More (future) temptation from Talbot’s…

I hope to be back to a more normal posting schedule soon.  In the meantime, here are some more pretties from Talbot’s fall look book….

I love a “topper!”  This one will be available in many colors including one called Brandy, which I’ll be very interested to see. 
Laceless oxfords!  As Austin Powers would say, “yeah, BABY!”
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  1. A topper is such a kind shape, more universally flattering than a trench, and this colour is gently lovely. Of course the capris and heels really tart it up. The shoes are cute too but in the past I’ve found Talbot’s shoes stiff. They really mean that reinvention stuff, don’t they?

  2. I think that Austin Powers would also look at the shoes and shout “It’s a Man, Baby!” and then try to tear off a dowager’s wig.

    Not that it’s a bad thing.

  3. Hi, its me anonymous again! I love your blog and do miss Karen’s very much. Would you please pass that on to her when you talk with her?


  4. I like toppers too, but–once I’m inside and take if off–I’m down to a teeshirt and pants. The outfit is gone! So I don’t find them very practical. The styling is incredible.

    re Hostess above–The salespeople have been soooo mean to my mother in the Lenox MA shop. And it is a very dowdy Talbots. And my mother is a big spender.

  5. You have stores, brands, Talbots, J.Crew,.. over there that say absolutely nothing to me ( vice versa ), so I kind of feel lost commenting under these topics. What I have experienced, is that it is not often a low brand manages to polish its shield. I hope I´m wrong.

  6. I’ve had good luck at Talbots. I’ve always found the sales staff to be easy and friendly. I read in Wall Street Journal yesterday that Linda Evangelista will soon be the face of their image makeover. They’re aware of their stodgy image.

    Love the topper and the color. Love the Duchesse’ comment about the capris and heels “tarting it up.” Funny.

  7. Is the topper simply a long jacket, worn in lieu of a blazer? It seems the key to Talbot’s fall look is narrow cropped pants paired with heels. I’m happy about the narrow pants, not so much the cropped aspect.

  8. Hi! You have been rearranging your blog too ( inspired by the makeover of the yard, perhaps )? It does look more calm now. Btw., Karen and Belette are out of reach. Do you know what has happened?

  9. Yeah Yeah Yeah…Baby…!! LOVE those shoes checked them out when I looked up the Autumn fashion section on Talbots (thought I had a catalogue but no, too early – its the Summer one, sadly…)- but a fab. Look Book for Autumn. x

  10. How am I supposed to live without those shoes until October?

    I suppose I’ll just have to go buy myself a summery pair… there are some Campers I’ve got my eye on, after all. Snif.

  11. Duchesse – so true, and I’m glad they’re coming back into style. I’ve had mixed luck with Talbot’s shoes. The last couple pair I’ve purchased are softer and more comfortable. (Those Chanel-esque heels I blogged about last fall are still regulars in the rotation.)

    Sal – I love oxfords, but these are VERY cool, and different than anything I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m hoping they’ll be as comfortable as they look.

    Artful Lawyer – ha! good one!

    Wendy B – me either. It’s such a “throwback” word.

    Hostess – wow, that’s a shame about the Talbot’s staff where you are. Here, they’ve always been quite nice and very helpful. I was really sad to lose the store nearest me, but the mall management tripled their rent.

  12. Frugal – that’s true if the fabric is heavy. I’ve had a couple of lightweight toppers in the past that stayed on once I got to the office.

    That’s too bad again about snooty sales people…I mean it’s *Talbot’s* not freekin Dior.

    metscan – Talbot’s quality was once quite good for the price. In recent years, the quality hasn’t always been so consistent, but they seem to be hitting the spot with style so fingers crossed the quality will be there too.

  13. LPC – yes, and I’ve been wanting a flat pair for so long (for a while, “oxfords” for women all had 4″ heels). I *need* these!

    Who you callin’ – me too! I can hardly wait to see the other colors.

    Splurgie – yes, I’ve always had good experiences with their staff. That’s cool about Linda E.; and I’m glad they’re using her instead of some jeune celebrity.

    Belle – yes! I’m so tired of that “shrunken” look. This longer look is so much more flattering for so many of us.

  14. Anonymous – I certainly will! I hope she finds time to blog again someday. In the meantime, she’s writing style columns for two of her local papers.

    metscan – thanks and glad you like it. As I mentioned above, Karen just got too busy with her other writing and work, and couldn’t keep up with the blog. I’m not sure what happened with La Belette, as she’s taken her blog offline. I’m sure when she’s ready to let us know what’s going on, she will.

    Anonymous – yes, a topper is a longer, usually single breasted, unbelted jacket. Some are meant as outerwear, but if they are of lighter fabric they can be worn in place of a blazer.

  15. Semi-Expat – can hardly wait to see the fall stuff up close. But of course then it will be spring where you are!

    Rubiatonta – I know! JCrew has a pair with laces too.