Savoring the last days of summer & a very special giveaway!

Though we officially still have a few weeks of summer on the calendar, the Labor Day weekend has always felt like turning the corner into fall. These last few days of summer always feel particularly sweet, and we lean into those pleasant evenings that have begun to grow shorter. We’ve been dining al fresco on our back patio quite often, and extending our evening walks.

My French Country Home Box August 2022 contents

A gift of “summer in France”

The August box from My French Country Home (gifted) arrived a few days ago, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. These subscription gift boxes are like a little bit of France landing on my doorstep. Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home seeks out uniquely French items for these boxes, and keeps the contents a secret. So it’s always such fun to discover what’s inside.

Opening My French Country Home box for August 2022. "Summer in France"

The theme of the August box is “summer in France,” though the gifts inside are things I’ll use year-round.

That reversible canvas beach bag from Charvet Editions will also be handy for farmers’ market runs. I just love these 4-seasons dessert plates by Degrenne, which we’ll also use for appetizers and “small bites.”

Contents of My French Country Home box August 2022, "summer in France."

And I can’t wait to use those gorgeous placemats and napkins from Beauvillé, and taste that lavender honey.

The next quarterly box will be sent in November, and orders are open now. These boxes make excellent holiday gifts for those special people on your list.

& something to share…

And now comes the best part…Sharon has very generously offered one of the August boxes to give away to one of you!

Here’s how to enter: just leave a comment* at the bottom of this post and tell us what you love most about this time of year. 👉Then use the widget below to log your official entry. I’ll keep entries open for 1 week, then draw a winner at random and announce next week.

Just a couple of requirements:

  • you must include a valid email so you can be contacted if your name is drawn. Your email will not be shared.
  • entries must be limited to those with a valid street address in the United States. (Cannot ship to a P.O. Box or outside the US.)

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  1. I like this time of the year where I can extend my outside hours. The heat of the summer is fading and I am spending more hours outdoors. Now I can enjoy walking and hiking in the parks and dining outdoors. The days seem longer because I am keeping busier.

    1. Love the bittersweet feeling of summer ending and all the wonderful memories that were made and anticipating all the beatuful seasonal changes that come with fall.

  2. I love all the subtle seasonal changes that are just beginning towards the end of August. The mornings are a little crisper, the afternoon shadows have a deeper slant, and a few trees are just at the very start of changing colors. There is a quieter and more settled feeling all about this time of year.

  3. The thing I love most about summer is watching the butterflies and bees flit from flower to flower in my backyard while I am sipping on iced tea.

    1. I always enjoy this time of year because I know fall is just around the corner. I feel like things are a bit calmer, the weather is still warm/hot, but not as humid, and i enjoy that. Fall is my favorite season and I just love knowing it’s so close ☺️

  4. Summers are an endurance contest here in Oklahoma; this one has been especially challenging for much of the country. I have to confess that the thing I enjoy most about this time is that summer is nearing the end. Bring on fall!

  5. This time of year has always meant family time and new beginnings with the return to school. New teachers, new classes, new outfits, and relaxed beginnings come to mind. I also fondly recall family gatherings Labr Day weekend at my great uncle’s home on Lake Huron, the cookouts, and all the cousins getting together. Good memories when life was simpler.

  6. I love the slight drop in temperature in the evening. It’s like a cool kiss promising that fall will soon be here.

  7. The “Summer in France” box looks fantastic and is a reminder to enjoy the waning days of summer. Living in New England, I love the intermix of summer and fall on these last days. I am reminded that summer is not quite over and to enjoy the last moments at the beach, in the garden or eating outside. At night, as the temperatures cool, we love to sit outside in front of a fire on our deck, in front of our outdoor fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine, as darkness falls.

  8. What a lovely gift and perfect for this time of year. I love this time of year. The hustle and bustle of summer, the long days are coming to an end. Daylight might get shorter but it feels like there is more time for reading, cooking and tapping in to creativity.

  9. You are correct. As the end of summer approaches, you realize cooler temps are on their way. One of my favorite things to do is to linger over a glass of wine with my husband on the patio of our favorite local restaurant. We may be talking about fall and winter plans, but we are enjoying the moment of sitting outside.

    1. Some of the things I love about this time of year are fresh picked tomatoes and sweet corn, enjoying lovely swims in warm ocean temperatures, and warm days and cool nights!

  10. I love hiking in our state parks with my grandchildren. Wisconsin, with its varied topography, lets us hike in forests, along sand dunes, and on the bluffs. It’s just beautiful! and it’s such a good way to enjoy our grandkids and stay connected to them.

