Styles So Nice, I Bought Them Twice…

A few styles that are so good, I've purchased in multiples. J.Crew sweater jackets, Eileen Fisher metallic socks, Everlane flats and boots, Madewell sweater. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Or thrice… ☺️

My name is Susan and I’m a Multiple Purchaser. There, I’ve said it. Some might attribute this buying habit to lack of imagination. But when it comes to wardrobe basics, I think it can be a smart shopping strategy, especially if you’re hard to fit, or your climate doesn’t always correspond with seasonal collections, or a preferred cut or style isn’t always available.

Starting at the upper left and going clockwise, here are some styles I’ve purchased in multiples…

Collarless Sweater Coat

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I now own this “coatigan” in four colors (camel, grey, burgundy, ivory) and wear them all.

Why it works: it’s a perfect weight for several months out of the year in our climate, it slides easily over all but the bulkiest layers, has the perfect balance between soft and structured, and great classic colors. And that collarless neckline doesn’t fight with my scarves! Offered in sizes up to 3X.

Sparkle Socks

I’ve taken a page from the book of stylish Parisiennes I spotted during my December visit. Let your socks show, but make them fun! I just ordered a second pair in the gold.

Why it works: these socks are warm but not bulky, and the sparkle is subtle, not too blingy. (Also available in navy.)

Pointed Toe Flats

I love the style of these loafers, and have pairs in both the black and taupe. If they add more colors for Spring, I may bite again!

Why it works: Sleek, modern, stylish and oh-so-comfortable. The pebbled leather is both durable and soft. Flats with attitude!

V-Neck Sweater

I’ve been wearing this lightweight sweater almost daily. I have the black, and just ordered the grey and Heather Rose colors to try. I sized down for a slightly slimmer fit.

Why it works: warm, but lightweight enough to layer under a jacket or cardigan. That rounded v-neck is flattering and not too deep. It’s washable (dry flat) and offered in several colors up to size 3X.

(Just a note, while it’s not the softest sweater in my wardrobe, I don’t find it scratchy either. Some reviewers reported pilling, but I’ve noticed only minimal amounts, no more than many sweaters that cost much more.)

Sweater Blazer

I purchased this collared “sweater blazer” in the camel color when it was first introduced in 2017. Last fall I added the dark forest (no longer available). They’ve just introduced a navy-ivory gingham version…

Why it works: this is a happy medium between a jacket and a cardigan, and is offered in several colors and up to size 3X. If you work in a Business Casual office, this could be a nice jacket alternative.

Ankle Boots

I started with the cognac color, and was blown away by how comfortable these ankle boots are. I then purchased the Bronze color (no longer available) and have been wearing them almost non-stop. Realizing how versatile a metallic ankle boot can be, I decided to add the Iron color for a darker, cooler toned option.

Why it works: Though I’ve had to relinquish most of my heels in recent months, this remains a style I’m still able to wear comfortably. Maybe it’s that rounded toe? The style is simple and understated enough that they dress up or down. And did I mention comfortable??

Are there styles you’ve purchased in multiples?

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  1. Oh yes, I just bought a 3rd pair of dark wash denim jeans that fit me that I actually like, because I have never had jeans the right length in the right look that are comfortable, and I’m not missing this moment. It would be foolish to only have one pair, since they are exactly right, and how often does that happen?

  2. Hi Susan, I just bought two of the sweater blazers. They have added so much versatility to my wardrobe. I work part time and need office wear but can also wear it casually. I’ve belted it for work and love the put together look.
    Secondly I find Everlane shoes to be quite narrow and difficult to break in. How do you find the boots?

  3. I loved the “10%” items (10% cashmere, cotton blend) J.Crew had a few years ago, and wish I’d found more but they sold out right away! I have a striped turtleneck and it’s so soft. And while they are not identical, I have several pairs of Frye harness boots in various styles and colors, because you just can’t go wrong.

