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boyfriend jeans with embellished mules

Most days you’ll find me in a pair of jeans. Lately I’ve been alternating between my favorite boyfriend jeans and a pair of raw hem cropped flares (which hit me just about an inch above the ankle bone). The slim boyfriend styles and other silhouettes with a bit of ease are appealing to me now, both from a comfort and aesthetic POV. I’ve tried a few styles with distressing on the legs, and though I like them on others, just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger. A frayed hem is as far as I’ll go at this point.

I love a mix of rough and refined within an outfit and thought the embellished mules (above) would be a nice counterpoint to the broken-in jeans.

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Have you seen Brenda Kinsel’s recent posts on styling jeans? HERE and HERE. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to try a new silhouette or just need some new ideas for styling a favorite pair.

What style of jeans are you wearing most often? How do you like to style them?

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  1. I live in my old Chico’s skinny leg jeans. They are pull-on style (ugh!…that sounds so old ladyish), which I love for the comfort and the lack of bulk in front. With a regular length shirt or top, you can’t tell they are pull-on. This Chico’s style is no longer made, so I’ve moved to Jag pull-on jeans. I like these a bit less because they tend to stretch and sag just a little, but I can handle that. Just ordered the boot-leg style Jag.

    I just can’t get into frayed or distressed jeans, probably because I’d rather not call attention to the lower half of me!

  2. I love my boyfriend jeans from 2 seasons past. Looser than the ‘girlfriend’ cut of boyfriend jeans (can we just call them significant other jeans?), they get regular wear with sandals, oxfords, ballet flat, booties, and heels. I cannot get on the cropped, flared, frayed hem train. I feel like I am wearing a laundry accident, but those slides….GORGEOUS! The Jeffrey Campbell Vijay in black and red are calling my name! Always en pointe, Susan!

  3. In winter I wear trim,dark-rinse jeans (NOT jeggings) with a shirt and either a navy , grey, or black tailored jacket or maybe a long cardigan. I add a patterened scarf and wear dark ankle boots. Ditto spring but with light- weight blazers and knits and loafers or leather sneakers. In summer, all-cotton, faded or distressed boyfriend jeans, rolled up,with canvas sneakers (no visible socks) or sandals (flat and wedged). White shirts and blouses, either loosely tucked in or left out depending on my mood., worn with a long necklace or a light-weight,oversized pale-coloured or white/off white scarf/pashmina. Easy.

  4. I am always fascinated by the different styles of dress in different areas of the country and different cities. I live in a city where wearing jeans just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Even though I have a casual life, jeans just aren’t part of it. We do have a farm and spend a lot of time there, but I prefer more comfortable wear out there–leggings and yoga pants. There’s no one out there but us!

    At the same time, I follow all your posts on jeans, just in case I decide that I need a pair!

  5. Since I retired, I just about live in jeans. I like skinnies or slim leg in a dark wash, black or grey. I did buy a pair of bootcut jeans and like the long legged look. I avoid distressed or torn jeans. I’ll leave those trends to the young. I have been thinking of a pair of frayed cropped jeans to wear with sandals but I may just stick to my cuffed chinos. They are lighter and cooler for the warmer weather.

  6. I used to wear Chico’s jeans but they no longer make styles that I like that fit me. The only jeans in my closet currently are LL Bean 1912 straight legged jeans, which fit perfectly in the waist, stomach and hips. I guess they are really mom jeans, and I would like them better if they were slightly tapered. I have four pairs, and wear them with relatively short tops (hip length) since long cardigans don’t look quite right with them. I only wear them around the house and for running errands in my neighborhood. They are very comfortable.

    I love the look of long over lean, but skinny jeans no longer look exactly right to me. They have another problem that drives me nuts. When I sit down, they ride up and bunch up at the back of the knee. When I stand up, I have to lean over and pull them down. I’ve tried many pairs and they all seem to have the same problem, even though I have average sized legs. I don’t have this problem with leggings and slim ponte pants.

    Since I haven’t been able to find the perfect pair of jeans, this spring and summer I will wear Eileen Fisher slim crepe ankle pants for anything but the most casual occasions. They look quite slim but don’t bunch up the way skinny jeans do. I have them in black, white and navy. Much as I like them, I wish I could find some jeans.

  7. Have not been a big fan of the cropped, frayed jeans – but I saw a woman in Paris this morning wearing them with a mock turtleneck, a collarless, thigh length thin down coat (sort of like an elongated Chanel jacket) and loafers. Hair in a ponytail and sunglasses. She looked impossibly chic! (Of course, she was very thin). I am now rethinking those pants. I’ve also seen quite a few pairs of the cropped, wide leg look here – most worn with sneakers. I’m going to start jotting down the combos I see as I want to try some of them when I get back!