  11. What do I love about this time of year? Longer walks and hikes in the woods, watching the leaves turn, and sweaters. Big cotton chunky sweaters!

  12. I love the seasons plates. They look so pretty. Everything in the box looks useful and oh so French

  13. So much to love about this time of year but what I love most are the warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights!

  14. Loving this time of the year as we will soon enter Fall. Cooler weather, great walks in the parks, families getting the children ready for school and sitting outside to eat at your favorite restaurant.

  15. What I love most about this time of year is the sense of renewal.
    Maybe it’s ingrained in me, with the start of a new school year, but September means new beginnings to me and fresh starts. I make as many resolutions this time of year as I do in January. But the ones I make at this time of year seem to be geared more toward the inner me, rather than the usual lose weight, etc.

  16. I have recently discovered and subscribed to your site, I have enjoyed every bit of insight and advice as we share similar taste! I look forward to your new posts this fall, it is the most beautiful time of year IMO, break out the scarves and boots!

  17. This time of year I love thinking about the upcoming “season” which includes changing up my wardrobe and getting my home ready for Thanksgiving, which means reconnecting with family and friends.

  18. The give away is quite exciting but I was unable to leave a comment. I could log in but the form would not allow me to enter anything. What do I need to do differently?

  19. I look forward to mild, sunny Autumn days for bike riding, hiking, or taking excursions to the local apple farm.

  20. I’d love to be entered. The best thing about this season for me is that it progresses us further along to the end of hurricane season and hopefully cooler weather!

  21. I love cool, crisp days with colorful mums and pumpkins. Cooler temps means I can be comfortable in jeans and sweaters!

  22. I adore ‘My French Country Home’. I am also very much enjoying your blog. My home is French Country decor all the way. This time of year, atarting September I start dreaming of my Holiday decorations. All so warm and cozy. French Country is my passion. Happy Fall!

  23. I love the cooler weather that this time of the year brings. With that cooler I also love wearing sweaters, jeans, red wine and hot tea.

  24. This time of year reminds me of the school year beginning and crops being harvested. My husband was a teacher and a farmer, so things got very busy in the fall! And my birthday is in October, so celebrating had to be whatever we could manage! Most of the time it was a sandwich in the field!! Wonderful memories.

  25. Thank you for your informative blog! I enjoy having my first cup of coffee “with you”. And the box looks amazing!

    I enjoy your informative blog and having my first cup of coffee “with you”. The French box looks amazing!

  26. School begins, the tourists leave, and the weather cools just enough to make it pleasant outside all day long. I love taking long walks along the coast, enjoying the changing leaves and the ocean breezes.

  27. I love how you can feel the “difference” in the air. Mother Nature knows it’s time to change it up a bit.

  28. Looking forward to….
    Warm, crisp days….cotton sweater days, picking apples and walking in the woods. Cool nights with windows wide open make it the perfect time of the year for restful nights. I visited France 15 years ago and hope to go back someday.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and expertise.

  29. I love MFCH magazine and always enjoy your references. Beautiful products that seem to be very thoughtfully chosen. I’d love to win and experience in real life! You remain my favorite blogger…your choices are also thoughtful and pertinent.

  30. This time of year fills me with a strong sense of carpe diem: get out and enjoy beautiful days, go on an adventure, and savor warm evening sunsets. Before we know it, vacation season comes to a close, schools go back in session, and a regular work routine sits in as life goes back to a predictable schedule.

  31. The fruits and vegetables available at this time of summer, peaches, tomatoes, green beans and the hint of fall bounties of apples just around the corner. It’s the time to get a little more serious and reflect as autumn closes in.

  32. I love the changing seasons, and especially now as things begin to cool off a bit.
    Thank you for the chance to win- I’d love to be able to go there to pick it up!

  33. I love to watch how the light changes in the evenings. As the sun sets the sky takes on a certain surreal glow. Sometimes I describe it as cotton candy sky. As the sun sets earlier I always make time to watch the show the sky puts on.

  34. The beginning of fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love the still-warm (but not hot) days and the cooler (but not yet cold) evenings. I love the hope of a fresh start that comes from children returning to school and coeds returning to college. I love to put on blue jeans and comfy sweaters and cheer for my favorite college football teams. And I adore warm pumpkin bread and hot coffee on crisp fall mornings.

  35. My favorite season is autumn, so my favorite part of this time of year is the anticipation of cooler temps and the changing colors of the leaves.

