Monday Miscellany: New Boots & More

Cole Haan Newberg boots in water-resistant leopard print calf hair. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Well, I’m ready for rain 🌧 if it ever shows up! I snapped up these water-resistant boots when they were marked down a few weeks ago, and they’re again 30% off (but today’s the last day). I went for the leopard print, naturellement, but there are other colors and finishes available too.

They’re comfortable right out of the box, and run true to size.

More sale boots…

We’ve been watching…

Ibrahima Gueye and Sophia Loren in "The Life Ahead" on Netflix.

I’d heard good reviews of “The Life Ahead” on Netflix, and we watched it over the weekend. Sophia Loren (at 86) plays Rosa, a Holocaust survivor and former prostitute, who now cares for the children of other prostitutes. Momo (played wonderfully by Ibrahima Gueye) winds up living in her household. Though their relationship is initially antagonistic, a bond develops over time. It’s not a happy film, but a hopeful one, and I thought it was really well done.

We also watched “Fisherman’s Friends.” While I really loved the music (we used to sing some of those shanties at our Morris Dance gatherings) I found it a bit too “Hallmark sweet” for my taste. Still, if you’re looking for some light entertainment, there’s some pretty scenery and lovely harmonies to enjoy.

And a new season of “The Crown” just landed on Netflix! We’ll be starting it tonight.

I stumbled across this link over the weekend and have bookmarked: 14 Classic Movies on Netflix… Many are landmarks of French cinema. I’ve seen several of these but there were some new-to-me selections, and some I’d like to go back and watch again.

What have you been watching and enjoying lately?

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  1. Great booties. Aquatalia seems to be having a lot of sales lately.. PSA, After wearing almost exclusively, Munro, shoes for over 20 years, I have found Blondo. They have the similar rubber sole as Munro and are waterproof. Regular price is about 1/3 of Munro and I found 2 pair recently at Nordstrom Rack for less than $50 each.

  2. I loved Queen’s Gambit! The acting and costumes are great!
    Ratched on Netflix is quite dark but the acting is very well done! Again the costuming is incredible and the colors- that aqua car is beautiful!
    Watched the first episode of The Crown last night. I will make this last as long as I can.

  3. I love the boots, They are pretty expensive even on sale. I’m seriously considering them if they have a flexible sole. I really need that. Please let me know today.

    1. Hi Kathie, yes the sole is quite flexible! It also has a nice “hiker” tread for good traction on wet surfaces.

      1. Thank you. I just ordered them. I’ve wanted leopard booties for a long time and these are the first ones I’ve liked the looks over. Nice to know they have good traction. I’m in the mountains of Western North Carolina and good traction is crucial.

  4. I have to grit my teeth when you showcase good shoes, Susan. So many are not available in Britain without a huge mark-up, or extensive import taxes. I am working hard to find a UK distributor of some fab Sam Edelman black chunky boots. I did manage a pair of your equally fab Cole Haan gold sneakers recently, so that was a win. I expect there are US followers of UK blogs who are equally frustrated in reverse. I sometimes wonder if I’m better off just not knowing my perfect shoe is on another continent! Overall, I will carry on, I’ll just have to learn to live with frustration, not easy for a shoeaholic.

  5. Many thanks for your recommendations. Simone Signoret starred in the original version of the Sophia Loren movie back in 1977. It was called “Madame Rosa” and I believe Signoret won an Oscar for her performance.

  6. I didn’t know you were a Morris dancer! Which side? I dance with Misty City, when we can still get together, which was getting more and more rare even before Covid.

    1. Hi Pam, oh wow! It’s been many years since I’ve danced, but was part of Sixpence, then Pennyroyal, and practiced with Wildwood but never performed with them. (All Calif sides.) I miss it, though! But still have that muscle memory of the sticking to “South Australia,” LOL!

  7. i love the leopard booties, I have a pair like them already but these are better quality I’m sure. We can a,ways move up to better most of the time. I need a new movie or two so I’ll check out the Hallmark sweet stuff. I do watch Hallmsrk Christmas movies with no apology. Its traditional with hot drinks and Christmas goodies.

  8. I have that Sophia Loren film bookmarked. We’ve been switching between Spiral/Engrenages (catching up so that we’re ready for Season 7’s recent release!) and The Queen’s Gambit (so good — and the clothes!!). . . Before that we really enjoyed Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix. Seems as if it’s been a bit of a sleeper, but it deserves a watch. Character development is surprisingly rich over the four seasons we watched.

    Also, if you haven’t watched The Eddy yet, it’s so good! Set in Paris, but not the tourist’s Paris. . .

    And Suburra, if you want a gritty series that delivers Rome. . . glory and under-belly alike. . .

    1. Ooh, Engrenages! That’s one of our favorites too, will take a look for the new season. And we LOVED the Eddy…fingers crossed there will be another season!

  9. Oh, you temptress! I just ordered 2 pairs of boots from Cole Haan and am looking at a handbag also! Their sale is just too good to be true. Now if only I had more opportunity to get out and wear beautiful things.

  10. Here are some series that I have watched over the past year and enjoyed – 800 words, good karma hospital, and miss Fischer murder mysteries – all on Acorn. The story lines are entertaining but not too heavy, and they take place in New Zealand, India, and Australia. I also appreciated having some armchair travel opportunities to visit other countries!

  11. We’re watching Roadkill on Masterpiece. Political thriller with Hugh Laurie and one of my favorites Helen McCrory. Also watching Whitechapel on Netflix. A bit like Endeavor.

  12. Have you tried “Blow the Man Down” on Prime?
    It’s got Margo Martindale, she’s someone I”ll always tune in to see.

    Hubs signed up for Disney Plus and I was pleasantly surprised by an appearance of Timothy Olaphant on the Mandalorian. He’s easy on the eyes, sporting a perfect haircut.