Wednesday miscellany: Mothers’ Day gift ideas & more…

Mothers' Day gift ideas to pamper her.

On my insistence, we don’t make a big deal out of Mothers’ Day chez nous. I’m just grateful that we’ll be able to have Jeune Homme over for a visit this year. (Last Mothers’ Day, his group home was on lockdown.)

Mothers’ Day gift ideas

If you’re looking for Mothers’ Day gift ideas, here are few of my personal favorites. They’re practical yes, but will still make her feel pampered.

Miel de Lavande candle. This is still my favorite candle, and the one I keep on my nightstand. It’s a gorgeous lavender fragrance, warmed with a bit of honey.

Silk pillowcase. Helps prevent bedhead and sleep creases on the face. And it feels so luxurious!

Baume de Rose. This just feels so special to use. A lovely texture, and very light rose fragrance. (And is also nice to massage into your cuticles.)

Market tote. Makes a trip to the farmers’ market feel like a visit to France…

Exfoliating hand wash. We are addicted to this stuff, and make sure to never run out. Great for “gardener’s hands…”

Mother's Day box from My French Country Home.

Or for something truly extraordinary, take a look at the Mother’s Day Box from My French Country Home! Or you can subscribe for the quarterly box…the May box is still available and will ship soon!

Once more unto the breach…another live Zoom!

5-minute makeup zoom

On Saturday, I’ll be wrapping up my live Zoom series with Brian of Brian + MW. This week, we’ll be doing a “5-Minute Face.” We’ve been having such a good time with these Zooms, and have had such a great response. Brian will have some special offers for attendees too!

If you’d like to pre-register, just click the link below. You can also submit any questions you have for Brian.

The best thing I did in 2020…you can do now

I’m so glad I re-joined Faster Way To Fat Loss last summer, and thanks to my friend Karen who is also my coach, stuck with the program. My primary goal was to improve my fitness and build lean body mass (muscle and bone). I’ve not only done that, but have increased my strength and improved my mobility, balance, and posture. (I’ve been knock-kneed since childhood, and am much less so now.) And yes, I’ve dropped a few inches.

There’s a new round of FWTWL starting up next Monday, May 3, and Karen still has a few available slots in her coaching group. If you’ve been looking for a wellness/fitness program you can do at home (the 30-minute workouts are my favorite part!) I urge you to give it a try.

The great thing about the workouts is that they’re available from an app on my phone, so portable. We’re planning to travel this year, and I plan to keep up with my workouts when we do. Since I won’t be packing my hand weights, I’ve ordered the Fit Kit, which includes strength bands I can use for all of the workouts.

“Jab” #2

Tomorrow we get our second Moderna vaccine ! 🎉 I had no side-effects from the first one, aside from a sore arm for about 36 hours. But we’ve been warned that the second dose may be a little rougher, so we’ve cleared our schedules for the next couple of days. I’m just so darned grateful!!!

Do you have plans for Mothers’ Day?

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  1. Glad you’re getting your second dose. I had the Moderna vaccine and was fine after the first. 24 hours after the second I felt a bit achy and had a bit of a headache but it was gone the next day. A small price to pay !

  2. You are so right about silk pillowcases Susan! And I’d like to tell all the people who follow your blog to get one. It makes a huge difference to how your hair looks in the morning. Would not sleep without one now.

  3. I have ordered that J. Crew straw bag (the one with black stripes)! All your selections are beautiful choices!

    I have instructed my daughters to skip any gifts for Mother’s Day this year. I have a March birthday and they showered me with gifts, and all I really want is to go out and have a nice meal and a few glasses of wine and laugh and be together!

  4. I’ll be getting my second jab of Moderna Mother’s Day weekend & I’ll be recovering. I had bad side effects from the first jab so this time I’ll be loading up the body with extra vitamin C a few days before & during. Mother’s Day with a good book & some soup or fruit & hopefully a good walk is fine by me. I’m interested in the Faster way– how do I make sure I get Coach Karen? Is the box you mentioned you purchased still available as they are calling it the April box and It’s now the 28th? Does this work like a subscription box? Or is it a one time purchase? Can I put the app on my laptop as the phone screen is really too small for me to enjoy viewing?

    1. Hi mimi, yes, the link I provided will get you into Karen’s group. I purchased the Fit Kit 2.0 as a one-time buy. They also make the workouts available on the members Facebook group, which is one way to see on your laptop. (There may be others…Karen can advise you.)

  5. Hi Susan, I’m intrigued by the Faster Way to Weight Loss Program, but I looked at the menu and it looks as if each meal is prepped and cooked just before eating. I’m still going to the office every day and can’t imagine how I’d do the breakfasts and lunches. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristi, there are lots of options for meals (you can follow the meal plan as much or as little as works for you). Many of the meals in the meal plan can be made in advance. In the app, there are several video segments on meal planning and advance prep. And your coach can offer guidance and suggestions too!

      1. Thank you for the response! I wish the start date was a week later because I have work travel next week. Are there different groups that have different start dates? (last question, I promise :-))

        1. Hi Kristi, I think the new member groups start every 6 weeks, but if you DM Karen on her Instagram, she can give you more information.