  36. I love this time of year because the days are still warm – not as hot – and you can still wear shorts, flip flops, etc. But the evenings start to cool down and there is some early color changing.

  37. This is easy!! Fall has always been my favorite season. The change in weather and the wonderful trees invite you to “draw in” family and friends who are dear to you to enjoy the hospitality and yummy food of your warm and glowing home, “draw in” cozy clothes that envelope you with their layers of snuggle and warmth, and “draw in” all of the dried, scattered, but still colorful leaves so that a happy child can go in and kick it all apart with great delight, and “draw in” a pile of wonderful books with great anticipation! Happy Fall!!

  38. The cicadas remind me that fall will soon be with us. The changing light at the end of the day and the acorns falling from the big oak tree in my back yard are signs that there will be a new beginning. J’adore ca!

  39. I enjoy “getting back to school” because I am a teacher. It is great to feel the energy of the students as we start a new year!

  40. I like all changes of the seasons. To me it is a time to “wake up” and “freshen up” – food, decor, wardrobe, lifestyle. New is always refreshinf and exciting!

  41. Best thing about this time of the year? Snuggling up in a soft over-sized sweater with a warming cup of tea and a great book.

  42. The bittersweet end of summer flowers makes me appreciate every last one more and the cool days bring a whole new world of colors.

  43. Now that the evenings are getting a little cooler, my husband and I can enjoy a glass of wine while admiring the sunset. We live on a lake, and the beauty of the sun setting reflected in the water is a double treat.

  44. I love how, though it is still mostly quite warm during the day where I live on the Central CA Coast, the marine layer comes in at night to cool the air. I’m also loving the subtle shifts in the light as we approach September and the beginning of autumn. It’s almost sweater weather!

  45. Fall has always meant a time to finish those projects I have started for the coming gift season. I love the energy the cooler weather brings!

  46. Because I teach, fall is my spring – everything’s new and exciting! And the weather is…well, fall here in Northern California is just perfect. It’s still warm but the nights are cooler, the sun is warm but softer, and the sky turns the most beautiful robin’s egg blue. Certainly my favorite time of year.

  47. The weather is wonderful this time of year and we can start to feel the autumn crispness. I love to sit in my yard and watch natures’s show as the leaves start to change color and then one day the magnificence of the change. It leads me to believe that life truly goes on. I also like changing my clothes and the cooler nights when I can slip into jeans and a sweater.

  48. My vegetable garden is at it’s peak. I’m picking tomatoes, greens, basil and squashes. I have garlic drying in my garden shed and will plant it in the fall. We are planning gatherings on our patio while the weather is still warm.

  49. To me fall is the beginning of a new year. Maybe its my many years as a student and later as a teacher that makes fall a new beginning. So appropriate with the crisper air and the colorful changing foliage. There’s a freshness about fall that only spring can match but fall matches it with coziness. Its still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors but cool enough to snuggle.

  50. I love this time of year because the breeze in the evening picks up, and you can enjoy a longer walk because it’s a bit cooler.

  51. I love the changing of the leaves and cooler temperatures, but I must confess that I am seldom ready to say goodbye to summer . I am a summer lover.

  52. Autumn is my favorite time of year because things start to get cozy again… I spend more time indoors with candles lit, a chenille throw over my lap, and homemade soup. The colors of the season inspire me and I decorate my porch in my home with pumpkins, gourds, and all “my” autumn colors. My sweaters, booties, and leggings come out completing the sense of coziness.

  53. I love seeing your “My French Country Home” box reveals. They are always home goods elevated to such as stylish level.

  54. This time of year I love sunflowers, and how the anticipation of back-to-school feels like a fresh start. Once we get into September, I enjoy the cooler air and the bright sunshine.

  55. I love how September feels like a reset month – all those years of new school year starts i guess! i love the thought of pulling out sweaters, pulling on jeans and enjoying fresher, cooler air. Not sure that really begins in September anymore as the weather stays much warmer for much longer, but a girl has to dream!

  56. I loved the French Country home Box – I had two of them before the pandemic and use everything in there!! It is so nice to get a treat like that once in awhile, especiallly when you are missing a trip to France.

  57. As the nights get cooler, I love this time of year when I can bring out my Solo stove and build a fire as the sun sets. It’s the perfect evening!

  58. This time of year always brings a sense of anticipation. Last September and again this year, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to France. September is such a great time to be there, after “la rentré” and with far fewer tourists, and generally great weather.

