Out & About in Paris, and What I Wore

My time in Paris always feels too short, and this visit was no exception! The two-and-a-half days just flew by, and I was sorry to leave so soon. Today I’m sharing some of the sights, styles, and my travel outfits from Paris.

Even with her “hair in curlers” getting ready for the Olympics, Paris is still a beauty.

View along the Seine, looking westward from pont neuf, with Eiffel Tower in background
This view never gets old!

The weather was quite chilly, with intermittent rain showers (and a few hours of sunshine here and there). But fortunately it wasn’t windy, so an umbrella came in handy.

Out & about in Paris

Because my visit was so short, I spent most of it walking and just taking in the sights, and getting reacquainted with some of my favorite areas.

The first morning I started with breakfast in my favorite people-watching spot…

Paris, St. Germain: street view from table at Les Deux Magots, with cup of coffee and croissant on table in foreground.
Another of my favorite views from Paris! ☕️ 🥐
Susan B. sits at a table at Les Deux Magots holding a coffee cup. In front of her is table with croissant on plate.
My happy place!

You’ll want to be aware that it’s no longer allowed to heat outdoor patios in Paris, so if you’re planning to eat en terrasse on a cold day, be sure to bundle up.

Next, I was curious to see how the repair work was progressing at Notre Dame.

Front view of Notre Dame cathedral, Paris, under reconstruction. April 2024

The city has set up bleachers in front, so you can sit and watch the work in progress. Word is, they hope to re-open the cathedral to visitors by the end of the year.

Reconstruction progress on Notre Dame cathedral with cranes and scaffolding, April 2024
Notre Dame rebuilding progress…new spire is up!
Paris in April: Looking across the Seine in Paris from ile de la Cite toward left bank with blooming chestnut trees in foreground.
🎶 “April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom…” 🎶

What did I mean by “hair in curlers?” Paris is scrambling to get ready for the Olympics this summer, so there are major roadworks, and even more buildings under scaffolding than usual. (Because of the roadworks, it can take much longer to get around town by car or bus, so give yourself extra time.)

Streetlamp and early spring blossoms in Place Furstemberg in Paris

It felt more like late winter than spring, and I noticed a lot of planter boxes and gardens were still empty. At the Jardin du Luxembourg, urns sat empty, though I did find a few colorful flower beds.

Susan B. takes a selfie in front of statue in Jardin du Luxembroug
I’ve often thought this “Greek actor” statue looks like he’s taking a selfie, so took one myself.

And of course the flower shops in Paris are lovely any time of year…

Flower shop display in Paris

Paris style report & leche vitrines

Because everyone still seemed to be bundled up in their winter coats, I looked to shop windows to see what Parisians might be wearing this spring and summer…

Shop window in Paris with brown and ecru outfits displayed.
Lots of natural linen, and brown is still going strong. Shop on rue Bonaparte.

Spring trends (according to shop windows):

  • Relaxed silhouettes. Lots of wide leg pants, cropped pants, full skirts. Nothing really fitted.
  • Soft tailoring. Suiting separates in relaxed cuts and more fluid fabrics.
  • Linen. Especially undyed linen pieces.
  • Color. Corals & peaches, soft yellows, and lilac predominate.
Paris shop window: spring fashions at Comptoir des Cotonnieres
Comptoir des Cotonniers near St. Sulpice

But always plenty of blue, as well.

Paris shop window: Spring outfit with printed scarf & shirt, long jacket, blue pants, beige sneakers, green bag
Casual chic spring outfit
Racks of women's shoes at Chatelles on rue du bac in Paris.
Lovely flats at Chatelles, on rue du Bac.

For unique and customizable flats, be sure to visit Chatelles, on rue du Bac.

And of course, there’s Repetto for ballet flats…

Colorful circular display of Repetto ballet flats in Paris.
I always love these colorful Repetto displays…
Paris shop window: pet boutique and grooming services.
Paris shop window: pet boutique on rue Dauphine.

And of course, something for our four-legged friends. I kept meaning to go back when this shop was open but missed it.

Cousin It display in a hair stylist window in Paris

Not style related, but Cousin It in this hair stylist’s window cracked me up.

I’m planning a longer visit in the fall, once the Olympic rush has subsided, and will have lots more on my itinerary. (Am already making a list!)

Travel outfits from Paris

I wore my coated denim trousers both full days in Paris, as they were warm, comfortable, and a little more polished than jeans.

Day 1

Day 2

I forgot to take a photo on day 2 while I had light, so took this one in London. (And re-wore the outfit one of the days there.)

