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Detail: style blogger Susan B. wears a Charlotte Chesnais two-tone ring. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

During my visit to Paris, I was treated to another Paris Shopping Tour excursion with the lovely Diane. She always has the best addresses for uniquely French brands and designers!

A Lovely Parisian Jewelry Boutique…

One of the shops she introduced me to this time was WHITE biRD, a small but exquisitely stocked jewelry boutique. Stéphanie Roger, the proprietor, has an extensive background in jewelry design and has worked with many major houses. But she wanted to create a more small, personal space featuring pieces from independent designers, and her shop is an intimate boutique with unique items.

I was swooning over just about everything in the shop. Much of it was over my budget, but then this unique ring caught my eye. It’s from Charlotte Chesnais, a French designer who worked with Nicholas Ghesqueière at Balenciaga for nine years before launching her own line. Her pieces are modern, sculptural, and abstract, yet quite comfortable to wear. (I tried on a few in the shop 😉 though this ring was the only one that came home with me.) The designs often have an element that seems to be defying gravity, which I find intriguing.

More from Charlotte Chesnais…

My Stylish French Box: La Parisienne

The February My Stylish French Box is inspired by La Parisienne. I’ve had a sneak peek at some of what will be included in this box, and it’s going to be a very special collection. You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Love the clean simple design of this ring, Susan.
    I have tried to enter for My Stylish French Box, but can’t get it to work. I’m not on Facebook, so tried the other way on the entry page with my name and email address. Do I need to include both my first and last names? Thanks for your help and for offering this exquisite gift as a prize.

    1. I’ve added a “Leave a comment” option, if you’d like to try again. The format has changed somewhat since the last time I used this raffle feature, so my apologies for any inconvenience!

          1. You just did. 🙂 Now all you need to do is click on the ✔︎ in the widget that says “I commented.”

      1. Thanks for your help, Susan. I was able to enter, but forgot to mention about Paris.
        The abundance of beautiful architecture inspires me to always look up and to check out the winding back streets. My last visit to Paris was in 1996, so I need to return. But, I have spent time in Provence with my British family who summer there. Thanks, Elizabeth

      2. I tried to leave a comment about what I love about Paris for the give-away… So, I’m leaving it here! I love the people and the architecture! Such a wonderful place!

  2. I love the website for White Bird, thank you for sharing. For something more local, Twist which is based out of Seattle/Portland has many of the same designers and similarly curated items. They can be found here:

    1. Found the problem and fixed it! Thanks. If you go back to the post and click on the “Leave a blog post comment” button in the widget, you should now be able to submit an entry. My apologies for the inconvenience!

  3. I have not been to Paris but every time I read your blog I want to plan a trip there, especially in the spring or fall. Maybe this year…

  4. I fell in love with France decades ago. Am planning a trip with my family for summer. Thank you for sharing your special “souvenir” from your trip to Paris. Beautiful! Thanks for the special giveaway, too.

  5. I love the diversity of neighborhoods and moods to be found in Paris as well as the sense of history walking down the street.

    1. I do too. And there are many Parisienne – and Parisien – looks, depending on age, outlook, social class, ethnicity and neighbourhood. True that they are enveloped in that sense of history.

      White Bird is lovely.

  6. I love the architecture in Paris! I love to roam the back streets and find the shops that Parisiennes frequent–the places that don’t make it into the guidebooks.

  7. The jewelry boutique sounds like so much fun! We can all love jewelry and shoes. Very hard to make a mistake with our choices! And jewelry, especially, always fits.

  8. Well, such a lovely give-away… I am trying my luck. Although I hardly ever win anything.
    The question was: Tell us what inspires you about Paris. When I say “the atmosphere” I think it sums it all up. As atmosphere is made from thousands things: the people, the clothes they are wearing, the language, the food, the elegance, the design, the shop windows, the trees, the cafés… I could go on for a long long time. Living in the Netherlands I am only 3 1/2 hours by train away from the centre of Paris. Why, I could do it in a day if it wasn’t for the thrill of staying the night.
    And the ring you treated yourself to, is so good. It is simple yet it oozes elegance and quality. And so modern. I love modern.