  59. I thought this season’s box was exceptional this quarter. This time of year I most look forward to my favorite season fall with its clothes made for a nip in the air.

  60. September has always been my favorite month. When I was a child, it meant fresh pencils and notebooks and back to school — now that I’m an adult, I think it’s still the best month, esp for travel. Things are cooling off, children are back at school, parents are back into their school-year routines, and the chaos of summer is over, LOL.

  61. I love that August is vacation month and things feel like they truly slow down a little bit everywhere as many people spend time with family and friends. I also love seeing people’s pictures of their adventures and memory-making on social media. We were lucky to spend a half week with extended family earlier this summer and it was so nice.

  62. September is my birthday month, so I always look forward to having my version of new goals (rather than New Year’s Eve).

  63. I love being on our patio eating dinner each evening. I live in a climate where winter is long and cold and it’s such a treat to sit outside and enjoy the garden.

  64. I enjoy making bouquets from the beautiful late summer flowers that bloom in my garden at this time of year. We savor the last of the delicious local sweet corn, too!

  65. I love the end of summer as it transitions into fall. Cooler evenings, adding a sweater during late afternoon walks and enjoying the bounty of the garden.

  66. This is the time of year when I begin to think fall is just around the corner, which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year and school. I don’t love the heat of summer in the Mid-Atlantic, but can’t wait for the cooler days of fall, the leaves changing color and pulling my sweaters out!
    Having worked in academia for 30+ years, Fall always feels like a new beginning!

  67. I love the sweetness of knowing it’s been a summer of gatherings of family and friends. I look back at all the good times we shared.

  68. I love the peak of the season tomatoes and corn plus dahlias, from the farmer’s market or home grown. I like to make cold soups: gazpacho, chilled cucumber and crisps for desert with the last of the stone fruits and berries or the fall apples.

  69. Looking forward to cool, crisp days and evenings. So sick of hot, humid weather this summer, I’ll even take snow!

  70. I love watching the hummingbirds enjoying the nectar in our feeders, then rising up like angels to give the next group a turn. They will fly off soon and we will miss them. We have many other birds and deer coming to visit. The light of late summer looks different on each. AND this box is FABulous. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  71. Autumn in Minnesota is a time for the subtle shifting of seasons. The delicious, late afternoon sunlight slants in a whole new way, lighting up the remaining blooms in my garden. August transitioning into September adds a rush of newness and excitement not unlike getting that new pair of shoes or new lunchbox before starting a brand new school year. I still get that thrill with this ushering in of new beginnings. A cycle ends and a cycle begins.

  72. I live in a tourist hotspot so summer is full of activity, great music, great food and everyone is ready to enjoy the long days and pretty weather. I love the freedom of summer clothes, lighter fabrics and pretty colors. And let’s not forget the farmers markets! Fresh veggies from someone you know – yum!

  73. I can feel fall approaching this time of year. Dining outside, morning coffee with a chill in the air. I love it all!

  74. Autumn in Minnesota is a time for the subtle shifting of seasons. The delicious, late afternoon sunlight slants in a whole new way, lighting up the remaining blooms in my garden. August transitioning into September adds a rush of excitement not unlike getting that new pair of shoes or lunch box before starting a brand new school year. I still get that thrill with the ushering in of a new cycle and the satisfaction when one ends.

  75. I love this time of year. My flowers are at their peak with multicolored dahlias and roses blooming profusely.
    There is a hint of cooler mornings and evenings and dreams of cozy sweaters and crisp apples.

  76. Milder days and cooler nights means dining alfresco, leaves beginning to change, and an anticipation of fall in the air. Summer is fading and Fall is fast approaching, can’t wait!

  77. Autumn has always been my favorite season and coincidentally, or not, my color palette for clothing. Lovely MFCH box.

  78. I love this time of year as the evenings come just a bit sooner and the breeze is just a bit cooler. Although in Southern California we have a few months left of warm days, there is nothing better than donning that first sweater, eating the last of the summer fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting into a fall routine!

  79. The kids are back to school and we have a routine again. I love the cooler nights and can’t wait for sweaters, boots and some rain in CA!! The house seems cozier when the days are shorter and cool.

  80. I like to watch football (American) as well as the moderate weather. I do not like the change in seasons. Summer seems to die before autumn begins so you have some time where stuff is over ripe and dying. Ugh. Same thing happens between winter and spring. Winter is over but spring hasn’t arrived. Again, ugh.

