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Perhaps you’ve found yourself attracted to the edgy, asymmetrical lines. And you’ve flirted with the bad-boy vibe of a moto-style jacket, but right now it’s more of a fling; you’re not ready to commit to leather.  Maybe you’re looking for something that could be tamed and polished up enough to wear to the office. Or you live in a climate that doesn’t make leather a viable option.

As I recently discovered, my ideal moto jacket wasn’t leather at all, but waxed twill. It’s lighter and softer than leather, and more versatile. If you’re looking for a non-leather version of this style, your choices have never been better or more plentiful.


Do you have a favorite version of this jacket? How do you style it?

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  1. So many great options — I appreciate that you’ve included a bunch of price points and sizes, too — there really is something for everyone!

    I think the Michael Kors version from Nordies would work really well for me — though since it’s still in the 80s to low 90s here, I’m going to worship it from afar for a while…

  2. I love the way you did this! I have to confess jackets like this are among the reasons I began weight training. I love the look ….especially with dark denim, slim cut jeans. Hopefully, when cooler weather arrives in Texas, I will be ready to wear one of these…so many great selections!

  3. I love the many choices in the Moto style jacket. It is a fantastic look and the fabric or fabric/leather combination softens the look while making it more affordable. I keep thinking of adding one to my wardrobe, but have other priorities at this time. You looked fantastic in the waxed E.F. picture posted a few days back and I keep going back to it thinking, “Hmmm, maybe this is just the thing.”

  4. My favourite is the EF waxed cotton, also. I just don’t seem to look very good in them. I think I have the frump gene, in that I look best in tailored, clean lines. But I do love that look on others.

  5. I’m committing to a
    slightly longer wool and leather jacket with a moto look from Lord and Taylor for this season. In upstate New York, I will pair it with slim jeans and boots- ankle or knee-high with pants tucked in.

  6. Nice collection of moto jackets Susan, I particularly like the second one from the top right! I like styling it with high heels and boyfriend jeans and pearls to balance the masculine effect. They also look nice with pencil skirts.

  7. I don’t think all of your photos would load on my computer–but a good number of them did. It’s instructive that so many of them them are available at Nordstrom–it’s a great store! I like the idea that this style is available at various price points. I like the Helmut Lang! I haven’t tried the EF version on. I have SO many jackets and coats, and, living in Dallas, don’t even get to wear them all!

  8. Perfect timing for me, since I unexpectedly bought a moto-style jacket on Monday. I had admired your EF jacket, but couldn’t justify the price for something I wouldn’t wear all that much. Monday I was out to lunch with a visiting friend, and we wandered into some stores… Loft, where I really never shop, I saw a black & white tweed knit moto jacket/sweater, with black rib knit trim, for $89. It was adorable on, and looked much more expensive than it was. So of course I bought it! I won’t be able to wear it till probably November (Texas, sigh…) but it will look great with black jeans and boots.

  9. Would you be willing to share some fall ideas to wear in Paris – I am chubbier than you are and busty and short so I’m struggling with what to take in October. Thanks

    1. Hi Maggie, let me see what I can put together for you. Look for something next week. You have a good pair of walking shoes, yes?

  10. Walking shoes. I am also going to Paris in October and would love a good recommendation for walking shoes that do not cost an arm and a leg. I am carefully studying your packing posts as I am the world’s worst packer. I am taking a suitcase to be checked alongside a carry-on. I will be there for 3 weeks. You are a packing goddess. I do not think I can be as efficient, but working on a formula of 5 bottoms with 3 tops each. Shoes may be the issue. I will be looking for your post responding to Maggie’s inquiry.

  11. I just love moto jackets: I have every since “The Wild Ones.” I got a genuine Schott black leather jacket for my sixtieth birthday several years ago. I wear it with pearls, with anything, really, and always red lipstick. And yes, I do wear it to work.

    I just purchased the Gap denim moto jacket, which runs small. I have been wearing it nearly every day, as the subways are way too cold for me.

  12. These are right on trend. I’m look forward to getting mine out the closet as the weather cools. I do find the styles with a band on the bottom hardest to wear. For me, the shorter the jacket, the better. I think a jacket like this is such a stylish and youthful choice for the 40 plus crowd. Great post!

  13. If I wore a short jacket, I´d look way out of proportion, with my long legs. Therefore I prefer mid-calf length coats, or parka-long coats.
    I´m talking about coats, as the jacket period is so short over here. One needs to wear warm clothes most part of the year.
    However, a classic jacket and skirt ( same fabric ) combination is on my ” when- I- happen- to-find- the- perfect- one ” list.

  14. Hello…THANK YOU as always for the great inspiration…..been thinking about this and today am ordering the Helmut Helmut Lang ponte version from SSENSE in Montreal (I live in the eastern end of Canada). Can’t wait…so chic and versatile….but leather has never seemed to work on me.