    1. Greetje, I love the Thalys, but daytrips remind me too much of work. I need to stay for at least a few night, more to see my Parisian friends than anything else. I love Paris; I speak the language after all and am familiar with the cultural codes, though they aren’t quite the same – even Netherlands and Flanders aren’t quite the same, and there is no ocean between. But there are always differences. I thought that bijoutier was utterly brilliant.

  9. Susan, I believe I entered the contest. I did click on the widget and followed the instructions to log in by email. I cicked on leave a blog post comment. It didn’t actually say I was entered but it did say I commented even though it didn’t allow me to leave a comment. Hope that was it?

    1. Yes, that should be fine. When you view the widget now, you should see your entry registered in the third column at the top of the widget (e.g. 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3).

  10. I’m like Rondi….
    So maybe I have been entered in the contest. So very generous!
    And that ring looks lovely on you.
    Suz from Vancouver

  11. Susan, I love your blog generally. We have gone to Paris for two weeks in October for the last five years. While I realize the video for the style box is meant as a commercial, it’s really decieving as to the reality of the streets of Paris. And we missed the “protests,” by three weeks. We’ve stayed in the 7th and near Notre Dame. The streets are crowded, many homeless, and the metro, our mode of transportation, has some beautiful stations, like the Louvé, many are very rundown and the cars are packed. Paris is still beautiful but it’s nothing like the video and anyone expecting that experience will be woefully disappointed.

    1. I have never seen any Parisian street that empty! I’m a semi–regular visitor to France myself, and I do tend to agree with you about this, Laura. However, one could say the same about any city, that it looks better in a promotional video than it does in real life. Living near Los Angeles, I have had to explain the reality to more than one visitor of mine over the years. LA is not what you see in the movies.

      1. I’ve found the streets are often pretty empty early on Sunday mornings. If you want some Paris “mood” shots, that’s the best time. 😉

        1. One can even get mood shots of Place du Tertre early Sunday morning.

          Montréal can look pretty bedraggled too, even without the dirty grey snow, and of course we also have beggars and homeless people. There are many homeless Indigenous people – fortunately an Indigenous group I work with is trying to relieve this sad situation.

  12. I would love to try a shopping excursion next time I’m in Paris. What a great way to learn about some new French brands and shop at the same time! Your ring is gorgeous! I’m a fan of simple, organic jewelry too.

  13. I love walking around Paris and window shopping. It’s ever bit as magical as I dreamed it would be when I was a teenager. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  14. Your ring is stunning! I have been wanting to find a statement piece of some sort, and am so thrilled that you have highlighted such a unique place to begin my search. Thank you!

    What inspires me about Paris is the aura of je ne sais quoi… the sense of style and chic really does inspire me to find and highlight the unqiueness in myself.

  15. What inspires me about Paris is the sheer beauty of the city itself. It is such a lovely city to walk about and I hope to see it again as part of my retirement travels.

    Such a beautiful ring. I too love to bring back jewellery as a memento of my travels.

  16. Hi Susan…..Every time I click on “leave a comment”, I am not able to type anything in. It just stays blank. Is it me or is something still wrong? I am not on Facebook either. Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Lani, you just need to leave a comment on the actual blog post, which you’ve done. Then click on “I commented” checkmark in the bottom right side of the widget popup. 🙂

  17. I lived in Paris for a year when I was 22. I nannied for an English family. We lived in St Germain. One of the happiest years of my life. Paris definately has its own flavour that haunts you for the rest of your life and draws you back. I loved the Art Galleries, the Cafes, the Carousels, the warm smell of summer, snowfall on the Louvre, the tradition of the Cathedrals. The caramel eclairs, the metro, the grand stores. Trying to buy a stamp at the post office with (sadly) limited French. The people I met. The children I cared for. So many wonderfull memories. I hope one day I might be able to return with my own children, so France and Paris can flavour their life story too. And maybe a french daughter in-law!

