First Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016As promised, here’s the first batch of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks. Yes, I’ve been shopping already, and you can too if you have the Nordstrom card. (You can apply here for a Nordstrom credit or debit card to get early access to the sale prior to July 22.) Below are some of the items that have caught my eye. As I’ve found from prior years of shopping this sale, if there’s something you like that’s sold out in your size or preferred color, bookmark it and keep checking back. Returns mean that some items will become available again.

Shown above: sweater | watch | bag | boots | sweater

I’ll continue to review the sale items and add more selections in the next few days.

Have fun!

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  1. Nothing’s rocking my boat this year. In the past, I’ve gotten boots and started Christmas shopping. Two things that I’m thinking about. Those OTK boots you have pictured and a leather Longchamp bag in a honey/caramel color. I would rather be shopping in the shops on Rue Bonaparte!

  2. I agree…didn’t find much. But the Nordstrom site is extremely slow this morning, so I gave up early in my shopping. I may try later on.

  3. Agree with previous 2 comments, disappointed. I was shocked to see items that were around last year as part of the sale…some booties that I purchased and returned last fall are part of the sale. Do they always do this? I have lots of foot issues so look forward to the Munro shoes/boots…poor and small selection in the sale. No A. Bittar anymore and didn’t like the K. Scott items . Wow do I sound old and grouchy…sorry was just so excited to look at the site this morning and so surprised I saw very little if anything to order.

  4. Enabler! I found two cardigans and a cute t-shirt, and am now the proud owner of a Nordstrom store card.

  5. Not doing it for me, either (yet). Am curious about the Eileen Fisher pointe knit leggings. If my usual Eileen Fisher size is small, would I go down a size to XS per product info?


  6. I took my granddaughter today and we had a lovely time. Good lunch…wonderful service! I just bought my favorite leggings…3 pair for $100 and Munro shoes that I love. Just the basics as I’m trying to simplify. The AGC shoes are cute & comfy too! Love this blog!

  7. Maybe fewer choices than the past few years…..but still, in the 45 minutes I had in the store today, I picked up a black EF silk knit tee, and a pair of Lafayette 148 black stretch wool pants. Going back tomorrow with my daughter, will see what else we might find! Seriously considering a Longchamp expandable bag…I have one in beige, which I just used last week to bring back purchases from a trip, but the sale ones look bigger and I might convince myself I need another one!

  8. Since it is Bastille Day, I gave myself the day off to shop. Started online this morning with lingerie, Nike tights, and that yummy calf hair bag Susan posted. In store, I found the blue lace cardigan and it is a cute inexpensive treat. Lots of great shoes. I bought some EF boots and a couple of pairs not in the sale. Lysse Capri leggings were on sale too and there was a pair of blue stripe ones that made the cut. Found two nice EF pieces…linen white casual jacket and a slightly shimmery stripe top. Always love this sale! Thanks for the footwork Susan….but for gosh sakes…concentrate on Paris!

  9. Not impressed at all this year. Like another reader, I’m noticing booties from last year – ones I bought online and ended up returning, too. Bought a fabulous Kate Spade bag last year but see nothing I like this year. Guess I’ll be holding on to my money. Very disappointed…seems to be fewer offerings.

  10. Ditto on the disappointment. Bought the Longchamps expandable and my daughter found a pair of Paige jeans and some Vince Camuto booties but that’s it. Perhaps they will add more to the sale?

  11. Extremely disappointed and disappointing items. No more double points (although if I’d found anything of interest, I could use one of my triple point days), they don’t carry any of the jewelry lines that I spent bucks on in previous years, Judith Jack, Ippolita, Lori Bonn, Lois Hill – and they’ve replaced them with way more expensive lines or trashy fashion jewelry. I’ll probably just buy the anniversary Clarisonic Smart Profile because my Plus is 4 years old and who knows how much longer it’ll last. At this rate, I’ll be lucky if I find enough interesting buys this year to keep my Level 2.