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Covered Perfectly Mandy Top

So…funny story about this top: a few weeks ago a family friend remarked how much she liked it, so I gave her mine. And almost immediately experienced a pang of remorse, thinking about the ways I could have styled it. So I ordered another one. 🙂 (Pauline, upon hearing the story, generously offered to send it gratis.) The jeans are from Madewell. These are the “slim boyjean” style, which are a nice alternative to skinny jeans, especially in warmer weather. Madewell stores will hem full-priced denim at no charge, so I had these taken up a couple of inches. Still like to roll them, though.

J.Crew Viv Flats, Madewell Jeans

Jacket: Eileen Fisher // Top: Covered Perfectly “Mandy” (provided) also in Plus // Jeans: Madewell // Necklace: French Kande // Shoes: J.Crew (run small so order 1/2 to full size up)

Pop that collar!
Pop that collar!

Have you ever re-bought an item you’d given away or worn out?

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  1. I am totally embarrassed to say that I have re-bought an item that was actually still hanging in my closet! It was something I rarely wore but when I saw it on sale I snatched it up again. This is what can happen when you close in on 70 years old.

  2. Kind of related: my daughter and I often like the same things, but generally we decide to switch off and share. I think we’ve bought three sets of twins recently–very basic items.

    BTW, I have a top similar to yours and have never worn it! Thanks for the styling tip.

  3. I bought that top on your recommendation and am taking it to Ireland in August! Love your blog – thanks for all the tips. Saves me a lot of time…I just take your lead, go in my closet and, voila’ – dressed and ready to go!

  4. Haha, so far I have only bought magazines while I still had the unread edition at home 😉
    As I am a big fan of animal prints, pearls and metallic shoes, I really love your look!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. I give things to my daughter all the time that I later wish I’d kept, heh…but I’m happy she’s enjoying them, at least!=. This is a terrific outfit on you! Alas, Covered Perfectly does not offer petites sizes–could you share what size top you’re wearing here? Thank you!

  6. I have the most highest of compliments for you – so please don’t be offended: You remind me of my beloved mom, when she was your age. My mom looked very much like you and was the most stylish of ladies, in a dressy casual way: Trendy but sophisticated and eternally youthful.

    Blessed be.

  7. I love this look on you. Brava! Since your hair color post, I’ve been a fixated on your hair cut.
    Could you please give us a photo of the sides and back… at your convenience, of course!

  8. I guess I’m less generous to begin with because that hasn’t happened to me!

    I love the long string of pearls with the leopard print – it’s sort of unexpected, but so perfect.

  9. This is a nice look on you. I have repurchased things before. I hate to admit that once I bought a coat by DKNY in a large and it was too late to return it. So, I donated it to the thrift store where I volunteer (Senior Svcs) and re-bought the coat in a size M. My husband would kill me if he knew. haha

  10. You can’t never fail iwith mix Animal print, metallics and pearls. Nice outfit it’s grat how the white blazer mix all the color, was a great choice 🙂
    It´s great find stylish blogs via share in style 🙂
    Have a nice day.
    with love Paolira.
    Check out my post for the White challenge in “Share in style” here JFashion.co

  11. That white jacket is everything! I’m going to have to start trolling ebay for Eileen Fisher. I just can’t afford to pay retail for her clothing line, but you have single-handedly turned me into a fan.
    Sometimes I regret hair-trigger-thrift-store-donating, but usually not for long. It makes space in my closet for something new.


  12. I love the long pearls. The length and the pendant make the necklace look fresh and contemporary.
    I have bought the same dress in two different sizes which of course leaves me two dresses, neither of which fit me perfectly because my actual size is somewhere in between!

  13. I am new to subscribing to your blog Susan, and I’m loving it. Your hair is really cute, and your style tips are good– for so many of us. Thanks for your advice!!

  14. I didn’t give the item away but I misplaced a book on organization and decluttering. Bought another copy, only to find the first one after I had gotten a few areas decluttered. Ironic, I know. I had to laugh.