  18. Use the tab to move the cursor from your name to enter your email address on the sweepstakes form. Hope this helps 🙂

  19. Thank you,Susan , for your Paris blog posts from your recent trip. It was nice to see the city during a winter month. As always, the simple beauty of Paris itself is what inspires me.

  20. Not able to enter the giveaway 🙁 For me Paris is food, wine, art, parks & gardens –and a big quotient of joie de vivre. A magical place.

  21. Visiting vs living in Paris are two different things. The architecture, the Cafe’s, the boutiques, the river, the smells, the fashion, the history, etc.. add to the mystique. When you visit for a short time all looks great When you live there as I did, you realize that not all is as it appears. The “ boulot, metro, dodo “ is all too real. People working in many public places are not fashionably dressed as their salaries do not match the prices. In fact, I find the Americans are better dressed and groomed overall in such places. And they are usually more cordial than many French employees even when one speaks French like the French! (I do!). While I enjoyed my living in Paris, and still visit there family members, I am delighted to have the privilege of living in the good old USA, Perhaps, being born, raised and educated behind the Iron Curtain, gives me a different perspective. And, by the way, I simply adore NY CITY, where also I had the privilege of living for awhile. Nothing like that city on earth. Worth a visit, or two or three!!!

    1. However, French people have healhcare, including teeth. The US is disgraceful in that respect, for a wealthy country (and no, I’m not Ostalgic!) The US is even more car-addicted than France, and even than Canada though we have a far smaller population in a slightly larger land area.

    2. However, French people have healhcare, including teeth. The US is disgraceful in that respect, for a wealthy country (and no, I’m not Ostalgic!) The US is even more car-addicted than France, and even than Canada though we have a far smaller population in a slightly larger land area. Ecocide is death.

  22. I have visited Paris twice — 38 years ago and 34 years ago. Time for a return trip, non? Your ring is gorgeous—-A real showstopper, yet so simple.

  23. Have not been to Paris for many years, but what I love about it is the architecture, sense of history, great museums and easy to use public transportation.

  24. What inspires me about Paris is the way I perceive Parisiennes living well and simply without the tendency to acquire ‘stuff’ the way we Americans are prone to do.

    Also, I also tried using the Facebook method to enter the raffle, which may or may not have worked. I’m not trying to double-dip. ☺️

  25. I’m always inspired by the views from the Bateaux Mouches. I love looking at the apartments as the boat goes down the river and imagining the lives of the people inside.

  26. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Paris- but I love the vibrancy, the language, the food, the art- pretty much everything! My absolute favorite part though was stumbling across a little hole in the wall bistro where you sat at a communal table, ate comfort food, and enjoyed the house wines!

  27. We are so in love with Paris, we have visited 6 years in a row! Stay on the Left Bank in a wonderful hotel on Rue de Seine. Turn left and walk to the Seine and Marais and Notre Dame; turn right and a million cafe’s and Rue St Germain!

  28. I’m leaving soon for an annual 10-day Paris trip. After reading your recent packing recap, I realized why I get tired of my otherwise well-planned winter wardrobe — it’s the second outerwear option. Thanks!

  29. I love that ring! Great choice.

    My favorite thing about Paris is the rooftops and skyline. And the cobblestones. And the creativity in displays. I guess there are a few things!

  30. I’ve never been to France, but I have a cousin who lives in the south of France. Thus, I have a larger than average interest in Paris & France. BTW, I’m loving your new ring!

  31. Love your blog! I had the joy of visiting Paris or the first time in the fall of 2018! LOVED IT!! Would love to return one day. But in the meantime, I certainly enjoy your visits and that we can see aspects of the city through your experiences!

  32. Such a stunningly simple ring! Have enjoyed reading about your times in France, especially when you meet up with Josephine. I have always lusted over My Stylish French Box…probably the closest I’ll ever come to visiting.
    I read many blogs and books, as well as YouTube posts about French fashion and history. I’m sort of obsessed! I love the attitude that the French have when it comes to style and beauty, especially for women of a certain age!

