Since You’ve Asked…

Why yes, Nanette Lepore does make dresses with sleeves.

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  1. I for one am more comfortable with dresses with sleeves. I am not too ecstatic with my muscular arms. Great choices here 🙂

      1. Hi Cornelia, as I mentioned in Wednesdays post, the dresses do look short on the models, but they hit women of average height right at or above the knee.

        1. Average height is still not very tall. It would be good if the dresses were a bit longer. A shorter person can always hem a dress, but you can’t add length!

          1. In general, the dresses worn by the models are nearly always short.
            With luck, a certain ager ( 5´10″ ) finds anything ” proper ” for herself.
            Luckily, I am in no need for dress per now.
            The length of the sleeves depends when/ where to use the dress.

  2. Great styles you’ve selected. I’m glad Nanette makes dresses with sleeves, I think it is beyond lazy when designers don’t do sleeves on a dress. They need to take a page from Chanel and work (and rework!) the sleeves just like she used to on a jacket. Get to know the sleeve! Become one with the sleeve! Ha. Have a great weekend.

  3. Now see this is another service you have done to a clothing designer; I would never have even thought of trying these on based on the photos available online. Fashion as a whole really needs to re-think the lanky extra skinny curve-less model as the hanger for these curve friendly dresses. Even at my skinniest weight I have breasts and hips.

    I previously had the same reaction to Eileen Fisher – I never tried anything on because I never saw the clothes on a real body. I dismissed them out of hand. Fashion needs to woo women – show that they are trying to suit us.

    PS – EF and Nanette owe you a kickback 😀

    *If I had anywhere to wear it (and if I wasn’t overloaded with dresses I never wear)I would grab the long sleeved olive number.

  4. So fun to meet Nanette with you today!! What a blast! I love my new dress; Readers it is the fuchsia one above with the cutouts at the cleavage. However, my dress hits just above the knee unlike the above photo with model, which makes it look like a mini.

    If you are low on curves like I am, try Nanette. She does something fantastic for straight bodies as well as being able to accommodate the curvier types, like Pseu.

    We found her prices to be accomodating for such special pieces.

  5. Now if only some would come in a length that hits *below* the knee. Why does every designer seem to think we want to show off our knees? I’m not that old, but my knees are really not attractive! And I am not all that tall, but all my height is in my legs. I beg the design gods to give us some interesting dresses in longer lengths!

    1. JJ, try Donna Karan and Tory Burch. (When we were walking past a TB store yesterday, we noticed a couple of below-the-knee skirts in the window.) I’ve seen a lot of longer skirts in the resort and spring collections…if you go to you can browse through all of the designers/brands runway shows.