au revoir Paris…

sunset Seine Paris
sunset in Paris, along the Seine

As always, our visit is over too soon! The weather these few days has probably been the best we’ve ever experienced in Paris, and we are grateful. I’ll have many more posts in the near future recapping various parts of our trip, including food, shopping, sights and yes, a travel wardrobe recap.

As this post goes live, we’re already on our way home. I thought I’d leave you with some of my favorite pictures yet, all taken as we walked part way back to our hotel after a splendid dinner in the Marais. It was that wonderful sunset-to-dusk period of the day.

À bientot!

Paris dusk

picnic quai Seine

ile de la Cité dusk

Notre Dame at night

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  1. Ahhh Paris. O.K. I will say yes to my husband who suggested we’d go there end of September. The city never bores.
    You have lots of experiences and loads of photos to take home from this holiday. Which must have been splendid.

  2. I can’t to hear more details upon your return. Beautiful photographs–I can feel the soft air of the evening. Makes me nostalgic for evenings in Paris. What a beautiful city! Thank you for taking us with you!

  3. One of my favourite things, a walk across Paris in the evening, magical…thanks for sharing yours. Your trip has been such fun to travel along on, vicariously. Wishing you a safe trip home and a smooth re-entry…

  4. Lovely photographs. Think I might have seen you in the Marais – or someone who looked very like you – the other day (maybe not though as she was wearing ballerinas). It’s perfect here just now – weather so lovely, warm but not hot. Have been to so many great exhibitions in the galleries, last night to the opera and also to some lovely restaurants. Might try the Café Tournon you recommended some time before we leave. We’re in a friend’s apartment for a month (he’s in Spain on hols) but we’ll be spending three more days after that at a hotel in Place St Sulpice, so v close to your restaurant. Best wishes, Pamela

  5. Just divine, you have captured the light perfectly. I always feel a tug leaving Paris, too. Safe journey home.

  6. I will be in Paris in 2 weeks and I can’t wait, my favorite city to visit. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope the weather holds out until I get there!

  7. I only hope LA can become more like Paris. No, not the climate! While Paris has a generally mild climate, it can be rainy and grey, and somewhat cold and damp in the winter (though nothing like Amsterdam or London). Just hope it can become more walkable, cyclable, and less dependent on the car, with all the ills that entails.

    1. lagatta, many Angelenos (me included) hold out that same wish! There’s a light rail line being built right now, due to be completed early next year that will run between our city and Santa Monica, a lovely place to visit but often a nightmare to drive to and park. Once that rail line is in, we will visit often, I suspect.

  8. No fear of fashion, for you it is a short journey by Thalys. And even first class is very reasonable if you reserve well ahead of time and choose your dates well. With a lovely snack, if still the same.

  9. So lovely. We just got back last Wednesday. I am ready to go again. Wine and cheese at dusk on the seine was my favorite. Thanks for sharing!