  33. What inspires me about magical Paris is the “Vibe” of the city. It is like non other. My favorite thing is to hang out in neighborhoods and blend in. Eat and drink with the locals. Absorb and relish the community. All the touristy stuff gets done in the first few visits. Subsequent trips are all about soaking it in. Oh, and shopping. My goodness the shopping. The shoe FLOOR at Gallerie Lafayette.

  34. I’d love to tell you what I love about Paris but I haven’t been able to leave a comment. Anyway, the widget says I did (1/3). I love the diversity of the neighbourhoods, the way Parisians love to sit and chat (without checking their devices every 10 seconds), the architecture, and the history. I could go on …

  35. Very unique jewelry! I so enjoy your posts on your recent trip to Paris. My husband and I will be going in June.

  36. It seems that Paris casts an irresistible spell on its visitors. Once under the spell, it’s as though one can see the beauty, value, and sufficiency in the ordinary that surrounds us and beauty in all if we just take notice. A visit to Paris seems to whet one’s appetite for polishing all ordinary things in life so that they shine and are looked upon with great appreciation. Perhaps this is part of the joie de vivre and why so many are inspired by this City of Lights. (I was unsuccessful in leaving this using the widget.)

    Love your photos and observations! Thank you.

  37. I loved living as a local in Paris and being inspired by everything around me. It was the most amazing and challenging time of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  38. Just love Paris, was there in 2014 and am looking forward to returning some time in the not too distant future.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest, love your ring Susan!

  39. Have been to Paris three times – the last with my daughter. We spent a cold, rainy weekend there together – but it was glorious, despite the weather. Ran into some wonderful off-beaten-track restaurants, visited Musee de l’Orangerie for the first time and mostly explored the city on foot. Thanks for the contest opportunity – and for your blog. I look forward to reading it each time!

  40. I took my first trip to Paris this past May, certainly hope it will not be my last! I very much look forward to reading about your travels and have used some of your great packing tips.

    1. Yes, actually. I was not familiar with this designer before seeing the pieces in the shop in Paris. I did an online search afterward and found they’re available here too.

  41. I never been to Paris. However I will be going for first time for my birthday this February. I know it will be cold but will be staying in a fabulous hotel. Your blog has been so inspiring and I will be scouring past blogs from now until I leave! Wouldn’t it be lovely to win the box

  42. What isn’t inspiring about Paris? The iconic views, excellent museums, the French way of life … it’s all wonderful to take in

  43. Paris is style, beauty, vitality, history. If I visit again I want to soak up ambience and the French rhythm of life.

  44. You are so inspiring!!!
    Every time you travel to Paris you find something new and exciting to share with us.

  45. I’ve been to Paris few times and will never tire of going there again. Love your pictures and blog.

  46. Paris…sigh…I say the name and hundreds of impressions embrace me – the light in every season, the food, the people, the art, the street life, the different vibe in every park, and oh, the roses in the Bagatelle! Yes, please! Thanks for letting me go walkabout in your pocket when I can’t be there!

  47. I love hearing your video clips of Paris. Especially the bells and hearing the chatter of people walking by a cafe.

  48. Paris is the city where I can embrace…*me*! It’s a city where I never feel alone – always surrounded by art and culture – where I know I can indulge and express myself and live life to the fullest. I would love to retire in Paris in a few years!

  49. I love the tri coloured ring by Charlotte Chesnais.

    I visit your blog every week, I like how you include “us visitors” by asking a question at the end of each post.

  50. What inspires me about Paris? Everything? I particularly love the traditional bistros and sidewalk cafes (doesn’t everyone?). The places that look as though they have been there for a hundred years. And I love the architecture and the different styles of the various neighborhoods. It sounds like I’m overdue for a visit.

  51. We are planning a trip to Paris and your travel info is helpful in personalizing what we do. It’s not our first time to Paris, but we were there in a rainy, cold November on our way back from India. We were a little on the tired side when we got there.

  52. What do I love about Paris: Its essence: Joie de Vivre! The city of Love, magical. It is like a sister! Without definition. A place to return to, time after time, so familiar & yet so different.

