Wardrobe Re-Mix: Camel, Plaid & Mustard

Susan Blakey of une femme d'un certain age wears a polished casual outfit with camel and plaid separates, mustard accents.

While perusing some of the New York Fashion Week street style snaps, I noticed several looks that included camel, plaid, and/or mustard elements. I figured there’s still some uncharted territory in my current wardrobe, so had a little try-on session. Of all the “inspired by” combos I came up with, this was my favorite.

Polished Casual Outfit With Camel and Plaid, and a Dollop of Mustard

Earrings | Coat | Scarf (similar) | Sweater | Bag | Pants | Shoes

As I mentioned in my Shopping Smarter post, one of the best things about sticking to my color palette is that it’s easier to mix and match pieces in my wardrobe. Everything coordinates!

Susan Blakey of une femme d'un certain age wears a mustard polka dot scarf and caramel coat.

The scarf is vintage, inherited from my Grandmother. I almost gave this one away several years ago, having been told “no one looks good in mustard yellow.” I’m glad I hung onto it, as it turns out to be one of the best colors in my Spring palette!

It was a little bit breezy when I took these photos. 💨

Yes, my hair color is a little different. To add some depth and dimension, Brian went with a darker base color. Then he added some lowlights over the crown. The color will lighten up just a little bit after the first couple of shampoos, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! I also really like the cut. It works well with my hair texture and growth patterns.

Detail: Susan Blakey wears Wonders platform loafers in copper patent leather. Info at une femme d'un certain age.

I went with these platform loafers because the visual volume balances out the longer coat.

I still like to look at street style looks from Fashion Weeks. Even if most of the outfits are more extreme than what most of us wear day-to-day. The trick is to distill what elements of a look appeal to you (colors? textures? silhouettes?) and translate to your own wardrobe and style.

Where do you find inspiration to create new looks from your wardrobe?

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  1. Your hair looks soooooooo good!!! You have inspired me to pull the black out of my day to day wardrobe and embrace colors that suit my soft Autumn coloring!!!

  2. I think the last time I saw those pants they were over boots. I have to say that I like them better with these shoes, the ankle peeking out is attractive.

  3. Susan, this is one of the most perfect, gorgeous outfits I remember seeing you wear, and I’ve been following you for years. You look absolutely stunning, from your ideal hair cut/color down to your nifty shoes. The new color palette has shown us a whole new you! I’m so delighted that it has been such a success. Nicely done.

  4. Oh, love your hair-skin just glows with the warmer tone! And the outfit is a definite WOW!!! My only problem is that I am a summer, but you make me want your color palette-lol!!!!

  5. I am so happy for you (and envious, I confess) that you got your color analysis done. You look better than ever wearing the new colors. It can be hard to step away from our old comfort zones, but your commitment to Red Leopard’s recommendations has left you looking so vibrant and fresh.

  6. I like the new hair look, and it actually looks like it has options for different looks with added product. The blend of your colours has me thinking of a similar look with my cool colours and blends of the tones. Great look.

  7. Like other commenters before me, I think your hair colour is terrific. The darker base gives it more presence. And you have held your nerve about changing colours. Well done you.

  8. Ditto what everyone has said abouty your hair color. I noticed first thing in the headshot – although it’s subtle. The added depth looks terrific, and the cut is both insouciant and sophisticated. Those colors are great on you! Question about the shoes – are they actually comfortable for walking? I know they must be, given your ‘Start with the shoes!’ motto, but- the height of that wedge feels like it would roll my ankle. I’m also on the fence about the coat – perhaps it’s the external seams (a touch I love), but it feels a little large and bulky for you. Overall, such a great look, and you really glow in those colors! I did some ‘rack shopping’ (similar to window shopping) in a local vintage place recently, and I’ve noticed that in the past few months of reading you, my eye has become trained to skim over the racks and find the colors that might work for me (I’m actually a Spring, not a Summer as I may have written recently) so your palette is a great start for me. My eye has become much more discerning, thanks to your careful curation and wonderful writing. So – Thank You!

    1. Pseu/Sue looks lovely in that colour (unlike most people) but I agree that that coat, though beautiful, makes her look a bit heavier, though she takes a very small size. We have to wear heavy, bulky mattresses, but you don’t in LA.

      It is a worthy coat if you are travelling anywhere northern in North America or Europe (or very southern, in South America). And it is a beautiful fabric, and such a bargain for the quality!

      1. The thing about this coat, though, is that it’s unlined, and a good weight for LA winters. We don’t get frigid, but it can be quite chilly some mornings and evenings (high 30’s/low 40’s Farenheit). I tend to run cold, so am happy to have at least one warmer coat for those times.

  9. You look great. I always liked your old hair color on you, but love this new one a lot! You look great and I give you a high five for staying with your true colors!

