room with a view…Paris!!

Paris 6eme
Paris, left bank

Our train arrived in Paris mid-afternoon. We checked into our hotel and hit the ground running. They’d run out of food on the train and we hadn’t eaten in several hours so first stop: a late déjeuner.

Paris cafe

This is a great spot for people-watching, and I’ll be back during our stay to snap some street style photos.

As it was a beautiful day, we spent the late afternoon strolling around Jardin du Luxembourg….

Paris jardin du luxembourg


It seemed as though half the population of Paris had the same idea…

Paris 2015 5

Including these guys playing a rousing game of boules.

Paris jardin du luxembourg boules

As the weather is still quite warmer than normal for this time of year, le Monsieur needed a lighter-weight pair of pants for a biking excursion today. After a few stops, we finally found them at Monoprix, bien sur!

Wrapped up with a casual dinner at one of our favorite cafes…

Paris cafe

Cafe Tournon Paris

This seems to be a favorite place with the locals and the food is fantastic.

We have a full and very exciting day planned, and are dashing out, but will post more soon!

À bientot!

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  1. J’étais dans le quartier St Sulpice hier… Nous avons failli nous rencontrer alors! 🙂 Have a nice time in Paris.

  2. Thanks for your posts, and allowing us to travel with you! We are just back from Paris and stayed near Jardin du Luxembourg, but ventured over to Montmatre and had the most wonderful memorably delicious meal and beautiful wine at Miroir, a small casual restaurant at 94 Rue des Martyrs — highly recommended!

  3. So beautiful. Will you be relaxing just a little? I wish I were there too–the weather looks amazingly comfortable. Have a wonderful wonderful time. Your hotel is on the left bank?
    We’ve stayed at Hotel Verneuil–do you and Le Monsieur stay at different hotels each visit?

  4. Paris est la plus belle ville du monde – salut! I’m a native Angeleno, fellow Eileen Fisher lover, and am married to a French national. We have friends and family all over France! Enjoy the wonderful weather and I just love your blog!

  5. Such awesome photos Susan! I love watching your trip unfold. It’s just so charming that you and the Monsieur love each other and love to travel. I’m thrilled for you to be in our Favorite city!! Please have a wonderful cafe au lait for me!!

  6. How well is your travel wardrobe working in the heat? I was surprised you brought so many wintry items like long pants and boots in June. But perhaps you’re more sensitive to temperatures being from California.

    1. Hi C., actually it’s all working quite well. The earlier part of our trip was spent in Amsterdam where it was cool and wet, and the boots were worn frequently on that leg, as well as on travel days when we’re wrangling luggage and I don’t have to worry about toes getting squished. Jeans I wear at home all summer. I included a few lightweight cotton and linen tops which I’ve worn daily since Bordeaux.

  7. Isn’t it nice to know a city so well that there are places like that café-restaurant where you feel like “locals” when there? I was googling that café, and it is interesting that it was also a haunt for postwar African-American artists (visual artists, writers and musicians). When you really get used to a city, often you want a cosy place where the food is dependable and good, and not necessarily spectacular high-end food every night.

    I haven’t been to Paris since 2006! I had to turn down a chance to travel to Europe this summer as a semi-volunteer at a conference (expenses and travel paid, per diem) because I have a rush of work now and sorely need the money. But close friends from there have visited me.

    The current Paris mayor is a woman from Andalusia, Anne Hidalgo. She was in Montréal recently along with many other big-city mayors for a conference on “living together” (different ethnicities, classes etc). There have been a lot of initiatives in recent years to improve daily life in Paris. The air quality is far better than a couple of decades ago.

  8. Oh Susan, what a fantastic holiday you are having. I read all your posts but only comment on this on as I am on holiday too. Nothing as fancy as you, just in my own country where the weather has been like summer this past week. Today it is a lot less again. Sigh. I love all your posts. Many places I have been myself but not in Bordeaux
    The Mephisto sandals facinate me. Who knows, I might buy them myself. Who doesn’t want to walk on pillows?

  9. I love Paris (and have spent extended study and work-related stays there, so I know it can be a very difficult place). I’m posting an item from Secrets of Paris just in case you are interested and have time: crediting Heather Stimmler-Hall’s blog, of course. That boutique sounds lovely, but you’d have to want to have something made and have a good couturière.

    She also has a good post about picnic recommendations – you know what to buy, and I certainly would want some fruit or veg along with the triumvirate of wine, bread and cheese – and obviously, some water. Loo advice is especially important over 50 (and more still, with successive decades). Though I’d prefer to buy a few little Duralex tempered glass tumblers to plastic wine glasses – at home many people use those, and I usually do as well. Think small, though! You can find them in general goods shops such as Monoprix and Ikea.

  10. I laughed when you mentioned Monoprix. When my dd was in Paris for her junior year Monoprix was her go to store for everything from her alarm clock to cheap wine. Having bad, wide feet I never skimp on shoes. Waldlaufer is my go to for comfortable walking shoes and sandals. I can walk all day in NYC in the summer in them, and that’s saying a lot! I am incredibly jealous of your 3 weeks in Europe. Enjoy.