    I adore those boxes: would love to win one& especially this February edition for all things Parisienne!

  53. I’m a French film and literature buff – so being immersed in the world of Camus and de Beauvoir as well as the chic cinema of movies with Alain Deleon -sigh-pure joy.

  54. I have never actually been to Paris, but French art and design is one of mankind’s great achievements! I would love to see the historic buildings and eat a crepe or two!

  55. I just discovered your site, and I already love your style and insight! I wasn’t able to leave a comment with the widget either I’m afraid, so here I am. I’ve been to Paris a few times, and it never fails to stir my imagination. If I had to choose just two inspirations, it would be the Louvre and pastries of course!

  56. What inspires me about Paris? Pretty much everything. The bread. The butter. The amazing jambon-beurre sandwiches. Those bistro chairs in fabulous colors everywhere. The fact that the metro stops often have wonderfully designed light fixtures and chairs. The graffiti. The small shops. And the fact that it feels like such a unique place, unaffected by corporate globalization. Yes, you’ll see a Starbucks here and there but mostly you see shops and stores and cafes you’ve never heard of. Paris hasn’t lost its sense of itself.

  57. I have never traveled to Paris, but my parents lived in Europe for a few years. It was a more elegant age, I believe. My mother brought Paris to life in our home in the US through cooking and art. Julia Child was a regular guest in our home through her recipes and tv show. I sew and enjoy fashion. I would love to visit Paris and enjoy its elegance and lifestyle as I imagine it to be.

  58. There is so much to like about Paris …the architecture, the history, the cafes, the flower shops, the people watching, the diverse neighborhoods, being able to catch the metro from one ARR to another, walking the river Seine, and practicing my limited French (haha). What attracts me most is doing research on the city’s history and how it relates to US history and taking pictures of it all so that I can remember all my trips to this fabulous city. I love walking to Trocadero to see the Ben Franklin statue and where he lived in the 16th Arr. I love crossing Pont Alexander III to see the galant Lafayette statue and read how he and Washington were such good friends and finally seeing Lady Liberty in all of her glory. I can go on and on but the last thing would be the French people and how nice and helpul they have been to me on all of my trips.

  59. What inspires me about Paris is simply how just the thought or mention of Paris elicits visions of romance, delicious food, art, fashion …

  60. I’ve never been to Paris, I live vicariously through your blog, would love to go! I’m looking forward to how it could inspire creativity – with free beauty in shop windows, architecture and people and the attention to detail (especially love Art Nouveau and the Impressionists). Also the cafe culture and lingering, savoring a simple croissant and coffee, watching people go by. I know big cities -especially as popular as Paris- are not all romance everywhere you go, however I value culture being preserved and finding the charm where the modern meets the old and historic.

  61. Susan, I digest your blog every morning with my coffee as I watch the birds at their feeders. I went to Paris for two at the last minute when visiting friends in Germany. I was hesitant to go because I’m didn’t think I was the “city vacation” type. But Paris is unlike any city I’ve ever experienced and I left a piece of my heart there. Next time, a month in France with as much time in Paris as my budget can afford.

  62. I love everything about Paris-even the traffic.
    The food, the walkability, the people-everything. Headed there in January-gilets jaunes or not!

  63. We go to Paris every year for a week or so. What i love about Paris is that art is everywhere-buildings, museums, clothing, bridges, every small park, walls of some streets (Rumi poem). It has taught me to look for beauty everywhere.

  64. Beautiful ring and always enjoy your posts ! What inspires me, what do I love about Paris….
    Ahhh – so many things! Love the way people seem to enjoy life – sitting and drinking coffee or wine, not rushing with a to-go cup. I love wandering all the neighborhoods and seeing the different styles of homes and catching a glimpse of Paris life. I love the feeling I get when strolling the streets with my husband. We bought a french style house number ( blue enamel) for our last home – when we moved to our apartment I took it with us. It sits on a top bookshelf with all my Paris books and reminds me of how magical our times in that beautiful city were….and will be. Thanks for the chance to win !