    I enjoy your posts. I’m losing weight and needing a whole new wardrobe (yippee). Your blog gives me ideas and places to shop. As an example, I never would have thought to shop Banana Republic; I thought it catered to teens. You are much appreciated; please keep up the good work.

  81. love the changing of the season. Leaves turning with lovely colors, cool evenings, and a smell in the air that says Fall.

  82. While we are still experiencing hot weather, the heat typically breaks mid September and our sunsets are gorgeous. I am looking forward for milder weather and beautiful sunsets!

  83. Living in a tourist area of northern Wisconsin, I love that things start to quiet down a bit at this time of year. I feel like I have time to enjoy the woods and waters that surround us. It inspires me to get back to writing and doing my art projects.

  84. I love this time of year as the temperatures cool down and it is so much more enjoyable to get outside!

  85. Summer is my FAVORITE season. Here in Northern California, September is really our summer. So, now is really our BONUS summer.

  86. Beautiful gift box! ❤️ I love summer in the Pacific Northwest. I live in Oregon, and August is a fabulous time of year … warm temperatures and long sunny days.

  87. I love the transition between summer and fall here in the MW, as the transitional period is generally the nicest in temperature and weather overall.

  88. We are almost to that time of cooler evenings for sitting on the porch with family or friends. I also love the cool mornings for dog walking. Dogs are just wonderful walking companions and bring out the best in the people who one meets.
    Peach season and corn on the cob are great dining treats, too. Thanks for this opportunity.

  89. I love this time of year, especially after suffering through a bad drought. I love walking out in the morning and seeing the sun at a different place on the horizon and feeling the shift in the wind. And knowing that fall with all it’s beautiful colors, cool winds, awesome rain showers and the coming football season is just around the corner.

  90. I love the fact that we don’t have to have the air conditioning on 24/7 anymore and the cool nights make for great sleeping!

  91. I love the transition into Fall! Warm days and slightly cool evenings….sitting outside with my family and dogs up in the mountains of SoCal can’t be beat!

  92. As the air starts to cool, the sky sits differently, and the world starts to take on a different hue. Early mornings on the patio with a hot coffee and my journal start my days.

  93. Fall has always been my favorite season because of the unending and divergent changes of color in nature. The peace and magnificence of a fall walk fills my soul. The slant of gentle sunlight during gloaming makes me pause and smile. Fall truly displays color palettes for all of the clothing seasons, despite golds, oranges and browns being dominant. …Fall reminds us that we are not in charge and can do nothing to speed or slow the passage of time. Enjoy life every day. Store up lovely memories for coming days that might not be so kind (i.e., deep winter cold with biting wind – though one can certainly find beauty there, too!). Susan, thank you for this exercise. To those who replied, it has been a joy reading your thoughts. It’s a wonderful reminder of this community of people who are each special, yet hold many of the same values. We learn from and lean on one another…

  94. Thank you so much for the give-away! How exciting.

    What I really love about this time of year is the thought of knitting sweaters and time, glorious time, now that I am retired and no longer returning to the busy fall days as a high school Principal.

  95. Understanding that longevity is not promised, I am grateful that I experienced another carefree and glorious summer. I’m not big on fall, but this time of year I recommit to finish what I started.

  96. The warm air that gets a hint of a chill in the mornings excites me. The fall is the most beautiful time of year in so many parts of the country and I look forward to my favorite season in all of its glory.

  97. I love true fresh summer watermelon at this time of year…when it actually tastes like watermelon. Soo good. I also love summer baseball, which is my passion this time of year.

  98. Love the fact that the seasons change. The world was planned to give up forward movement. Always good to keep moving forward. I also think there is more to do with style in the cooler months.

  99. I love this time of year because my son’s birthday is at the end of August, and here in New England the humidity is usually gone but the warmth and light still linger. Also, this last week of August is usually really relaxed and quiet around our neighborhood – our neighbors are typically away, the traffic is lighter, and everyone at my husband’s and my work seem to be taking a pause before the beginning of September. It’s my favorite time of year!

  100. August is my birthday month & “do as the French” and take the month of. Reflecting on the past year and the coming year will bring. September always feels like a new start.

  101. So bittwersweet – sunny days and cool evenings, the tail end of summer and the very front of Autumn – I love these ‘thin’ places, the tween times, in between one thing and another where the taste and smells and colors mix and dangle with each together….

    It is the ‘Golden Hour’ writ large where anything wonderful could happen and magic hangs in the air 🙂

  102. I love this time of the year for all the fresh fruits and vegetables being at their peak, especially Jersey tomatoes and corn.

