Out and about in Paris…

Susan B. in Paris with boats and Louvre in background. Wearing an ivory puffer jacket, gold scarf, plaid pants.

The rain let up for our last morning in Paris, so we took a quick stroll along the Seine before it was time to catch our train to London.

Wearing: jacket | scarf (similar HERE & HERE) | sweater | pants | bag | boots (similar)

I didn’t do as much shopping in Paris as I’d hoped, but this scarf from Comptoir des Cotonniers was my first and probably best purchase. It’s very soft and light, and I’ve worn it several times already. I really wish CdC was available online in the US. They always have some great, wearable pieces in gorgeous colors.

I’ve added a “wear it in Paris” section to my shop, inspired by the styles I saw there.
Click HERE to shop!

Postcards from Paris…

Medici fountain in Jardin du Luxembourg in autumn.

For our first two days in Paris, the weather was so nice all we wanted to do was just walk and walk and take it all in.

Looking across the Seine toward Musee d'Orsay with Eiffel Tower in background.

Rain moved in on the 3rd day, but we managed to squeeze in a river cruise in the morning before it was too wet. We hadn’t done a river tour/cruise since our first Paris trip in 2007, and really enjoyed it, despite the weather.

Cafe on Ile St. Louis in Paris with red chairs.

Had it not been so wet, we might have stopped at this cafe…

Light from the Eiffel Tower viewed from Pont des Arts, evening.

A break in the rain as we were walking to dinner served up some gorgeous, dramatic views.

Pyramid in Louvre carousel lit at night, viewed through iron gate.

We took the Eurostar to London yesterday. It was a bit more of a scramble than I’d experienced before, as new border checkpoints have been added since Brexit. But once we were on the train, it was a comfortable ride, and just a quick cab ride from St. Pancras to our hotel.

Many of you have asked for details about our itinerary, accommodations, and restaurants. I will be sharing recaps in the coming weeks, as I have a LOT to recommend!

We have a full schedule for our few days here in London, and meetups with friends. More soon…

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  1. Such beautiful photos of Paris. You were lucky to have had at least two days of sunshine.
    The terrace where you would have sat if it hadn’t rained, is one of my favourites and near our favourite hotel. I have many photos taken there. Ah sweet memories. And now you are in London… sigh.
    I will look up Comptoir des Cotonnier. I know the brand but not really what they sell.

  2. I would like the pants better if they were straight leg style, and also full length instead of crops.
    The postcard photos are beautiful!

    1. I think the pants look fabulous on you, and more importantly you like them and are comfortable in your outfit!

      Rita—I don’t know how you meant this comment to land, but I have to wonder, would you make this comment in real life, to a friend or acquaintance? I think sometimes we forget that on the internet, these are still real people with feelings.

      1. @SJ I think this scenario is a bit different to passing a comment to a friend. Susan is modelling her trousers (with a link to them), so perhaps people feel free to have an opinion about the style of clothing and how it relates to them personally. Rita did not say anything negative about how Susan looked.

      2. Thanks, SJ. I didn’t take offense at Rita’s comment. She’s mentioned several times before that she prefers longer pants lengths, both for herself and others. À chacun à son goût, as they say. 😉

    2. I see a lot of French women with (winter) pants even shorter–to the tops of the boots. It seems to be the trend now, at least among the edgy-stylish vs. the more classically stylish, to wear pants that in my youth would have led to taunts of “high waters!” Another thing is to tuck the pants into one’s boots. I see it with all kinds of boots, but especially with heavy/chunky boots. I haven’t dared this yet myself, because I’m pretty short and am unconvinced it will look good, or that I have enough attitude to pull it off.
      Also, matchy-matchy has returned, according to a younger and extremely stylish French friend, and Susan does a great job here with the cream-colored top, jacket and bag, and the scarf/shoe combo. It seems to go with the Millennial/Gen X penchant for minimalism, so you stick with neutrals and just one accent color, as Susan did.

  3. We just got home from Paris last night after spending time in Burgundy. I was impressed about how nicely everyone dressed. Chic casual. Lots of combat type boots , som with lug sole. I wonder if old ladies can wear them? I can’t stress enough how you need comfortable shoes!! Love your posts!

  4. I have loved traveling vicariously with you on this most marvelous trip! I went with a group of friends in the Spring of 2019 to London, Paris and Amsterdam, and it was magnificent! There is just never enough time to see and do EVERYTHING, is there? I wonder if you are familiar with the blog, A Lady in London? She has some wonderful information on a variety of topics and is very well travelled. Her insights about London, in particular, are great. She has good information on shopping, restaurants, where to have the best high teas, where to go on day trips from London, etc. Have a marvelous visit! I cannot wait to go back! Cheerio!!