  65. What’s not inspiring in Paris? My favorite inspirations are the architecture and the lights. Oh, and the food of course! Love the ring, it’s so unusual!

  66. What is most inspiring about Paris? Je ne sais quoi. Once you’ve been there, it never feels far away. It becomes part of your soul. Can any other city do this?

  67. I have rarely shopped in Paris, except at Petit Bateau. Would love to be braver, but the lack of French and the possibly very expensive shops intimidate me. The architecture charms me.

  68. I’ve never been lucky to visit Paris but what inspires me is the feeling you get by seeing all of the images. I think Audrey Hepburn made me want to go!

  69. Paris inspires me with its classic style and a little funky vibe. I can’t wait to get back this summer! Merci beaucoup for all of your hotel and restaurant suggestions.

  70. Paris holds a special place in my heart; my husband surprised me with a 50th birthday trip 10 years ago and it was magical!

  71. I don’t use FB for things like this, or click through FB, to purchase things, or use FB Messenger. Sorry. I flat don’t trust them. I also like to delink things as much as possible. This is a really fun and cool giveaway, I’m sure the person who wins will enjoy this parisian gift, good luck to all.

  72. I love how Parisians ascribe to not only “less is more”, but also the “less” focuses on the unique, the detailed, the simple. This way of living is a special kind of luxurious…..

  73. I was in Paris very briefly when I was in my 20’s. I’m now in my 70’s and am looking forward to visiting again someday. Love reading your travel posts. Please don’t stop sharing them.

  74. I love how Parisians enjoy life, especially meal times. No one is on their cell phones, not even small children. They just enjoy being together, talking, eating delicious real food and drinking wine!

  75. The best thing about Paris? Duck confit! And cheese! And a lunch of pate and a carafe of wine at a sidewalk cafe, watching the world go by!

  76. As a teenager I aupaired and studied in Paris for a year. I developed my love of scarves then and, while trends come and go on this side of the pond, scarves have always been in my life.
    I also loved the ‘carte blanche’: every student in France got, and I believe still gets, a free pass to art galleries and museums throughout the country. If I had 20 minutes I ran in to gaze at a Rodin, a Monet or a Degas, or my favourite, the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries in the Cluny. Imagine encouraging young people that way! Forever grateful.

  77. My most inspiring moments in Paris revolve around the windows of the chocolate shops with their outrageously inventive displays of chocolate tarts. A feat for the eyes as well as the tummy.

  78. I have always been inspired by the French – the fashions, the food, the wine, the streets, the people, the art. I could go on and on. But Paris has it all! I love Paris! Just the name excites me….

  79. Thank you, Susan for always providing such wonderful recommendations, tips and tricks, especially about travelling. I love Paris for its art and architecture. And the fashion. I am hoping to try out the Paris Shopping Tour on my next trip.

  80. Oh, my, what is there not to love about Paris? The architecture, the stylish women, the vegetables, the pastries…I have always had a wonderful time in this city, no matter the season.

  81. Love the blog, Susan!
    Entry for “My Stylish French Box”:
    Paris is the embodiment of grace. Without question, Paris is a city with amazing physical beauty and an international center for the arts, science and fashion. But the attitude and lifestyle are most inspiring. Something about the elegance of a simple ensemble, a confident attitude, making the best of what you have and living your life to its fullest is most appealing.

  82. What I love about Paris and it’s style is that it feels like it has a wonderful nonchalance about it, yet when you really delve into the details, there has been much thought put into everything. That is inspiring to me. A thoughtful nonchalance. Almost sounds like a misnomer.

  83. What inspires me about Paris is that it makes me want to be the best me I can be! Something about Paris lifts my heart and reminds me about why life is good – in a world of so much anger right now, Paris makes me happy.

  84. What inspires me about Paris is the work/life balance. When we visited this summer, the thought that kept going through my mind was “How civilized”. I think I miss the sidewalk cafes and bistros everyday!

  85. I just celebrated my 60th birthday in Paris this past October. 9 glorious days! Love the walking, the rose wine, the street side cafes and restaurants. Gorgeous architecture, music, pagentry and history. Love your posts and learned so much about how to pack which served me well for my full 3 weeks of travel.

