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Eileen Fisher Seam Detail Sweater
Eileen Fisher Seam Detail Sweater

I’m still loving asymmetrical hem sweaters. This is another one of those pieces that’s SO much better in person than it looks online. The color (Deep Sky) is rich without being overbearing, and the cut is slouchy but flattering. This isn’t as voluminous as a lot of EF sweaters, or boxy in the least. The merino wool is lightweight but just substantial enough to drape nicely. Available in a few other colors as well (though I liked this one best).

Available in Misses, Petites, and Plus sizes.

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  1. I’m just not into the asymmetrical look. I think the style looks great, but thrifty me is concerned that the look will be dated in a year or so. I’m just too conservative to buy something that will only work for a season or two. Maybe I am wrong? Is this a classic style?

  2. I like both the black and the charcoal and don’t think the asymmetrical hemline is a fad – it’s been around for awhile and anyway, it’s good to have a few edgier items in one’s wardrobe to liven things up.

  3. The sweaters do look nice, I love the blue and merino wool is great but am I the only one who unfortunately cannot afford 258$ on a sweater…?

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. No, you are not the only one…there is too much need in the world to spend that amount of money on a sweater (IMHO)!

      1. Hi Leslie, everyone has their own threshold of what feels right to spend on an item. I’ve always tried to feature sweaters and other clothes and accessories in a range of prices. (See a recent post featuring my favorite Gap sweater here.) For the most part, I’m trying to follow Vivienne Westwood’s advice: “buy less, choose well, make it last. Quality not quantity.”

    2. I liked this sweater in the store, but I agree — too rich for my blood. That said, the cheapest manufactured goods often come from sweatshops with terrible labor conditions, so I try to weigh that against price and buy fewer but better-made things. Nordstrom has some EF sweaters on sale right now, which might soften the blow!

      1. Good points, Une Femme and Gloria. To me, it is important to minimize my level of consumption, and Ms. Westwood’s suggestion about how best to do that (in the long run) is good advice, especially in light of the labor practices that that allow the manufacture of many/most/all of the cheapest goods. Thank you for pointing out that a simple answer to a moral question that has myriad complex aspects may well defeat its own purpose.

  4. I agree EF price point. Is high for quality. this hem has been around a long time circa 1990’s travelers Chico’s. Why dont we see Sophie frenzie, IC collections, Mally and Nillie, Element Clemente and other USA designers for the chic mature woman. Gap, EF are just run of the mill mall clothes.

    1. Hi sheshechu, I tried googling the lines you’ve mentioned here. IC Collections seems to be wholesale only (?) at least from their website. I wasn’t able to view the collections. Elemente Clemente is interesting, but seem to have limited online availability, through a few boutiques. I couldn’t find any of the others you listed, unfortunately.

  5. I’ve actually tried on this sweater (though in a violet blue color that was temporarily on sale, which was less cobalt and more purple than I expected). I bought a couple of EF merino wool pieces on sale in December, and I love them. This one especially, in a kind of burgundy purple — I can never wear this kind of swing tunic/dress because I’m busty, but the beautiful drape of this piece actually works for me and is a nice departure:


    The sweater pictured above is lovely, but not that same weighty (but not heavy) merino. It’s lighter and a bit scratchier to me, and doesn’t drape as well. I’d wear a cami or other layer underneath, since it’s a tad see-through, and I decided that wasn’t what I wanted. It would be a nice spring layer, though. I’m agnostic on the asymmetrical hem trend, and this one looked less trendy to me than some others.

    I’ll say I’m a recent EF customer and I generally really enjoy their items and their philosophy, though as with any line, I pick and choose. I usually wait until items go on sale, and I can often pick up what I like that way. I’ve come to subscribe to the “quality not quantity” rule these days, and I allow myself to be choosy about what I do buy. But I’m not a fan of Vivienne Westwood’s take — the whole interview that quote came from was a turn-off for me personally! She kind of turned it into a slag on “poor people” who just buy too much cheap stuff, which is an easy thing for a woman as wealthy as her to say. But the general idea, I’m on board with.

  6. I do wear a bit of EF clothing and have noticed that the prices have jumped up lately. I don’t see EF as “mall clothing”, but, at the same time, I don’t think the quality has kept pace with the higher prices. I am careful with my clothing dollars and do want things that last. Some of my EF clothing has lasted (held up well) and some has not. Point well taken that we do need a few edgier things in our wardrobes and should enjoy getting dressed.