  5. It certainly looks beautiful there. Even though my husband and I have driven through France a few times (and we’ll be doing it again in a few months), we still haven’t managed to visit Paris. I think perhaps we’ll fly there instead (we live in Portugal) so we don’t have to take our own car lol. We’ve heard all about the driving in that city!!
    Have a wonderful time!
    Suzy x

    1. Sandra is right about the boots and this “old lady” has her eyes out for a red leather lug-soled pair!

      Susan, We just left London on Saturday. I will be interested to read your impressions. We felt so safe in France with the Pass Sanitaire (as well as in Italy and Switzerland) but the UK has next-to-no restrictions and even the ones about masking on TFL as ignored. We’ll take a COVID test Wed to make sure we didn’t pick it up there. We always enjoy just walking in London and Paris. We’ve done the museums ad churches. Now I just look for long walks, great photo ops, and food!

    2. Suzy, where in Portugal are you? Hubby and I relocated here in April from California and are loving life. We’re in the Cascais area….Easy flight to Paris – we’ve done it a couple of times.

  6. I am so envious! Last time was 2000?when we took our daughter on the ubiquitous trip to Europe1 what stories. I am sure many things have changed. Enjoy traveling via your picures, Always never enough time to do it all. So it is great to see what other eyes see.

  7. Beautiful photos! My daughter will be in Paris next week for the first time since COVID. I will meet her there in May for her birthday which had become an annual destination for her celebration.

  8. Susan – I am loving your posts from Europe!!! More please, and I look forward to all the details. Have fun in London, and safe travels home.

  9. Susan, your photos made me miss Paris even more. My favourite city without a doubt and we have photos taken at almost exactly the same places as yours. Glorious; hope you loved every minute.
    Sandra D: get the boots you want! Never too old for good (I.e: what you want) footwear. I’ve bought a pair of lovely deep burgundy red patent and they are great, style in spades and so comfortable. What’s not to love? No regrets, indeed in a nod to Susan’s fab trip, je ne regrette rien.


  11. Just returned from a wonderful two week solo trip to UK (London and places in Scotland). Not as much mask wearing as one might like in London on the Tube or in stores/museums. Taxi drivers (Black cabs) did mask. Scotland has firmer mask rules in place and folks were following them on transport and indoor settings. Long haul train rules to and from Scotland ensured one did not sit next to anyone with whom you weren’t already traveling. At no point, did I feel unsafe in the UK, just took the usual precautions. Simply wore my mask when on the Tube or indoors. Will say that Heathrow Terminal 2 was eerily quiet both upon arrival and departure. Negative results on all my Covid tests (e.g. Day 2, the one taken 2 days prior my return to US, and one I took yesterday at home). Have a wonderful time in London. Enjoy!

  12. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and letting us follow along on your adventures. So happy for you to have this opportunity. Love your new scarf.

  13. I’ve never traveled outside the United States before but through these photos and people like you who do travel and write about it, I can feel like I’ve really been there. You could challenge Rick Steves for his job, LOL
    I love the way you brought in the shoe color with scarf. I forget you can do that. I have burgundy boots I love but never wear this would be a good way to bring them in. You look fabulous!

  14. Thank you for the gorgeous photos and updates. I am leaving for Paris this Friday, Nov 5 and can’t wait to visit and revisit some of the same places. First stop will be the Luxembourg Garden – my favorite place on the planet. Thanks again. -Andrea

  15. Your first photo taken in the garden with the water was mesmerizing , like a Monet picture shimmering with the light. I returned to it twice to take it all in. The clarity of your pictures is stunning. What a delight to be in such a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing such loveliness.

    1. Susan nailed it! The reflection of the water in the 1st photo is stunning! You are such a gifted photographer. Thank you for taking all of us along “with” you on your travels….. it has been such a joy and pleasure travelling vicariously through you

  16. I’m so envious! Haven’t been abroad for a decade (health issues) but to gear hiw safe folks felt in France entices me……Susan, you look fabulous and your entire trip seems so well planned! Can’t wIt to see the recommendations you provide.

  17. That water picture from Luxemburg Gardens is a brilliant shot!
    Loved seeing the Uniqlo jacket. I’d say it’s worth its weight in gold, but it weighs almost nothing!