  86. I had the chance to visit Paris for the first time in May on a fun girl’s trip. I was inspired by the architecture and the effortless style of the locals.

  87. What do I find inspiring about Paris: gosh soo much really. The architecture, the food, the shops, the art galleries and museums, walking along The Seine, visiting Notre Dome, and the fashion museum and the fashion houses and fabric shops.. Gosh I soo wish I was there right now!!

  88. What inspires me in Paris? Leafing through old books and old prints in the kiosks along the Seine. The wit and whimsy of the holiday shop window ‘scenes’. The tapestries in the Musee du Moyen Age. Chic sunglasses and simple, elegant jewelry. The stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle. And much, much more.

  89. I have never been to Paris unless you count armchair traveling. I was sole caretaker for my mom for the past five years. She passed away last spring and I am heartbroken. I think a trip to Paris, which I’ve dreamed of my whole life is exactly what I need.

  90. Having just returned from Paris over the holidays, I especially admired how Parisian women unabashedly see value in embracing their femininity. Whether that’s through beautifully tailored and styled clothing, wearing perfume, enjoying fresh flower bouquets year round, or simply taking time to enjoy pleasures like sharing coffee and a sweet treat with a friend. It’s a beautiful tribute to being a woman that I really admire.

  91. It’s so wonderful to wander around Paris and look up at the sky. The light seems to change by the minute. There’s always a new, beautiful, fleeting scene!

  92. Paris never disappoints – there’s always something new to see, or something old to revisit and enjoy again. It’s both exciting and soul soothing to experience Paris again and again.

    1. Paris is where an American suburban girl who didn’t know how to take the bus in the U.S. takes the metro everywhere with barely a glance at the map.

  93. I’m looking forward to my trip to Paris in April to celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary! I can’t wait to see the beautiful architecture and eat some delicious parisian food.

  94. How can one not love Paris ? So much to love about the romance, architecture, art, music, language, food, fashion etc. I visited 2 years ago and simply loved all its famous history – Notre Dame, Montmartre and museums – Louvre, Petite Palais etc and iconic sights – Eiffel Tower. It has inspired so many through the generations and still inspires people today !

  95. Of course the art galleries are wonderful, but I find the widow displays in boutiques of all kinds inspiring!

  96. Paris is alluring and captivating! Wonderful art and architecture and such stylish women. The food is superb too. Another trip there would be amazing.

  97. I visited Paris for the first time in November 2018. Driving in from the airport I got my first view of the Eiffel Tower and it was then I realized I was actually in Paris.

  98. I had one of the most romantic episodes of my life in Paris when I was 19 — it shocked me and thrilled me. That sensation of excitement and romance of roaming her beautiful streets with my lover Is Paris to me.

  99. I am a former French teacher so love all things French! Have visited France a couple of times but it was several years ago. Hope I win the Box!

  100. Paris is so lovely in so many ways. I count myself fortunate for having been there on three different occasions. I’m inspired not just by the beautiful architecture and delicious baked goods calling to me from shop windows, but Parisians have always been friendly and kind to me. They seem to take immense pleasure in whatever it is they’re doing, too. A simple cup of coffee is more than just that. It’s a chance to have a conversation with a friend. The baker isn’t just selling croissants but giving the world a taste of her art. I love everything about Paris and can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  101. Having been stationed in Europe with the military, we’ve been to Paris several times…with 4 children in tow. One of my favorite things about Paris is the salted butter. There is nothing quite like a fresh croissant with French salted butter on it!

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  105. I was happy to leave a comment but the form would not allow me to do it. Paris just makes me happy. The art, the food, hearing French spoken, the fashion, walking along the Seine. Any time of year.

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  109. I first saw Paris when I was 11 years old-55 years ago. It was love at my first sight of the city. I studied in France in college and spent many hours in various friends’ homes there. I return whenever finances and time permit.It is a neverending story and love affair. Nothing will ever change that.

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