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Eileen Fisher Silk Lantern Pant
Eileen Fisher Silk Lantern Pant

These pants were the surprise of the week. One of the Sales Associates at my local Eileen Fisher store (who is also Petite) was wearing these and looked AMAZING. Even with a longer top. The picture doesn’t do these justice. They are lightweight but opaque, have a beautiful drape and movement. If you’re looking for a soft dressy pant that will travel well, you DO want to try these on.

I’m 5’1″ and the regular (Collection) size hit me right at the ankle (I’m short in the torso, long in the legs proportionally.) They are also available in Plus and Petite sizes. Because of the softness, the volume doesn’t overwhelm, and one does not need to be tall and model-thin to look great in them.

Have you tried any new styles lately that surprised you?

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  1. For whatever reason, Eileen Fisher’s models/print ads never sell me on her stuff. It just looks baggy and uninspired. However – on an actual female such as yourself – totally different. You have gotten me to take a second look at her collections. On real people I tend to love her pieces.

    I am wary of volume myself, so this would likely not go into the fitting room with me. But maybe….

  2. I am currently looking into flared jeans and also wide leg trousers for summer as I haven’t worn that style yet. But I wouldn’t wear wide+cropped trousers as I do not find them flattering. And I’d pair them with heels.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. If these pants hit you at the ankle, where will they hit on someone like me who is 5’8″ tall? They will be too short (I also have long legs). This season’s EF pants have been too short for me. I know that shorter pants are in vogue, but they are TOO short.

  4. I LOVE the lantern hem. in pants but especially in skirts. Two of my favorites from this year are Eileen Fisher lantern hem linen skirts. I’d probably be too tall for these particular pants, though.

  5. Something to look into. I am really interested in the E.F. Foldover Pant. Perhaps, later this Spring I will make my way into a store. Must get through this Chicago snow packed, ice covered, freezing winter in Chicago before I can think of things to come. They keep telling us Spring is on the way. These pants may motivate me to de-ice my car or perhaps invest in a dog sled team! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I like the look, and I am certainly old enough to have worn flared pants before, and to have worn above the ankle lengths, as well…although not together. But I think they also need the higher shoe, and that I can’t wear. Fortunately it is, and will remain, too cold to consider this for quite awhile, so there will be time to look at it on others, and decide. Always looking for a new travel pant.

  7. EF pants are always too short on me. But aside from the maker, the length looks fresh and lighter- more seasonal in spring than full-length. These look good with a low to moderate wedge heel or flats. The pointy-toed high heel that works so well with the narrow ankle pant does not suit these.

  8. I did re-style some wide leg palazzo pants recently that I now love with the re-stye. I put them with a peplum top and it turned out great.

    I think women that aren’t tall need to be careful about adding weight or losing visual height in these.

    I added heels and that made all the difference.


  9. My eye loves the look of these pants and how they showcase the shoes. You are always a resource for me in the area of a new idea. A tip of the hat to shape shifting!

  10. I’ve been trolling the EF department at Nords, but haven’t been inspired. I will take a good look at that pant, as I am looking for a dressier pant options to wear during DSDaughter’s wedding festivities. As usual, spot on, Femme!

  11. Those will be great for travel! I had a pair of wide-legged black silk pants years ago, wore them out, and haven’t found replacements at a price point that works for me. I’m definitely checking these out — thanks!

  12. They’re cute. I’d like to see your finished outfit. I like new silhouettes and would pair them with a platform sandal, as shown. I’m craving navy instead of black this summer. And I agree with one of the others that there’s no harm in trying something on. I pretty much know what styles to avoid (too low cut, batwing sleeves, most sleeveless tops/dresses, t-shirts that are too long and bunch at the hips). But it is in the area of proportion and scale and putting together a bottom piece with a top, jacket, or shoe that can make something new work. I am interested in trying a midi skirt or dress and I think the trick will be to get it at exactly the right length on the leg so the overall proportion is pleasing, in a slim mostly straight cut, paired with a pair of sandals with heels. The devil is in the details…

  13. I just don’t like shorter pants, which has been a problem lately since that seems to be all there is! On a couple of occasions I’ve ordered Banana Republic ankle jeans in a Tall, which makes them about right for me (I’m 5’7″). I can handle shorter slim pants, especially if rolled up a bit. Shorter wide pants, just can’t do it.

    —Jill Ann

  14. Am Very Happy that wider leg trousers are coming back. Even better that they are meant to be shorter, although I will continue to wear the full length version. A lot of ladies, tall, short and in-between, do look very elegant in the ankle length pants. But I always feel like Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants. Being only just 5’2″, it means I can buy off of the rack and not have to shorten them (over this side of the world,trousers are designed for a height of around 5’10”) :0)

  15. I love this pants, but am afraid the shape requires the statement, high shoe, something that challenges me. I wonder how the look would translate with more moderate (read fussy feet) footwear?