Retail Reconnaissance: Stripe Up The Band

Striped tee
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I’d hoped to get out a bit more this weekend to see what’s starting to hit the stores for Spring, but our weekend childcare fell through at the last minute, so my trips were short and focused. But one thing definitely stood out…

Caslon striped top
Caslon Striped 3/4 Sleeve Tee
Eileen Fisher Striped Linen tee
Eileen Fisher Striped Linen Tee

Stripes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. While variations of the classic boatneck Breton style remain widely available, new colors, cuts and patterns have joined the mix. V-necks, cropped cuts, short sleeves, wide or narrow or irregular stripes…you can find just about any iteration right now.

EF Stripe Sleeve Cardi
Eileen Fisher V-Neck Cardigan

Cardigans and jackets are getting in on the stripe action too. I particularly like this one above from Eileen Fisher, with a solid v-neck front which mitigates the “OMG Horizontal Stripe” terror just a bit. It’s swingy even when buttoned and a travel-friendly combination of soft/lightweight/washable.

Even print-averse types like me find that stripes can add some pep and life to solid basics, and for the more adventurous, they’re easy to mix with many other prints like florals and leopard. If you’re still hesitant to wear horizontal stripes, try a narrow stripe top or tee underneath a jacket or cardigan, or opt for a diagonal or vertical stripe pattern.

How do you wear stripes?


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  1. Stripes have s fresh look that appeals as last months snow turns dark and whiters into bumper chewing ice blocks.

  2. Classic! I have so many stripes top that my husband got confused thinking I wore the same clothes for days!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  3. I do love stripes and am also print averse. I have learned which stripes look best for my body type and enjoy the break from my solid tees. But how do you discern when you have enough? I could just keep on buying them!

  4. I’m very tired of stripes. I had some older Breton shirts from France that I wore for years, but now that they’re everywhere, I just don’t wear them. I wish everything didn’t get so overdone and over exposed.

  5. I have two striped tees and a dress for summer, not sure that I would buy any more as I think I have enough.

  6. I love that Eileen Fisher tee. Even though stripes are everywhere it looks fresh and new and lovely with the white pants. Maybe it’s the shape of the shirt that makes it different from the standard tee shirt shape.’s on my list now!

  7. There have always been a lot of stripes around, and I like wearing them! Boden have some really arresting striped colour combos this season in tees- but I wonder about the quality. A shirt I ordered once was evidently skimpy.

  8. Funny thing, I never used to even consider horizontal stripes for myself remembering the old adage, never horizontal stripes! (Ok, I took liberties with it, as it used to be the thought that h stripes would make you look wider.) That seems to have been completely debunked, to our delight, and now I am trying to keep the stripe shopping in check! I seem to have been bitten by the striped bug!

  9. How I wear them? All the time. Last two posts, actually. All year, with jackets, skirts, jeans, everything! Dan is gaga for them … something about being introduced to European film in his 50s childhood.
    This is a great time to find a great selection … even here in NoWhere!

  10. I like stripes because they can function as a print on their own, or with other patterns. I only have a couple things with stripes, though. Maybe I need more!

  11. Yes , stripes have been around for ages but I think that makes them a classic – like denim jeans . They look rather dull in your pics where we need to see them clearly but are great for combining with other things . I have a linen mix jacket in grey/black/ white prince of wales check which I like to wear with jeans & a top with narrow navy & white stripes . Narrow stripes can sometimes seem like a texture & combine well with other things .

  12. I love stripes and it is very difficult to find a good stripe in a thrift shop – nothing less than perfect will do. The thing I like most about many of these designs is the long cut in the back to cover that pesky buttoxil area.

  13. I can understand why Coco Chanel had such a fondness for the Breton top, it’s subtly chic, and always in vogue, and can be combined with just about any item in ones wardrobe. Great post Susan, love the stripes. Pure co-incidence that I am sporting horizontal stripes today.