  103. I love the beautiful plates and canvas bag that remind me of why now is my favorite time to shop at the local farmers’ market for fresh tomatoes, corn, artichokes, herbs, and so much more of the bountiful harvest that arrives in late August-early September. It is a special time to savor the summer (savourer l’été) as I begin the seasonal transition by sorting through fall food recipes and refreshing my wardrobe in anticipation of autumn and her beautiful gifts.

  104. This is my favorite time of year. Here on the Oregon coast, the days are warm and the evenings are very pleasant. The tourist season is winding down with less traffic. We will still have gorgeous weather for at least the next month. I love what’s in the summer French box! I would use and enjoy everything in it! Lucky lady who wins this.

  105. I love this time of the year and the subtle change in the light on my garden. The colors seem both softer and at the same time more brilliant. The butterflies, bees and hummingbirds add just the right atmosphere for me to paint outside as cooler days arrive.

  106. Love the drop in heat and humidity and the return to enjoying cooking again. Every fall I gather up fresh veggies and ground turkey to make stuffed peppers. A lovely fresh meal that’s healthy too without the rice.
    What a beautiful box!

  107. I love the “soft” summer nights when the humidity is low and the temps are in the low 50s. It’s lovely to be outside on those types of evenings. We only seem to get them in Kentucky in early June or late August.

    Please enter me in your give-away.

  108. I live on the Columbia River. As I sit on my deck in summer we have varied wildlife, including a great blue heron that visits every morning.
    The bird life and animals are every changing as we move from summer to fall. Love the Indian Summer season – my absolute favorite
    time of year.

  109. I love the sounds of the insect chorus in the evening as fall draws nearer. There is something so poignant about their song this time of year.

  110. What a great idea, I had not heard of this subscription box, thanks for sharing!
    What I love most about this time of year — cooler evenings, soaking up the last bit of outdoor patio dining at restaurants before it gets too chilly, and drinking lots and lots of hot tea.

  111. This time of year is really bittersweet. In some ways I am eager for the crispness of fall days, the colors of the leaves, craft fairs, Halloween and Thanksgiving. On the other hand, the days get shorter, the laziness of the season becomes just a passing memory. September and October here are great months though and to be honest, I look forward to every season.

  112. I love this time of year because we have a lot of birthdays in my family so it feels like a long celebration. Thank you for the giveaway!

  113. My older daughter’s birthday is August 7, and mine is the 23rd. I love the way the season seems to shift between those dates, from high summer to a hint of fall, with cooler nights and mornings and a new angle to the light. There’s still plenty of summer left, but no overbearing heat — and the promise of my favorite season of all, those crisp Colorado sunlit weeks!

  114. I love this time of year when the mornings and evenings are cooler (yet during the day it is warm enough for the beach or pool,) and it is possible to get Pumpkin Lattes!

  115. Ah, Fall, the best time of the year is coming. Even in the continuing heat of a blistering California summer, there are subtle differences in the light of day and the breeze at night, telling us everything shifts, but continues on. I love the summer fruits, the rose wines, the smell of grilling delights for our outside dinners, and hanging with hubby and our new dog outside. I also love that I’m a grownup and no longer have to go back to school, nor do my grownup kids!

  116. This post just prompted me to invite my honey out on a picnic later this week. Thanks from us both.

  117. I love this time of year because we are on our two week trip to Kauai…after retiring late last year…thank you !

  118. I love this time of year as it is not as humid and hot outside. The cooler evenings lend themselves to a sweater or light throw on the deck, tea and dessert. A lovely book until it’s too dark to see. Just enjoying every moment outdoors with the knowledge that soon it will be too cold, and we’ll be inside settling before a fire in the fireplace. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a cold, snowy, wet winter in the Midwest. They were spot on about the sweltering summer we experienced.

  119. Fall is my very favorite season! Where I live in southern US when the arrival of September comes it means cooler temps with lower humidity levels are just around the corner. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  120. Temperatures begin to cool and when you live in the desert of California it’s such a welcome relief from the heat of the summer!

  121. I love the evenings becoming cool enough to use a heavier blanket. Thanks, Susan. I always enjoy your posts!

  122. I love enjoying all the fresh garden produce, being creative with different ways to use the fruits of my labor.

  123. I like the slow March to autumn. The nights grow cooler and the days are a bit shorter. A few trees have hurried to their fall colors. Winds blow and the yearning for coziness arises.

  124. What I like most about this time of year is that summer is almost over! I am miserable and can’t wait for cooler weather.

