the very young , albeit with plenty of money to spend . Some blogs have wonderful things to say about Clark’s shoes & I have some myself but fashionistas here would probably keep quiet about wearing Clarks. Mulberry bags although still popular , seem a cliche now . Barbour , well I love the way they have become so sought after in all corners of the world . They are great , but how my dad in his scruffy old Barbour would have laughed . My point is – does distance add some allure to what locals consider very workaday brands ?

    1. Wendy, I believe there’s a long history of the allure of British brands and styles to Americans, going all the way back to when England really was “the Mother country.”

      1. I think perhaps allure can travel both ways across the Atlantic . Witness the new J Crew store in London , causing great interest . Perhaps we all seek something new & different .

    2. “of Burberry , their check pattern became so overused here that no stylish person would dream of wearing it ”

      Thank God, finally, someone said it!

  10. I have 2 vintage Burberry trench coats I bought used. They are over 20 years old and are in remarkably good shape. I don’t generally like the plaid accessories. They stand out too much for my taste.