Doubling down: another look with a reversible kimono

Last week I shared an outfit with this gorgeous reversible kimono. Many of you asked to see a look with the reverse side out, and I’m happy to oblige! I love the vintage vibe of this color and pattern!!

kimono (similar) | necklace | top | pants | bag | sandals

I’m wearing sizes: kimono XS, top Petite S, pants Petite S, sandals 7.

I can tell I’m going to have this kimono on speed dial over the next several months! 😎 This outfit would be comfortable in all but the warmest, most humid conditions. The kimono is very lightweight and breathable, the top is sleeveless and sits away from the skin, and the relaxed pants are a linen blend.

More kimono styles

Here you can see it in motion:

Some of you asked whether this mustard color is in my Spring palette. The answer is…not quite. This olive-tinged yellow leans a bit more toward Autumn, but because it’s still warm and yellow-based, it doesn’t fight with my coloring. And I’ve added a necklace in one of my best colors, which helps harmonize the look. (The colors on the other side of the kimono are solidly in my Spring palette. 🌈 )

Tomorrow’s Zoom with Brian + MW

I’m really excited to announce we’re going to have a surprise guest on tomorrow’s “5-Minute Makeup” Zoom! My friend and fellow blogger/Instagrammer Sandra Sallin will be joining us! This is sure to be a fun time…so if you’re not doing anything tomorrow (May 1) at 3pm ET/12pm PT, I hope you’ll stop in and say hello. You can pre-register (and submit your questions to Brian) at the link below 👇

What styles are you looking forward to wearing this season?

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  1. I love this kimono and the colours. However, I just can’t wear them and the colours are most definitely not mine!!
    I must say how slim you are looking these days. Your eating and exercise plan is certainly working for you.
    Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. The clothes are too spendy for me but the ideas and advice, especially on travel wardrobes, cannot be matched.
    Susan D

  2. I’ve purchased a few kimonos and toppers along thee lines in the past couple years and love adding them to jeans or other pants outfits. I bought a similar style off white jogger pant at Banana Republic late last season, didn’t have anywhere to wear them, and this is an interesting way to wear them. I have similar sandals and who doesn’t have a white tank top? Love shopping my closet! Thanks

  3. I love the look and the video. I generally don’t like loose tops that are not anchored with buttons or snaps but the video helps me see the possibility of a lightweight kimono.

  4. I absolutely love everything about this kimono, especially the fabric. It is available here in Melbourne so I just might be tempted. It looks fantastic on you, Susan.

  5. They have some beautiful kimonos at One Hundred Stars in the U.K. The designs are in collaboration with KEW Botanic Royal Gardens. They have lots of colors and designs and are reasonably priced. They ship to the US.

  6. I’ve never owned a kimono that I wore outside. I think this is a great trend. Kay(dressed for my day) has the same look this week. She has a flax linen tank, barley pants and summer colors in her kimono and you both look beautiful. Is it heavier because it’s reversible do you think?

  7. Susan, I love this kimono, and I think the yellow side is my favorite on you! What a fresh, energetic, artistic vibe you have!

  8. Susan, in response to your question about styles to look forward to wearing this season–I’m ready to swap out the cashmere sweaters (Middle Atlantic April varies from freezing to 70s) for linen tees and sweaters. Inspired by your beautiful kimono and advice about shopping your closet, I unearthed a drapey floral linen sweater that I purchased a number of years ago, and am looking forward to wearing that as a fresh look. Thanks for the creative ideas!

  9. This is not kimono, this would technically be called haori. Kimono are garments rich with history and special meaning, which even have their own etiquette in how they should be worn.

    1. Hi Cat, as I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m using the term “kimono” here as that’s how it’s designated by the manufacturer.

  10. The Eileen Fisher top you are wearing in this post is the piece I’ve been searching for for weeks. It seems to be sold out everywhere in this length! I hope it will be restocked since it really is the perfect layering top.

    The kimono top is a wonderful piece to dress up an outfit and looks great on you. I’d love one just like it in my winter colors.

    1. Thanks, Sheryl. The EF top seems to be one of their “system” pieces, so hopefully will be restocked.