  8. I have never worn jeans! Everyone I know wears jeans but I stick with my khakis/ twills in summer and pointe knit or wool straight leg slacks in winter. I feel more ‘dressed up’ even when I do casual tops and jackets. Guess I’ll never be chic, glad I don’t live in the high fashion city. All these examples of jeans is disturbing. I feel fashionably marginalized because I don’t have a closet full of jeans.

    1. Hi Marvel, no need to feel marginalized. Personal style is about wearing what makes us feel good, and no one should feel pressured to wear styles that aren’t their “thing.”

  9. I love jeans. You can dress ’em up or dress ’em down. And I do. All the time.

    I don’t own any very expensive ones — Escada and Polo are my highest-end ones. And my other jeans’ price points drift down from there.

    My current favorite jeans are 501s (30-30s). Am wearing them right now. To me they feel like ME, especially when I’m a little uncertain about who I am and who I’m aspiring to be. On those days I reach for the 501s that quietly tell me to settle down and fly right.

    1. Not sure what you’re referring to. The bag shown in the collage is $495.

      To answer your theoretical question through…someone who can afford it and loves handbags? 🙂

  10. I love NYMJ brand jeans. Perfect fit for me and it never fails that I am asked what jeans am I wearing.

  11. Since losing 10 kilos I can now wear skinny jeans and love them. Didn’t like the jegging type as I felt my circulation would be cut off! In NZ & Australia we have a brand called Country Road and they sell ankle cropped skinny jeans and pants with a soft, brushed finish. I bought every colour since they fitted so well. I’m 5’5″ so always have to pay to have my pants shortened and then I’m factoring that into the total cost. Still not sure about cuffs. Maybe I need to get more leather sneaker type footwear to make them work for me.

  12. I wear all types of jeans but don’t like spending $150 for a pair. My latest find are jeggings from Kohl’s, Rock n Republic brand. They fit nice and love the price. I work from home most of the time so a comfortable pair of jeans that I can wear around the house, dress up for travel or date night make me happy!

  13. Maybe it’s something in the California air, Susan! I’ve also been wearing my slim boyfriend jeans and some AG cropped flare raw hems in a medium wash. Somehow it feels more updated. Pull out the skinny dark or gray when the silhouette seems to call for it. And I’m sure I’ll be wearing my white skinnies this summer. I also have a pair of white cropped, raw hem, straight Current/Elliotts that I live in during the summer. Like you, the crops hit me just above the ankle and I like the look on my body.

    Thanks for another great post! Eyeing that EF Jacket and looking for a red handbag.

  14. For me, a more structured jean is my favorite. I will always be in love with the skinny jeans. The relaxed jeans don’t work for me. I love. LOVE the brand AG Jeans. I’ve been on a binge with them. My take on jeans on my post :
    But think about it–jeans are so versatile. Many women I know adore the boyfriend jeans. For me they don’t work. I know others who will never ever get rid of their boot cut jeans. There is no way I would attempt to wear them because they do nothing for my shape.
    It’s all so subjective–but jeans have become a staple!!

  15. I like skinny jeans the best, and also wear slim straight leg jeans and trouser jeans (occasionally). Absolutely cannot stand the cropped flare style! I’ve learned to love, or at least tolerate, ankle length jeans if they are slim cut. I’m fairly tall, so ankle pamts can run a bit too short on me. For my eye, flares or wide leg pants need to be floor length. Anything shorter just looks off, to me.

  16. I tried on a pair pre-distressed jeans at Uniqlo yesterday and I nearly put my foot through one of the engineered holes in the thigh! At that moment I realized that perhaps I am too old for this style (I’m just shy of 50). I did order a pair of frayed hem boyfriend jeans online from them because the price was just right. It’s a trend I want to try out but don’t want to pay premium prices for!

  17. Hi Susan. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it! I had no idea there were blogs out there about style and other topics for women over 50. I live in northern California so I appreciate all the advice you offer up. I live in my jeans because of many reasons but, most of all I love the versatility they offer. They can be dressed up or down. For example, today I’m visiting my favorite vineyard for a wine tasting so putting together the outfit will be fun with the help you have on your blog! I’m also in a new chapter of my life and making some lifestyle changes (one being weight loss). I have found it difficult to find a way to embrace my inner child and not look ridiculous at over 60. Thanks again!