Sunday Garden Blogging

Golden bounty

My yellow pear tomatoes are now ripening faster than I can eat them, and I’m the only one in the house who likes tomatoes! This is one day’s haul. The first few fruits were disappointing: mealy in texture and not as flavorful as I’d hoped. But as we continue to get more warm weather, the sugars build nicely and now they’re sweet and delicious, and the texture is satisfying. The other tomato variety I’d planted (“Big Boy”) has been an utter disappointment, lots of flowers but no fruit at all, so yesterday I pulled it out to give the more productive member of Team Tomato more room to spread out.

Happy lavender…

Blooming sage

I don’t know what this one is in the front yard, but it also has some unusual purple flowers
Close up

Meanwhile back indoors, the dust buildup on our shutters was hitting Critical Mass, so I actioned one of these.

Modern Miracle

I normally eschew anything disposable, but desperate times call for desperate measures. They worked beautifully on the ceiling corner cobwebs too.

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  1. Happy Sunday gardening to you! My big tomato plant may give me all of ONE tomato. Maybe I should just pull it out too. And I know this is silly, but, how do you usually dust? I want to stop using the Swiffer but with what to replace it?

  2. I try to be green with my products but those swiffers really catch dust in hard to reach places like blinds.

    A vacuum with a small brush works too.

    Oh if only I lived closer we could trade some home grown goodies…my tomatoes are not doing much but I have lots of swiss chard, beets and zucchini!

  3. Gorgeous gardens! I love their muted beauty. And I agree your purple flower looks like monarda.

    I did all my chores yesterday so I could spend today in my gardens, and it is raining. I am glad that it saves me from watering (something that can take hours), but I really wanted to do some deadheading and general tidying up. I’m not *too* disappointed, as I have all the windows open, and there’s little I like more than a gentle summer rain.

  4. Lucky you to have tomatoes. It has been so hot here that the blossoms will not set. Hardly anyone has any tomatoes. Just too hot and not enough rain.
    I have been getting my tomatoes at Sam’s club.

  5. Jen – thanks, I’ll look that one up.

    Zuzu’s Petals – thank you! I’m getting behind on my deadheading again, that’s top of my list for next weekend. We very rarely get any rain between May and November. I’d love a little summer rain.

    Patti – thank you. Hope you had some rain…

    LPC – ha, the words “usually dust” are a bit of an oxymoron for me. When it comes to furniture, I usually just use a soft rag and some Pledge. But shutters are a whole ‘nother animal.

    SheWhoAccessorizesWell – that’s really a shame. I think we are borderline too cool for tomatoes here.

    J.W. – I’ll check that out too. I just saw some planted along the side of our local library today too.

    hostess – they really do get into the nooks and crannies far better, don’t they? Oh, your garden goodies sound wonderful!

  6. The garden is looking lovely Pseu. If I lived closer I would volunteer to take some of your yellow tomatoes. You can make a salad with just those tomatoes and a light vinaigrette.

    I use the vacuum with brush attachment for cobwebs, blinds and such and it works pretty well.

  7. The Swiffer dusters do work well. I keep a bag for clean ones and a bag for dust filled ones. When the clean ones run low I take all the dusty ones and swish them in a sink of warm water with a little Dawn. Rinse and hang to dry and they’re ready for another day of duty. I’ve been using the same five for about six months so far.

  8. Susan Tiner – and I would be delighted to share them with you! I just harvested a bunch more. I’m going to pick up some nice fresh mozarella tomorrow, and pick some of the basil, and make a nice tossed salad tomorrow night.

    Shelley – oh, I’m so happy to know they can be washed and reused! I’ll do that.

  9. yumm, I love those little tiny yellow tomatoes. Unfortunately I am too far away to share. Those swiffer thingies do a better job on hte blinds than my vacuum, and less work too. Otherwise I’d love to get rid of them but I’m too lazy.