(Ready For) Spring Showers

Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age wears a lavender rain jacket, striped scarf, croc-embossed bag and white boots.

Hello, Spring!

While the sidewalk may look dry here, just a few hours earlier we had thunderstorms and downpours. I don’t mind, because I get to wear my new rain jacket!

Earrings | Scarf | Jacket | Tee | Ring | Bag (similar)| Pants | Boots

Plus options: Jacket | Tee | Pants

This is another outfit inspired by the camel and lavender color combo. These pieces are more tan than camel, but I think it still works. While a raincoat isn’t usually a top priority in Southern California, we’ve had a very wet winter, and I’m betting this spring will follow suit. And I wanted to find a casual, lighter weight rain jacket for travel. This one fits the bill: lightweight, waterproof, and a fun accent color that’s easy to work into my wardrobe. It’s also a great windbreaker. (I’m wearing the XSmall/Small size. There’s room underneath for a heavier sweater if I wanted.)

I’ve also been on the hunt for a pair of tan trousers for a few seasons. These are just right. The fabric is soft and lightweight, they’re not too slim or full, and the “Sulphur Toasted” color is exactly the shade I was looking for. (Other colors here.) I’m considering these as part of my summer travel wardrobe this year.

Detail: Susan B wears a lavender rain jacket, Charlotte Chesnais ring, and carries a Brahmin bag. More at une femme d'un certain age.

The bag (same style, similar color) adds some texture, and it’s pretty waterproof when zipped closed. I’ve added a canvas strap for cross-body use (similar styles here). The ring is from Charlotte Chesnais, purchased in Paris last December.

Detail: Susan B of une femme d'un certain age wears tan trousers and off-white weatherproof ankle boots.

I can testify that these boots are indeed water-resistant! A couple of weeks ago I was meeting someone for coffee right after a downpour, and had to wade through standing water a few inches deep on a flooded sidewalk for a block or more. My feet (and the boots) stayed dry! (On drier days, I’d swap out the boots for my white sneakers. )

Would you wear a colorful rain jacket, or do you prefer to stick with neutrals?

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  1. These are not colours I would ever consider wearing but they look good on you. I wouldn’t be comfortable in a colourful jacket. I prefer a neutral, usually black, that goes with everything.

  2. Firstly, I am VERY GLAD that you have rain, and have had a rainy winter after the horrible droughts. L.A. is not about to turn to Amsterdam or London, or the cities of the raincoast farther north. I’m hesitating – the Lölé raincoat I’m looking at comes in classic black but also a bright tomato red. Also in pastels, which I never wear. lolelife.com Piper raincoat They won’t let me copy the link. These are also roomy enough to wear a jacket or light puffer coat underneath. I’d love the grey if it were darker.

  3. I’m not a wearer of pastels, but I love this color palette on you! I have a bright yellow slicker for torrential rain, and city errands…it does the job and keeps me safe when walking. I’m veering away from “black” basics and toward navy – I think it goes with almost as much as my former black staples, but gives me an emotional “lift”…thanks, as usual, for all this beautiful, though provoking inspiration!

  4. I bought a coral -this year’s Pantone top color- Columbia rain jacket last year and have loved wearing it. There are few things it doesn’t look good with. The tan pants are a nice change for you.

  5. Love this shade on you. I think raincoats are a piece you can really have fun with. I have a flowered one and a light silvery grey. Seeking a red or polka dot one now. Adds a little joy to a rainy day, which we have had a lot of this winter.

  6. I’m loving your new updated look – I have always loathed purple in any shade, but your scarf has made me reconsider. It’s still cold and rainy in Pennsylvania and a bit of purple shouts Spring, for sure. I adore your ring – so chic!!!

  7. I love this look! I recently purchased a lavender jacket very similar to this one at Costco! Only $29 for a pop of spring color. We had over 2 inches of rain yesterday, I’m definitely using all the rain gear this week.

  8. You’re tormenting me with that Brahmin bag…will this be the year I break down and buy it?!?!

  9. I ordered the lavender jacket. It’s a good price and quality. I wish it was a little more muted…not so bright. I have trench coats in neutrals, an EF teal longer raincoat, and a coral one. Not sure I need another, but very tempting. I also like the combination with the pants. I will order those. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This look is so youthful and feminine on you, Susan. While you have rain, it’s snowing like crazy here where I live in Ontario, Canada! Thank goodness I bought a wool coral coat for this cold weather to take a break from black and navy coats.
    Maybe pair the jacket and white booties with light gray pants. It’s a look I saw recently on an Aquatalia site and it looked smart.

  11. Your coloring is completely different from mine, so I don’t think these colors would work for me, but they look gorgeous on you! I have been on the fence about the white / light boot trend since I first spotted it. Perhaps because I live in Chicago and wear darker boots for practical reasons for too many months out of the year, I just can’t embrace it. I do have my light tan “vented” shooties / boots that I pull out when I go “home” to CA and AZ. What kind of feedback have you received from others about your boots? Or do you just see them everywhere in So C?

  12. Love the rain jacket colour! Like you, I don’t wear one a great deal for rain, but I need something wind-proof as well, and have found Eddie Bauer to do the trick. As well, I use it a lot for “in-between seasons” travel. I found my pink one looked a little grimy rather quickly, so have opted for a dark eggplant this time. As long as it isn’t down-filled, it’s spring in my world!

  13. Susan, the description on the trousers states mid rise. However, in the details, it says 10″ rise. That is usually good for short waisted me. I’m looking for this color for spring, also. How was the rise for you?
    Thank you.

  14. Susan, the description on the trousers states mid rise. However, in the details, it says 10″ rise. That is usually good for short waisted me. I’m looking for this color for spring, also. How was the rise for you?
    Thank you.

  15. I love this color on you and think it will be a nice addition to your travel wardrobe. After reading the comments I think that we ladies are divided into two groups when the weather is gloomy. Some go with it and some combat it with cheerful colors. I like color when the weather is bad and find it cheerful. But it seems others take a different approach. Thanks for another great post!

    1. Once again, this can be very cultural or geographical. I do wear a bright red scarf or béret, but find an overly-bright coat clashes too much with the surroundings. And NEVER wear pastels. To my mind they scream tourist, but in much warmer areas they are probably perfectly normal. I have no problem whatsoever with using pastels in paintings. Different strokes!

  16. I am looking for camel colored pants this spring and they seem to be a scarce commodity. I love the look of these pants but when I went on the website, they were only in capri length. Your photo looks like the pants are full length and that is just what I am looking for these days. Do you know if they come in full length?

  17. I always wear a colored raincoat…I hate being dreary on a dreary day. Having said that light varies in various places. So I pick a color that works in the area I happen to be living in. Bright red looks great in CA or FL but perhaps not in MN or Maine. I wore plum in the UK, but currently have a light teal for FL and a bright blue for CO.

  18. I rarely say this but I do not like this outfit at all.
    It reminds me of Easter colors. Just something I would never wear. I applaud you Susan for trying something different.

  19. Hi Susan! I just found your site today and love your style. I used this outfit as inspiration to create one of my own, creating something I never would have considered for myself. Typically sticking with autumn/earth tones, ended up with gray pants, shoes, purse, a blue top, a bright orange rain jacket, and a cute floral scarf. Now the wait for them to arrive…

  20. Hi Susan, Have you had the opportunity to rain test that jacket? Looking for something truly waterproof for travel.

    1. Hi Lisa, have not yet been in heavy rain in this jacket, but did run a faucet over the sleeve (including letting water stand on it for a minute) and no moisture passed through.