  10. You nailed it, even the details, and scale of this outfit are perfect. Red leopard worked its magic, and you persevered, I know spring colors are harder to find, good job! Now if you could show a “summer season” outfit curated in the same way, that would be SO helpful ( at least for us summers), I struggle with winter clothes, as they are too dark. Maybe a, four ways to do this outfit, theme. One for each season? Thanks for this fun journey!

  11. Love the hair and your outfit looks great! I find a good camel to be one of the hardest colors to find–there are so many variations and it’s a short step (for me) between a flattering shade and one that makes me look like death.

  12. Your new haircut and color are perfect! I agree that one of the greatest benefits of sticking to my color palette (since the 80s!) is that everything mixes and matches.

  13. You really shine in these photos Susan! I love your new look…colors, style and hair! I will be visiting L.A. in March and would love to schedule an appointment with your hairdresser. How would I find him?

    1. …and so many of the vintage scarves are real silk as opposed to many of the new are polyester.
      Loved the entire look..the shoes gave it a modern edge….new look loafer.

  14. Love, love, love the color of your hair! The added depth of the brown with the lighter highlights makes it look very natural. Your hairdresser did a great job.

  15. WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful blog and fearless approach to finding your true self – inspiring!

  16. Susan your hair looks great! I have a little mustard neck scarf that I got in 2019 from Madewell that I like a lot. I think your ‘golden’ look comes across better because of your hair color. My hair is silver but my skin color pretty similar to yours–actually I think my skin is likely ‘neutral’ or a blend of warm and cool.

  17. Susan you look great in this combination of colour! Camel has been very popular in Europe this winter, much better for ladies of a certain age than black or navy.

    1. Not for all of us. But I’d so love forest green or a burgundy that doesn’t look muddy. I default to black because my favourite colours (deep and rich) are so hard to find.

  18. Your new hair cut/color is so adorable – I love it. You have done such a wonderful job incorporating your new style and color palette to your wardrobe. I live in NYC, and it is so hard to find a range of flattering colors that aren’t black, grey and navy. I did have a bit of luck recently in a store I never shop in Aritzia as they have a nice assortment of tops that are shorter and will go with the wider legged pants.

  19. Your new hair color looks amazing! It seems warmer and more flattering. Don’t you love how a small change can make such a big difference?
    How wonderful to have a scarf from your grandmother in a flattering shade.

  20. You are absolutely GLOWING! You make me want to burn ALL of my black stuff, lol! You have and always will be an inspiration!

  21. Your reinvention continues to give fabulous results. The one word that keeps coming to mind is GLOWING. I’m very determined to use the same formula with my Winter colouring. I trawl Instagram for those that wear Winter with bright colours for inspiration. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

  22. I agree about the hair color. Its very flattering , but also: the greater variation in color makes it look thicker, and for some of us of a certain age, thats always good!

    When I first began to look at this blog, you often wrote about the “capsule wardrobe”, and idea that I appreciated, although I don’t totally adhere to. Your new, slimmed down wardrobe makes much more sense to me, with its focus on buying exactly, and only, what suits you. I think its great

    And finally: although I live in Minnesota, I visit my SoCal daughter two or three times a year, always at Christmas, and always in March, and I always need a coat and a very warm sweater. The unlined wool coat is definitely appropriate, although probably dressier than I would wear for day to day wear

    1. Yes, I imagine that you also have at least two winter coats, one for deep cold and one for mild days, (perhaps another dressy one in a beautiful fabric?) I’m happy that today is “mild-day-coat” weather in Montréal!

  23. (First of all, a belated note to say I’m so happy to hear that your sweet dog is better.)
    I’m gobsmacked with the outfits you are coming up with post-color analysis. I have been following you for years now, and loved what you were putting together before, but with this color reset, frankly, I’m amazed and impressed, and am starting to reevaluate my wardrobe. I haven’t been officially color tested, but am pretty sure I’m a summer, but I have a ton of black clothes and other seasons in there that I need to address. Thank you for your mindfulness in this blog – it’s truly inspirational for me.

  24. You look AWESOME! That is a fabulous outfit on you, and the hair color is perfection. You looked good before, but now you have nailed what is working best for you. Congrats!

    Perhaps someday when you have fully explored your Spring palette you might give us Summers some help… Really, the Winters seem to have it made in the stores with all the black, white, red and jewel tones. The Autumns seem to have a bit of a sort shift though. It looks like it would be more difficult to find warm colors except in the fall collections. So maybe you’ll look at them first and then get along to Summertime. Here’s hoping…

    1. Hi Garden Goddess, thanks! As this next season’s items trickle in, I’ll continue to highlight pieces and outfit ideas from different palettes.

  25. Your color transformation is inspiring! I am a Spring as well….you’ve inspired me to find my colors again at age 52!