Outfit: Days Of White And Roses

NYDJ white denim, Nanette Lepore cardigan

Karen gave me the idea for this outfit, and I love it! I’m totally behind the idea of wearing white jeans year round.

Burberry watch, rose gold

I’ve been looking for a dressier watch that isn’t too dainty or blingy, and this one from Burberry just ticked all of the right boxes for me. I love the rose gold and the smoky face.

NYDJ white denim, Burberry watch

I’m still crazy for these shoes. They just add so much punch to an outfit.

Cardigan: Nanette Lepore / Tee: Eileen Fisher / Jeans: NYDJ / Shoes: Julianne Hough for Sole Society / Earrings: Alexis Bittar / Watch: Burberry

Do you wear your white jeans year round? Or any other items in “winter white?”


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  1. White wouldn’t be the best idea for a photo shooting here right now as we have snow…
    I just love that you can wear these type of clothes all year round and your green backdrop and flowers are beautiful.
    Roségold is so elegant and your watch is amazing!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Beautiful, Femme. White is so sophisticated, and those pumps, wow! I see a holiday outfit in the making.

  2. Can’t say I like the heavier, darker top with the white bottom but it may be that my eye is so used to the classic “dark on bottom, light on top’ mantra. (But it •is• done for a reason). And I do like the red shoes with the white jeans.

  3. White jeans wouldn’t work in my climate, but they work perfectly for you in that setting. I love the punch of those red shoes….the strap is brilliant and the heels look just the perfect height.

  4. I think you look great and the red shoe is really nice. I did silver jeans with leather in my last post. Felt right of the moment and for the upcoming holiday. More interesting look for holiday parties than black jeans?

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I like the size of your new watch. The face looks easy to read and it has a quiet elegance about it….cannot help but notice those fabulous red shoes too!
    Enjoy your week.

  6. Some years back, I got a lovely pair of wool winter white trousers to wear to holiday outings. During their brief tenure in my wardrobe, they spent more time at the dry cleaners than on my backside – not kidding! White jeans can be washed, but I’ve learned the hard way that road slush has quite a bit of motor oil in it, and it does not come out in the wash. So I save my white jeans for spring & summer, and wear my winter white on top.

  7. Love the white jeans look. Those fit you to a tee. The cardigan “winterizes” the look, as well as the suede of your shoe. I love how well white denim can work year round, snow or sun. It’s all in what you pair it with. Think wools, suedes, chunky knits, leathers and layers.

    C’est Parfait!

  8. That doesn’t look too summery, but although we don’t have any snow here yet, it would look a bit off. And when we do, it is only white for a short time in the city; it turns into black, brackish slush, which stains even dark trousers.

    I don’t wear white anything, so it is a moot point in my case…

  9. I would consider white jeans in winter (especially since I live in TX), but I would be more likely to wear them with a brighter colored top. I have a lime green sweater that comes to mind. Or maybe a camel or lighter neutral.

    Love the shoes, but ankle straps are awful on me! Great on you though.

  10. Love the shoes, but I can’t wrap my head around white jeans in fall/winter. Actually, I don’t wear white jeans/pants ever, so I guess my vote doesn’t really count here (as if we’re voting anyway). And I think the person who noted the contrast between the dark wintery sweater and the white jeans may have been on to something. I think black and white is very striking, but there’s something about the cardigan…

  11. Looking very good. I am all for wearing white trousers in winter although they tend to be a bit cold as they are usually thin cotton. Would be nice if I can find some thicker material.
    Those shoes are indeed terrific.

  12. Ditto. Though we have r e a l winters with lots of snow and muddy falls and springs, I have no problem with white pants/ jeans. I just throw on my ankle length black down coat ( or fur coat ).

  13. OMG I love your shoes!!!! They’re so perfect and amazing.
    I’m a shoes lover but right now, unfortunatly, I’m having a problem with shoes because of the cobblestone of my city.
    I always admired who wears white jeans/pants on winter, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing them, maybe because I didn’t try it ever.
    The watch is fabulous.
    You look stylishand lovely.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my corner and linked. Much appreciated!!!

  14. Dear Femme ?,
    Your title was a bit misleading as I got caught by ‘Roses’ yet there were none other than the rose colored gold watch from Burberry. Saw several Burberry watches at Neiman Marcus Last Call for quite a bargain. That suits my budget far better.
    For your location, California you can wear white year-round or a winter white for winter. Love your shoes as I too always favored those ankle straps!

  15. I just bought some at a terrific discount, to wear with a pastel boiled wool jacket. After Christmas I like to go with lighter colored winter clothes in hopes it will hurry Spring along. How about a styling that isn’t black/white?

  16. Hi, I pinned your last photo. I love the freshness of this photo! You are invited to a Blog Hop I host on Friday: “FASHION item FRIDAY”. It goes public on Thursday evenings. Please join, k? I’d love to see you there. Remember, the more the merrier! ♥

  17. First off, thank you for the inspiration of wearing white jeans all year round. I just hate storing such a great pair of jeans away and now I no longer feel it’s necessary. I just need to go find a pair of red shoes like those. Are they fantastic or what?

  18. You look casually elegant, of course, and as usual. Love the winter white … interesting how the shade of white changes depending on what season you happen to be wearing them in! Magic jeans!!!!
    If those shoes were mine, I’d never take them off. I’ve only seen one pair close to being like them, black instead of red, and in a size 9. I’m 6.5. Rats. Exponentially increasing Rats.
    Maybe in 2015. Sigh.
    You are just amazing, and one of the very few petite flowers I consider my style icons.