  4. Many styles! Tippie and jackie (10!) j crew sweaters, madewell V neck Tees (4), Kohls Pear bootie( cognac and leopard, fits like a Sam Edelman at half the price, and actually more comfortable)., Michael stars tees, j crew martie pants, Macy brand cashmere V necks on sale in November every year, Franco Sarto Jolette loafers (4) love love them, probably more items that I can’t recall. I have collected the Jackie’s over many years, and really all my sweaters last a long time. Classic styles.

  5. It’s the way I shop, too…especially since I’m not an “off the rack” fit. Seriously, half the things I purchase these days are because you recommend them!

  6. It’s extremely practical to stock up on the basics when they go on sale. Case in point the J. Crew Sophie sweater which I own in camel and the beautiful cerise. Both purchased at excellent sale points. When it comes to black pants that I know fit and wear well I will buy a couple pairs. I too confess to a passion for ankle boots and own several pairs ( not all the same but similar in style) When one is still working having clothing items one knows look good and mix and match well makes for effortless dressing in the a.m. Boredom can be alleviated with accessories or varying colour and prints. I am never bored by my collection of ‘sames’!
    I must admit that I do not work in a fashion focused milieu but I need to look professional so purchases on repeat ( most online) fit the bill for me! Great post!

  7. I happen to love Chico’s – their clothing fits me well and is affordable. I have their faux suede jeans in FIVE colors (black, wine, olive, rust and taupe) and their long-sleeved T-shirts in six colors – black, blue, hunter, wine, rust and red). For summer, I can’t count the number of their tank tops I have in various colors and patterns. Yes, buying in multiples makes GREAT sense – especially when you catch a sale!

  8. I love the sweater coat, but I has wool in it, which is a big no here in hot Florida. Even in winter this would be too warm. I did get a very nice long sweater coat from Chicos this fall. Just light enough for Florida! I love your style by the way. Casual, but also elegant and pulled together. I especially love your travel tips on packing.

  9. I do buy in multiples for basics. I don’t like to think a lot about getting dressed….the days of changing outfits and throwing things on the floor when they don’t work together are over for me. You have some great basics up there and in our climate a longer cardigan in such a great staple.

  10. I was on the hunt for the perfect white tee (3/4 length sleeve) shirt and found them at Uniqlo. $14.90! I bought a white and a black and now I’ll probably order 4 or 5 more. Pretty excited!

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I have been looking for a lower-cost alternative to the M.M. Lefleur jardigan, The J. Crew sweater blazer is slightly less expensive, and looks just as nice. It may even be more practical, since it covers your rear!

  12. I do buy some things in multiples. If I find great fitting jeans I will buy two pair. Its just so hard to find that perfect fit. And I do have multiples of Lands End t shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeve, and their tanks. Cotton and comfortable. Many color choices. In fact, I think more women would buy multiples if manufacturers offered more color choices! For example, that lovely kimono jacket from Soft Surroundings that was featured yesterday only came in black or red. Since I don’t look great in either of those colors it was a no for me.

  13. I have close to 50 Lands End cotton cardigans which I wear in rotation. They all spark joy! My wardrobe is almost all multiples of a handful of basics.

  14. I buy multiples all the time. I own several pairs of boots and shoes in the same colour. I will buy the same dress, top, sweater, pant in all the colours I like if the look and the fit are great. I wanted to add a little tip that might work for some people with high heels. I have many pair of 4 – 5 inch heels of pointed toe ankle boots and I buy half a size to a full size up and then add an insole. You get extra width at the toe and the insole adds cushion. I’ve been doing this for years and will never give up my high heels.

  15. Yes to multiples! I bought a pair of Naturalizer Blair booties for the holidays and loved them so much I bought the berry/plum colored ones. The pewter ones sold out so I have to wait till next year. They are so comfortable. I have about 4or 5 pairs of black pointe pants with the ankle zipper from Talbots that look like the Eileen Fisher ones which I also have. And I have about 5 pairs of the lightweight Cole Haan sneakers in various beautiful colors. I ordered lightweight cardigans in burgundy and forest green from Uniqlo for our (usually) mild Southern California winters and lightweight quilted vests from Macy’s. Once I find an item that fits well I’ll order it in several colors.