I’m back in London, and will have more to share from “round 2” here. And once I’m home, I’ll recap my travel wardrobe, with all of the travel oufits.

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  1. I love seeing your travel outfits. I have never been to Paris, but will be there in September for 2 days. we are going on a walking tour through Normandy and Brittany. I want to take a carry on, and I’m not sure what to take with me to cover both.

  2. Looking lovely as ever. It has been horribly wet and cold here in the UK. We all keep hoping that Spring (or even Summer!) might eventually arrive. I will keep fingers crossed that London is a little drier and warmer for you x

  3. I’m planning a solo trip to London and Paris for my 80th birthday in December (not for the weather obviously) and would really appreciate ideas for hotels for solo travelers.

  4. This is an outstanding column. It’s so nice to see the update on Notre Dame; we last saw it after the fire and it was tragic.
    Loved the other pictures, including the shop windows!

  5. The one thing I like about stores in Paris and Milan is that they “post” a list of the items in their window displays along with the name/description of the item….helps with shopping. I can ask for an item by name or know from the price to leave well enough alone LOL
    Do you happen to know if the Chattels brand are more narrow fitting (I have a narrow foot)…the Repetto brand looks more wide fitting
    And all your outfits look great and most of all you looked quite comfortable 🙂

  6. I cannot stay far from you any longer—a line from a Victor Hugo poem in the shoe shop window. Charming! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  7. Your trip looks wonderful and so do all of your outfits. I especially like the all outfit you wore in London in various shades of brown, and I’m going to check out those pants. I haven’t bought any wider leg pants yet and those look like a good pair to try! I was wondering, have you ever thought about planning a group trip to London or Paris? Maybe that is more of a project than you would want to do.

  8. Your photos of the Paris scenery, shops, and you, along with your observations, provides a lovely stroll through the beautiful city. It appears you packed an excellent wardrobe with a variety of well-coordinated essentials for your outings that are a perfect combination of casual, comfortable, and chic.

  9. Great pictures! Love the selfie in front of the selfie!

    I’d love to get a better look at the jacket you’re wearing! I saw it in one of your earlier posts and am considering it for a trip we have next month to Bruges and Amsterdam but am worried it may be too cropped. How is it holding up to all the weather changes on your trip?

  10. Your comment about Paris with her “hair in her curlers” was a vivid image and made me laugh. But I’m sure she will be elegantly turned out come Olympics time.
    Thank you for turning your discerning eye to the fashion forecast. Am always interested in the color trends. They seem to be more summer-y, so I should probably snatch up the olive greens while I can.
    I really enjoyed the turquoise pop of your bracelets with your brown sweater cardigan and denim pants. Hope you are enjoying London.

  11. I was in Paris last June. Notre Dame looks much as it did then, but progress is slow. I was there a few months before the fire, and the damage is heart breaking to see.

  12. Gorgeous pictures thank you for sharing Susan. I love what you wore too very inspirational!! Paris always reminds me of wonderful times and dear ones so it’s very special no matter the weather!
    Take care have fun in London !!

  13. Susan this is lovely. When you’re back and you’ve caught your breath, I’d love to hear where you stayed in Paris. I’m wondering if your hotel might have been chosen so you could walk everywhere? You covered a lot of ground in those 2 1/2 days! Did you take the train back to London? How is your shoulder holding up?

  14. I like the length of your coated pants and the way they fit out over sneaker laces. I don’t like all my pants being ankle length so I can wear them with sneakers. But the Nordstrom description doesn’t give a leg opening measurment. (They usually do!?) I’m trying to determine how wide the leg opening has to be to stay out over sneaker laces and out of the back of the shoe at the heel.

  15. Hi Susan!
    I’m fortunate to have 2 weeks in Paris at the end of August. I know you’ve been chronically your Parisisn trip, and was hoping you could send a list of places you would recommend that are not necessarily on the usual tourist destinations. our apartment is near the Eiffel Tower but I know the metro and public transportation are great so location is not an issue. Merci beaucoup.

    1. Since you’ll be staying in an apartment, one thing I’d suggest is heading to rue Cler on Sunday and pick up one of the fabulous rotisserie chickens (poulet rôti) and some side dishes for lunch or dinner.

  16. I recently had a color analysis. I did my own about 30 years ago, but thought it would be fun and helpful. I was a spring then and still am! Could you tell me what lip colors you buy for wearing red, for the salmons and for the pinks. Thank you