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mephisto mobils

With the warm weather of the last few days (and predicted for the remainder of our trip) my top priority yesterday was to find a pair of sandals. I decided not to mess around and headed straight to the local Mephisto store. This was the second pair I tried and OMG COMFORT!! You can’t see here but they have a 1.5″ wedge so are pretty cute too. These are part of the “Mobils” line and are like walking on pillows. Not a rub anywhere and I wore them all day. These are also perfect travel sandals as every strap is adjustable. They provide lots of stability and I had no trouble walking over cobblestones and gravel. A+++

Edited to add: For those who have asked, I believe these sandals are part of the newest collection. I have not been able to find this exact style online but will keep looking. Closest style is this one: Sissi

You can see more of my recommendations for travel shoes and clothing on my SHOP page. This wardrobe is working well so far, and I’ll have another update in the next day or two.

French toad

This handsome fellow is a longtime resident of the B&B gardens. He is friendly and likes to hang out with the owner and employees on the back patio, and is welcome as he eats bugs. Sadly, though the B&B was lovely the air conditioning unit in our room had not worked since we checked in (and no indication when the repair person would show up), so after two sleepless nights we decided we needed to move to other accommodations. Because it was mid-week we were able to find a room for our second two nights without much trouble, and slept MUCH better last night.

So, a bit more of Bordeaux town, from our wanderings yesterday afternoon:

Bordeaux Victory

Bordeaux rue parlements
view from our lunch table

Bordeaux street art

loved this sign!
loved this sign!

Bordeaux street

Today we’re off early on another wine tour, this time to the Medoc region, and tomorrow we catch a train to Paris.

À bientot!

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  1. Fantastic shoes…I have to get a pair. When I was in London, I got some dressier Mephistos and wore them all day and to the opera in the evening….and like your experience, super comfortable and no rubbing anywhere. I’m a convert!

  2. I’m happy that you could find sandals so easily, and saved time for the fun stuff! Your photographs are so lovely – please keep sharing them with us, as your vacation time permits.
    big hug,

  3. I’m so glad that you are enjoying such a beautiful trip,have a nice weather and beautiful new sandals 🙂
    I have the same Mephisto in taupe,without gems,it’s older model,they are really great ,comfortable !
    So,excellent choice,for miles to go…

  4. I have those shoes…or very similar…in navy and agree they are like walking on pillows!!!! Bought them months ahead of our trip to Rome and already I know they will be worn every day there!!

  5. I love the bling on the sandal and I’m looking for a new pair. However, I can’t seem to find your pair in the link you provided or on the Mephisto website. Do you have the model name? Thanks.

  6. Great sandals and so smart to get Mephistos. Good thing you found a store that carried them. Sounds like you’ve tackled the unexpected very well–warm weather and changing accommodations. Do you make your reservations for rooms long in advance? We actually left our B and B one day early when we were in the Dordogne region. Paid them the $ anyway. Photos are beautiful! Can’t wait to see your posts on Paris!!

  7. Beautiful pictures…which camera are you using?? I am planning a trip to europe for 02 weeks and trying to follow your ideas but how do I carry a dslr camera with two lens around??? PS: can’t find your model sandals on

  8. Beautiful scenery pics. I love Mephistos, and you can extend the life of your shoes by sending the in to the Mephisto Company where they replace the soles and clean & condition the leather parts. The charge for sandals is $75. You can get the shipping envelope at a Mephisto store, or I’m sure they have it online.

  9. Glad you found the shoes. They certainly do look very comfortable. The nights have been very hot and humid here in the South and my sleep has been disturbed. It often takes my a while to acclimatise.

  10. You can’t go wrong with Mephisto. I have a couple of pairs of sandals from them, including proper walking sandals and boy can I walk miles in them. Such a relief if you’re having to walk over cobbles in old parts of towns and cities when sightseeing. And what a great photo of the frog!

  11. Comfy shoes are essential for travel! I’ve worn Naot “Kayla” sandals, right out of the box, for years. This year I bought a slight variation of the Kayla, called “Krista” for our trip to Italy and they are awful. I’ve gone to the second pair I brought, a pair of Eileen Fisher sandals. Stylish and comfortable, but I wasn’t planning to wear them on gravel paths in Tuscan villages. Lesson learned. Always test run your shoes before you pack them up and take them on vacation.

  12. Love your travel posts, and entire blog! Getting ready for a trip with lots of walking, and need to buy some sandals. Just curious, how did the Mephisto shoes, compare with your cute, blk. Eileen Fisher sandals, with the cross straps around the ankle? Will wait to hear. Thank you, so much, or your great tips!