  16. Yes, the “skinny” jeans I like (I don’t buy them so tight that they are actually skinny; I just like jeans that have narrow hems as I cycle in them) go on deep discount a couple of times a year, and I’ll buy at least 2 in black, dark wash, and deep colours such as forest green or deep violet. I shop like a man, though I’m not remotely masculine.

  17. I have a dozen LL Bean French Sailor shirts – they’re perfect year round in north Florida. Also multiple Everland cotton boatnecks.

    I’ve been frustrated in the past buying well fitting jeans in a different color – I’ve found sometimes the fit isn’t the same and in one case the fabric content was different.

  18. Lisa…your post struck a chord with me. I’m getting tired of new stuff mostly because of the styles trying so hard to be chic casual and ending up just being clothes that are cut straight and therefore seeming oversized. No on the pre ripped jeans. The emphasis on the tall size 2 or XXS models is tiring. I’ve lost 30 pounds over this last 6 months and look pretty darn good with classic female hourglass proportions of 38-34-38. I’d like to see more seams and shaped cuts, less lace (adds bulk and a matronly vibe….been trying to find a cocktail dress for several months now…Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom….lace lace lace) and fewer bell sleeves (been there done that). So, I’m a big fan of multiples especially now when clothes with cut are hard to find. Everlane boots are amazing. Jag jeans. EF tanks and silk long sleeve tee shirts.

  19. Guilty! Joules French striped shirts in every color, LLBean Oxford shirts, Talbot’s chino pants, Repetto ballet flats, need I go on? When I find something that fits and feels good I keep going back to it! Total repeat buyer!

  20. Great topic, I’ve enjoyed the comments as much as the post. Because of my light warm coloring, finding items in a flattering color that fits has always been a challenge. So whenever I’ve found an article that particularly suited me, I habitually bought multiples in the same color to have on hand in the future. As brown is my main neutral and OFTEN difficult to find, that strategy served me well. Now that my hair is silvering and my complexion is cooling, I find I have more options so I don’t do that as much.

    This past year I bought a whole new wardrobe and while there were duplicate styles, there were no duplicates for a particular color. It helped to create a wardrobe plan in which I had defined my neutrals and accent colors.

    The things that I do buy in multiples are jackets, shoes, bras, and socks. In particular, Kasta booties by Natural Soul from Naturalizer. I have 3 pairs in light khaki, black, and brown. I wanted the gray bootie too, but couldn’t find it in my size so I bought the Charleen booties instead but they haven’t worked out as well. I’m still searching for the perfect bra, but haven’t found it yet.

  21. I have 12 pairs of FitFlop (brand name not to be confused with flip flop) sandals and shoes. Unbeatable for comfort. Their skate loafer is far more comfortable than Vionic. Also own multiples of Not Your Daughters Jeans. Trying to stick to basics that work and jazz them up with accessories,

  22. I do have multiples! If I find a piece I really like, I flag it and wait for it to go on sale. Pants/jeans are the hardest fit for me. I have 4 pair (different colors) of the Talbots side zip ponte straight leg pants. My best jeans are Lauren Ralph Lauren modern curvy fit. They come in different lengths and washes. Yesterday, I bought a duplicate pair of New Balance walking sneakers! The fit on an exercise sneaker is so important, I don’t want to mess with what works.

  23. First off Susan, let me tell you how happy I was to discover your blog. You always look so chic and put together. I love your style – it’s very similar to my own, and you have inspired me many times to purchase items on-line. Yes to multiples! I bought the Juliette sweater coat in burgundy and navy, and have just recently ordered one in camel. I would love to order the ankle boots, but am a little hesitant to purchase shoes on-line. Do they have a good return policy? Anyway, thank you for being my muse!