  125. At this time of year, I love sitting outside in the early evening when the light is golden, and as the sun sets, I turn on the fire pit. I switch from white wine to red and look forward to “birthday season.” Produce is abundant and I cook what’s fresh — corn, tomatoes, peaches, etc. So so much to love about fall!

  126. I think I love most the quietness of this time of year and the feel and scent of the air when I step outside. It then becomes crisp and clear and refreshing soon after August ends.

  127. I love this time of year for the seasonal fruits that are coming into the stores. Plums, Peaches, and Nectarines. Its a wonderful bounty to enjoy! Thanks, Susan!

  128. This is my fa vtime of year to drive with the top down on my convertible. It’s still nice, the sun is shining, but it’s not oppressive.

  129. I love the music festival and movies in the park during the summer. The days are longer and one can spend evenings reading by the river. There seems to be time to do so much in the same 24 hours. 🙂

  130. I’m looking forward to cool mornings, lower humidity, fresh veggies, and fall colors. This is a beautiful box of French goodies.

  131. I love how the air has started to have a fall feel to it, it’s still warm but cooler at night ! I love seeing the mums at the grocery stores and garden centers and just saw the first display or pumpkins yesterday!

  132. I look forward to our family tradition of making fresh squeezed cider with our hand crank cider press in our apple/pear orchard!! We freeze what we don’t drink while we are making it and then enjoy it throughout the holidays.

  133. I like this time of year because it is a time of new beginnings, new school year, new school shoes! (Childhood).

  134. There are two thing I love this time of year. Digging potatoes out of the garden and planting tulips for next spring. Thank you for all you do I love your blog!

  135. Last days of summer are savored with outdoor meals and early evening walks to watch the sunsets over the SF bay, sometimes with fog rolling over SF or through the bay.

  136. This August especially has brought cool nights and warm days. That enticing foretaste of fall is my favorite thing about August.

    Love this box! Such appealing items

  137. Living near the ocean, some of the best beach days are this time of year. The warm water , cool breezes, and fewer crowds make for the most wonderful days soaking up the sun and reminiscing about the beautiful summer memories made.

  138. I am so enjoying getting up at dawn with the neighbor’s chickens clucking away and going for walks in the woods with my hubby and dog while it is cool. I’m also so happy the deer flies are gone so I can truly enjoy being outside without the three of us being tormented by the pesky creatures. End of summer for me is filled with stone fruits, fresh tomatoes and corn. And light. love the light. and the thunderstorms.

  139. I love bright blue skies and rich, mature greens, everywhere dotted with floral highlights in saturated yellows, golds, blues, purples, pinks, and oranges. And when all that color combines with 80 degrees and low humidity, it is a preview of heaven! Thanks for what you do, Susan. Many people enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to more adventures with color.

  140. Oh sweet slipping away of the summer season – the blazing heat of a Carolina summer finally softens and being outside becomes quite lovely. My favorite time of year.

  141. This beautiful time of year brings joy through flowers, fresh vegetables and long lazy days. We love dining in our backyard other than the mosquitoes. Sharon creates beautiful boxes and this one is very special.

  142. Wow Susan! Lots of comments! I loved reading them all–your readers are such beautiful writers. 🙂 As for me, I used to relish the arrival of Fall and then Winter–cozy clothes, cozy nights in, roaring fires. But as I have aged, I’m now all about summer and hold on to it for as long as physically possible, like turning my milkshake cup upside down to get that last delicious drop of my favorite peach milkshake (and maybe even licking the rim, if no one is watching!) I wear all my favorite bright white clothing, I have as many meals as possible outside, and find excuses to get out of the house whenever possible, soaking in the sun and the waning heat of summer.

  143. As a desert dweller, what I love most this time of year is the promise of autumn, sometimes just an undercurrent of coolness in the morning breeze.

  144. I love the slightly shorter days and the thought of cooler weather. I always get a little sentimental though about the end of summer.

  145. The tourists have mostly left my small seaside home town, and the streets are now delightfully empty. The weather and the water are still warm, and the beach is wonderful. There are end of the summer parties and events, but the pace of life has relaxed. No lines at the restaurants 🙂 It is a magical time of year!

  146. I love that it’s getting closer to cool weather as summer is my most unfavorite season. Summer to me means hair frizzy from the humidity, incessant sweating due to the unforgiving heat, clothes sticking to my skin, no-see-ums biting my legs, allergies in full swing, ugh. Fingers crossed for a long cool autumn followed by a cold snowy winter and then hope for a mild green spring.

