Paris, With Friends (Part 1)

Bloggers Susan B. and Greetje try on sunglasses in Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’m sometimes asked what has been my favorite thing about blogging, and my answer is always, without hesitation, “the people I’ve met.” And I’ll add here, “the friends I’ve made.”

Paris Adventures

I had such fun spending time with some of my blogger friends while in Paris! Above, Greetje of No Fear Of Fashion and I try on some sunglasses. Greetje was able to visit for just a little over 24 hours, but we packed a lot into that time.

Enjoying a coffee at Deux Magots. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

We met up with Greetje’s lovely friend Jeanne, who lives and works in Paris. She was so chic! I really loved her style. We enjoyed a coffee at Les Deux Magots, and then hopped a bus over to Palais Royal to check out one of the nearby covered shopping passages, Galerie Vivienne.

Taking photos while waiting for the bus in St. Germain, Paris.

Entrance to Galerie Vivienne in Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Built in 1823, this historic mall, one of several covered passages in Paris, houses several shops and cafes. At Jeanne’s recommendation, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Bistrot Vivienne, then took a stroll through the mall.

wine shop Legrand in Galerie Vivienne, Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Interior of Galerie Vivienne in Paris, built in 1823.

After that, Jeanne had to leave us, and Greetje and I made our way over to the Marais, where she’d arranged to for us meet Lisa of The Sequinist, who was arriving in town that afternoon. We had a bit of time as Lisa was stuck in traffic, so of course we stopped into a few shops along the way.

Bloggers Lisa of The Sequinist and Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age.

I’d been wanting to meet Lisa for ages, and we had a delightful, if brief visit. Greetje took this photo, and I can’t believe we didn’t manage to get one of the three of us together.

Greetje had to dash off late in the afternoon to catch her train back to Amsterdam, and I had a rest before meeting Alyson (That’s Not My Age) and Mr. TNMA, who were in Paris for a few days. We met up for dinner at one of my favorite Paris restaurants, le comptoir. On weekends they don’t take reservations, so you just show up and queue outside for a table. It’s worth a wait, but we were lucky and were seated quickly.

le comptoir in 6eme, Paris.

We had a fabulous dinner, then a stroll around the St. Sulpice area, and a nightcap before they headed back to their hotel. And of course we were so busy chatting we forgot to take a photo, but thank you Alyson, it was a wonderful evening!

Bloggers Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age and Greetje of No Fear Of Fashion in Paris.

Above, Greetje and I having a good laugh about something while waiting for a bus. We laugh a lot when we’re together! (Jeanne took this photo. You can check out her Instagram at @jane_curtain.)

I’m wearing: scarf (similar) | jacket (similar) | sweater (similar) | bag | tote | pants | boots (similar)

I’ll have more soon!

Do you enjoy traveling with friends?

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  1. Love these pix and post. I “know” all these women from their respective blogs, thanks to introductions by you and “Amid Privilege” Lisa. What a lovely sorority you’ve created and invited your readers into.

  2. Oh Susan, it was far too short, but SO FABULOUS to finally meet you. After reading your blog for so long, it was a delight to meet you in person (especially since I immediately wanted to steal your earrings)!

    I love that you went to Le Comptoir; that’s a fave spot of ours as well. It is such great people watching. The table beside us the other day said last time they were there they sat next to Tom Hanks… I can only imagine I was a huge disappointment for them 🙂

    Looking forward to your next trip here xx

  3. I love how you are smiling at Jeanne in that pic! I bought a smaller version of the Longchamp bag in that yellow that I saw EVERYWHERE in Paris.

  4. What a great post! So much fun to follow your footsteps through Paris last week, and now to peek at you meeting so many friends in the city. And yes, I agree with you about the friends made through blogging. Having met you three times now IRL, in two different cities, I’m wondering now if we’ll ever coordinate one of our Paris trips and sit chatting at a café table there. One can dream. . . .

  5. Hahaha! I laughed out loud at the picture of you smiling at Jeanne. It reminded me of that photo of Sophia Loren giving Jayne Mansfield’s chest the side-eye!

    This is all to say that Jeanne out-chic’s us all! She’s restricted her outfit to just black and gray, no embellishments, defined shoulders (tailoring) and good shoes. She reinforces my recent decision to wear only black (with an occasional other something in gray or camel or navy only) and to try to wear a jacket with defined shoulder, good shoes, and a minimum of accessories every day.

  6. Yes, Lagatta a Montreall … the Thalys train is so convenient. And the specials they run make it impossible to resist darting at will along the Amsterdam/Paris corridor.

  7. You have made some wonderful friends through blogging. What could be better than meeting up in Paris?

    I love Greetje’s shoes. They look stylish while being very comfortable. Any info on them?

  8. Such beautiful women, each one as chic as any Parisienne.

    Bistrot Vivienne is charming and one of my favorite places to enjoy a meal. A friend and I went in July, and asked our waiter if he could by chance give us directions to the maison of Serge Lutens. He disappeared momentarily, then returned with the sous chef, who not only gave us excellent suggestions on parfums to try (including his own favorite) but also came back as were were leaving, and walked us half way down the block, so that we would get on the proper street, as it was a little hidden.

    I must say, I have yet to meet one of these rude people Paris is supposed to be so full of. Everyone I have ever interacted with has been warm and gracious and often quite witty.

  9. Love the Galerie Vivienne – often shop there at the little boutiques. We usually lunch just around the corner at Le Grand Colbert (scene of the Paris dinner in “Something’s Got to Give”). One lunch we saw JK Rowling and her husband at a nearby table. Lovely brasserie, food is good, also service. They remember us because we’ve been going for years – we often meet friends there – this year even my cousin who was briefly visiting from London. One of the many joys of going there is that you can turn up in the middle of the afternoon and still get lunch (fairly rare in Paris). It’s also so well located for the Palais Royal – after spending hours laughing and talking in the LGC and a browse around the Galerie Viv we cross the road and hey presto we’re at an entry point to the lovely Palais Royal, where you can sniff and inhale the perfumes of Serge Lutens and lick the windows of the horribly expensive items in Didier Ludot, etc then wander in the lovely gardens. Best wishes, Pamela

  10. I love it! All excellent bloggers. Your photographs are great — really makes me feel like I’m there. I love traveling with friends. It’s two good things rolled into one! (ok, I had to go back and take out all the exclamation marks b/c it looked like I was insane tho I really wanted to put them at the end of each sentence). Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Joanna, I thought so. I tried to find them for friends, also with no luck. Perhaps ebay? Although this is a Belgian brand and ebay is not very much used in The Netherlands. Perhaps the Belgians use ebay more.

  12. I have to agree, the best thing about blogging is definitely meeting amazing women! Even the “virtual” friendships I’ve made are special. Perhaps we’ll meet one day too 😉

  13. Hi Susan
    I love your blog, but its hard to find the time to read all your posts, so I end up missing some. Your weekly ‘recap’ is a brilliant idea. Is there any way I can subscribe to just that one?
    The update preferences only lead to unsubscribe which I don’t want to do, but less emails in my inbox would be very welcome.
    Thank you.

  14. Oh wow! My French momma’s name was Vivian. Spelled differently I know. I’ve been to the Passage Vivienneband it is fascinating!! Susan you always look great, I’m a SoCal gal too but plus sized. We do lots of travel to France also. Eileen Fisher is my ‘go to’. It would be so fun to meet sometime. I know so many women who can’t pack!!! Merci for the blog!!