    1. Hi Roberta, thanks so much! I find the Everlane boots and shoes run TTS. Returns are easy, you can return via mail or in person at a “Happy Returns” location (you can locate the nearest one to you during the returns process).

    1. You mean the pullover sweater? I don’t. In fact, I’m wearing it today without a layer underneath and it’s comfortable. And I’m sensitive to scratchy bits in clothing, though not sensitive to wool.

  24. I have multiple pairs of Eileen Fisher stretch crepe pants in black (though to be fair, some of them have slight style differences — seaming, length, etc.). I also have 3 EF cardigans (among too many!) that I’ve bought in different colors because I like them so much. And I buy multiple black knit shells from August Silk. I am tough on everyday shells and these look nice but are inexpensive. (I got tired of ruining EF silk shells because I am a messy eater/drinker…)

  25. Within last 6 mos have purchased multiple versions of Vince Camuto “Rumple Blouse” silk top (light blue tank, white full sleeve and a rose-colored short sleeved.) Found my size and fit and sticking to it! Will add a color or two for the summer, super lightweight and flowy.

    I have the same purse with chain embellishment, one in brown suede for winter/fall and one in light mint green for spring/summer.

    I also buy the same Nike Free Run tennis shoes and they fit like a glove.

    Lastly, I just purchased a pair of Frye Melanie Slip Ons in Sunrise color (on sale in certain colors right now) – so comfy. Will definitely be picking up another pair.

  26. I only recall buying in multiples once… a pair of shoes that I wanted in red were selling buy one get a second pair half price. The second pair didn’t have to be the same item, but I bought the exact same pair in black and they’re the ones I’ve worn the most! Now that I think about it, buying in multiples makes sense. I may have to do it more often!

  27. I can’t seem to reply to a particular post but I want to respond to Beebee. I also have light warm coloring. Its very hard to find the right colors and finding the right neutrals is next to impossible! I am trying to correct my wardrobe to my best neutrals and colors but cannot do it all at once. I do not look good in black which is very limiting. I appreciate your post. My complexion is cooling also but I still require warm colors. Just soft ones.

  28. Other than bras and underwear I really don’t do much purchasing of multiples. I don’t feel the need to have a lot anymore and with what I do have I want some variety. Different clothes, and shoes, for different moods. Maybe because I’m not hard to fit (except for pants lengths which often are WAY too long) I don’t feel the need, or desire, to stock up. New and different are more interesting for me, and I dress for me.

  29. If I find a bra or jeans that fit and are comfortable I buy multiples. It seems that as soon as I find a garment I really like it is discontinued.

  30. I’ve loved styles so much that I’ve bought them 4-5 times!! In the past few years, cashmere ponchos from Ann Taylor; black, navy, pale pink and oatmeal. Driving Mocs from M. Gemi, four pairs! A back zip pant from Athleta, think it’s called the city pant, five pairs, doing overtime currently on a month long trip. These pants are great! You can wash them in the bathroom sink and they’re dry by morning!
    I’ve always operate on the premise that if it works, buy it in all the colors!

  31. Athleta pants are the bomb! I have 3 pairs, black, navy, and taupey grey. My friends & I call them Magic Pants. They are comfy, look stylish, and do not wrinkle. Super great for an international flight. I once spilled a glass of red wine on a pair while flying from Houston to Dusseldorf. I blotted the wine while on the plane, then once we got to the hotel I rinsed them out and hung them to dry. Perfect by the next day! If they had more colors, I’d buy all of them.

  32. Hello Susan
    Question: I’m going to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris for a 12 day trip beginning April 23. What can u suggest in the way of packing? I want to minimize my packing not maximize.
    Marcy G
    Phila., Pa

  33. I own at least 6 LL Bean Pima cotton splitneck tunics in various colors, preferring the slightly longer length to their regular tees. Multiple Fitflop styles in sandals and sneakers, Smartwool socks because wool socks and boots are year round wear for San Francisco