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Clever t-shirt shop in the Marais, Paris, April 2012

1. GO-O-O-O-O-OAL!!!  I’ve finally hit my weight goal. It was mostly vanity that got me here, and mostly vanity that keeps me from trying to go any lower; I don’t want my face to start looking haggard. But I also feel that I’m at a happy-and-healthy medium, light enough that I have more energy, but with enough “reserve” in case of illness. It took me a little over 3 months to drop about 12 pounds, and now comes the tricky bit of adjusting my intake for maintenance rather than reducing. The good news, and probably the best “side effect” of this endeavor is that I’ve cultivated and ingrained some seriously healthy eating habits without ever having felt deprived. I’ll continue to track food and weigh weekly; maintaining this lower weight is important to me.

2. We’ve made progress with moving le jeune homme to a non-public school that’s better geared toward his cognitive level, interests and abilities. We brought him in for an interview with the school Principal yesterday, and were encouraged that the next steps to get him transferred may be able to happen quickly. The new school is at the same facility as the summer camp he attended last year, so it was familiar and he seemed comfortable there. He even wanted to stop on the way out and play basketball with one of the teachers. We’ve also been making adjustments to his medication to help reduce the physical aggression, and as of the last few days we’re seeing some improvement, though still not totally free of incidents.

3. This is so cool…

Karina Dresses is giving away $1000 worth of their fabulous dresses in the Spring 13 Pin to Win contest! Click here for all the deets! They have some really lovely prints in the Spring collection, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Bon weekend!

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  1. It sounds like congrats are in order on your #1 – and I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go lower…

    It sounds like congrats are in order on your #2 as well. Keeping good thoughts that this will work out well…

    And the Karina’s look lovely. (But I’m still in winter dressing mode, I must say, and bundled up in my layers of scarves and sweaters.)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Congratulations on making your goal! That is worthy of serious applause. Are you following WW? Is there a website that you might be able to share with those of us who are still working on this weight loss journey?

    I hope that your son will thrive in the new school and setting. It sounds like a positive place and the fact that he is familiar with the surroundings should help ease some of the anxiety that comes with a new transition. Perhaps there will be some boys of his age that he will enjoy some new friends.

    That Karina contest sounds wonderful, what a great giveaway!

    1. hostess, yes it was Weight Watchers, in conjunction with minimizing my consumption of wheat and processed sugars. (I do eat a lot of fruit, which doesn’t seem to negatively impact my efforts.)

    2. I am a huge fan of Weight Watchers & have lost 50 lb on that program. I avoid buying their packaged foods, which are expensive and I get annoyed with them turning meetings into sales pitches for their products. But the program itself is great! It’s sensible, easy to follow, and trains you to eat healthy, “real” food in reasonable amounts. And it’s not expensive.

      As a fellow WW member, congrats on your success! I’m doing really well at maintenance, which is good, except that I’m still 5 lb over my goal! Oh well. It’s a process…..

      —Jill Ann

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a big achievement and it sounds like your approach is just right to assure maintenance. I’ll try to emulate your success on the 8 pounds I need to shed. You are also smart to know when to stop.

    Wonderful progress for PM. He is fortunate to have you as parents. I wish you the best on his transfer to the new school.

  4. Congratulations to you on both the healthy weight loss and the promising placement for your son. I’m sure these bring you lots of well-deserved joy, Une Femme. And the Karina contest is too good!

  5. Congratulations on your weight goal! And I’m so very glad to hear things are going a little better for your son. It must be a huge relief finding a new school that more closely aligns with his abilities and interests.

  6. Great news! Keeping the weight at the certain level means constant alertness, but you can do that.
    Great news about your son too.
    Great start for the spring!

  7. Fabulous on the weight loss. Am on the same journey, lost 9kg (about 19lb) but still need about another 8kg to go. Feeling good, wanting to look good and buy clothes which is nice.
    Enjoy your better health

  8. Congratulations on hitting your goal weight! 12 pounds in 3 months is very impressive. Best of luck with the new school – I really hope it works out for him soon.

  9. Félicitations, losing weight is difficult and maintaining even more difficult. You looked slim in your post with the pretty shoes. Wine tends to be my downfall and the fact that I am a reader/writer rather than an on-the-go physical type. We do each have our own temperament. It sounds as though you have things “together” right now with your son’s placement .

  10. Congratulations, what a great accomplishment! I’m also reducing (and eventually trying to eliminate) gluten from my diet as well, just started this week, and I am not sure if it’s psychological or physical, but I feel more energetic since I’ve started the gluten free process. There is a great book I’m reading, “Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight” that is a great resource, so it seems we are on similar paths!

  11. Great news about your son’s school as well! As a mother myself, I can relate to how relieved you must be to have found a place your son will thrive and be happy!

  12. Well done on the weight loss – that’s a great achievement. And the way you’ve lost it – sensible adjustments to diet – means you’re likely to keep it off.

    Also great news on the new school for your son. I hope it happens soon and works for him.

  13. Congratulations on your weight loss. I lost about 15 lbs. over the last year, which is about one clothes size ( I am 5’8). Had everything altered and now step on the scale every morning to see how I am doing. I agree too much weight loss at a certain age does not do the face any good.
    Best wishes for your son on his new school. Have a nice weekend.

  14. Well done on both counts. It’s tough losing weight, but I think you look great. You always did, I just think you now look more vibrant. I hope your son settles in and enjoys his new school.

  15. Reaching a goal is such a great achievement. Congrats! Also, so good to hear that your son will be in a school that fits his needs. I hope he will be very happy there.

  16. Congratulations!! WW was the perfect program for me when I needed to drop some weight. They taught me how to eat properly again after trying so many other goofy diets!
    Wonderful news about your sons school. It must be a great relief to know he will be comfortable and happy there.

  17. Good New about your son. I’m happy for you.
    I need to lose the weight I put on during the holiday season because I hate the cold and we’ve had over three feet of snow.
    Spring can never spring fast enough!

  18. Well that is something to celebrate! Goos job on meeting your goal. And yes, the hard part is staying there. I am always bouncing around within 5 or 6 pounds.
    I am glad to hear about your son’s new school. Sounds like it might be a great fit for him.

  19. Very good news on the scale achievement.

    I know it’s crazy, but if I get on the scale in the morning and I’m the same as the day before, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

    I think the new school will work out! I had a hard time with my son in middle school and somehow when he went onto high school something clicked and he was easier to deal with. I hope the same thing will happen for you.

  20. I have learned many things through blogging. One of the most important is that none of us are perfect and we all have problems. You are a very sweet person and I feel for you having to go through these issues with your son. I’m glad that things are going your way. The good thing is even though none of us can really help. We can support you all the way.
    Even at this advanced age in my life I still believe in baby steps!
    Good luck I hope it works out with his new school.
    Have a great week!

  21. Congrats on your weight lost as well as the succesful transition to a healthier lifestyle 🙂 I’m also happy you’ve found a private school that le jeune homme feels comfortable in.

  22. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. Truly, you always looked superb, even when you were heavier than you prefer. I will say, tho, that your recent attitude about your new way of eating (not to mention your great OOTD photos) has been inspiring. Thanks, always, for being so “real”–and yet so stylish. 😉 And kudos on finding the right place for your son. I hope he’s happy there.