  147. I love the that the hottest days of summer are behind us for another year. The morning coolness is lasting until mid morning now. It’s revitalizing!

  148. My favorite aspect of this time of year is the subtle change of the light. I can’t define it except to say that one day the light feels like summer and the next it shifts to fall light. It causes me to start thinking about pumpkin lattes and “Do I have a light weight jacket ready on the back porch for my morning walks?” This is a special transition season for me.

  149. What I love best about this time of year is that it is still warm enough to wear my summer clothes, but it does start to feel like fall, so I can plan for fall clothes and travel.

  150. I am always happy to flip the calendar to September. Summers in Texas are very hot and I really prefer cool weather. September is warm here too, but soon it will be time for candles, sweaters and hot tea.

  151. I love the warm days & cool nights. When I wake up & have my coffee on the patio, the cool, refreshing air takes me back to my childhood August days spent at Girl Scout camp. If I close my eyes I can almost smell the pines outside the tent. Ahhhh.

  152. I love the warm days & cool nights. When I wake up & have my coffee on the patio, the cool, refreshing air takes me back to my childhood August days spent at Girl Scout camp. If I close my eyes I can almost smell the pines outside the tent. Ahhhh…

  153. I actually look forward to shorter days, long hot summer days here in the farm is a lot of work. What a nice giveaway, thank you for the chance

  154. Pick your diamond pick your pearl there is beauty in the world… Fall means gorgeous colors everywhere!
    Nature’s most prolific and imaginative painter who loves to splash stunning shades of red, orange, and yellow across this canvas we call planet earth. Just see for yourself.

  155. Here in Northern California autumn brings heat during the day and cooler nights. The garden is bursting with an abundance of produce to put up and share. The garden flowers have peaked and the bouquets I share with anyone who will take them dwindles. Autumn is also my pallet and I find most of my basics and fun additions to my wardrobe as well. Thank you for all you do, your blog is my favorite and I’ve enjoyed seeing you transform with the addition of lovey color perfectly suited to you.

  156. As a New Englander (transplanted in North Carolina), this time of the year is my favorite and makes me feel like cozying up in a sweater and leggings with a great book! Can’t wait for the crisp air (it sure isn’t crisp yet in the south!) and turning leaves – makes me long for my home state of Maine❤️

  157. It is still very warm here in the south, but at this time of year the afternoon rains bring a refreshing coolness, even if only for a few minutes, and everything is so green and smells wonderful. I enjoy my early morning walks and afternoons on the lanai watching the rain, and look forward to next month when I can spend all day outside!

  158. Even though it’s been quite awhile since I have gone back to school, this time of year always brings a feeling of new beginnings.

    Or, living in the Pacific Northwest, Joni Mitchell would say, “chilly now, end of summer, no more shiny hot nights.” We’ll see. It was in the ‘90’s today!

  159. Fall is my favorite season, so I love the winding down of summer and the early hints of autumn. Cool mornings and evenings spent outside are amazing!

  160. I love Fall! The shift to the softer light and deeper shadows, the return of cool mornings and drier air are so welcome after the high heat and harsh light of summer.

  161. I love the cool crisp air of autumn, tomatoes, fall colors (in clothing and in nature), breaking out my sweaters and booties, and homemade soup, which seems way too hot to eat in summer.

  162. Here in Arizona fall doesn’t start until November, but I still begin to crave fall colors, Fall decor, & pumpkin spice. I long for sweaters & boots & the dropping leaves of red & gold. It puts me in a happy mood full of Midwest memories. It’s the beginning of parties… 3 birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving leading to Christmas..

  163. Fall is such a welcome season in Texas. It’s knowing that, with the arrival of September, the temperature will fall out of the 100s and into “cooler” 80s/o90s. And the sun begins to set earlier. There will be a tease of a few chilly mornings and the leaves slowly begin to turn colors. And if we’re lucky, maybe a sweater can be pulled from storage in October!

  164. After retiring, selling our California home, buying a lot in Tennessee, contracting to build a house and moving into our son’s home in Missouri (all in one week), this past year has been one of upheaval and change. However, there is something so calming about this time of year. The promise of shorter days, crimson trees and cooler temps bring up my nesting instincts. Our home in Tennessee is just weeks away from completion and I’m looking forward to beginning this new phase in our lives. Let the nesting begin!

  165. I love the cool, crisp air of autumn after the heat and humidity of summer. Autumn seems to also bring a slower, calmer pace to life that I enjoy.