Closet Solution: An Easy Way To Store Scarves

scarf storage messy
BEFORE: A Tangled Mess

The start of a new year always lights a fire under me to simplify and organize. For some time now, I’ve been unsatisfied with storage methods for my long scarves. (My silk carrés are stored folded in drawers in a small clear plastic chest similar to this one, which sits on a shelf in the closet. It’s worked quite well.) I could put the long scarves in a dresser drawer, but don’t want them out of sight or to have to dig through them to find what I’m looking for. I’ve tried various tiered hangers, but even with periodic re-hanging they revert to the chaotic state above.

While browsing through closet storage gadgets, I came across this 10 pocket hanging shoe cubby.

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 1.32.32 PM

In a lightbulb moment, I thought it might be just the thing for storing scarves, and ordered one. My first New Year’s project yesterday was to sort through and re-organize the scarves into this cubby.

scarf storage after
AFTER: Ahhh, That’s Better!

Le monsieur calls it the Scarf Condo, but I think this is the solution I’ve been looking for. My long scarves are now neat, organized and visible while occupying less rack space than before, and it’s easy to put scarves away in an orderly way at the end of the day.

I’ve also placed a small cedar block in the back of each cubby pocket to deter moths.

How do you store your scarves? Do you have any favorite or clever storage solutions for other wardrobe items?

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  1. I have always had the same problem with scarves, and so I do appreciate this post!
    In my closet scarves are rolling down my dresser drawer and your hanging shoe cubber looks like a good solution!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had my large scarves/wraps folded a few times and stored in a wide but not very high drawer – it worked quite well until my collection outgrew the space. For me, the cubby system wouldn’t work because it takes up too much hanging closet space (and I wouldn’t be happy folding the scarves so many times.) So, I’ve gone to a hanger system intended for slacks – four or five padded, tiered bars on one hanger. Each bar detaches and swivels from one end of the hanger, so it’s easy to take off and replace each scarf. It takes up almost no room in the closet and allows me to store the scarves with very few folds.
    It is something like this:

    1. I have the exact same one. I do put quite a few on each bar but they are all folded vertically. My really thick ones are in a drawer rolled and stacked so I can see all from the top – sort of how you store t-shirts

  3. My smaller and finer scarves are on a hanger designed for ties, that I bought in Aldi. I have most of my other scarves folded and in a plastic box on my top shelf, though there are always a couple in use that have been flung over my bedroom chair! (hangs head in shame!)

  4. My many scarves are currently rolled up in a wicker basket on a shelf in my wardrobe but that doesn’t work well as when I take one out the remainder fall over, and although I should tidy up as I go I don’t! . I could have made some sort of divider using cardboard but decided that a hanging shoe caddy for the back of my wardrobe door would work better. Each scarf will have its own transparent space, and shelf space will be freed up for other storage. I toyed with the idea of the hanging shoe cubby but didn’t have the height for it in my closet.

    One of my resolutions for 2014 is to finesse what little storage space I have, and make my outfit choices more creative on a daily basis. I discovered the world of fashion blogs a few weeks ago (I know, I must have been living under a rock…) and your blog is helping me to make much better choices. Thank you!

  5. Overflowing with scarves, I bought two metal hangers with numerous holes in them from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They’re better than the tumbled mess in my drawer, but don’t allow me to see them all which is what I really want. Your solution works better.

  6. Mine hang on a towel bar that my husband attached to the closet door. Hopefully all the wrinkles will fall out and I will wear them since I can see them!

  7. I don’t have enough closet space for your solution, but your level of organization is inspiring. . . .spent a few hours yesterday organizing books in my home office and wishing for a magic wand. . . .

  8. Brilliant Idea! I have been hanging my larger scarves on pants hangers, the rest are folded or wrapped in ‘nests’ in a dresser drawer. I think I’ll see if I can find six inches of long hanger space for a shoe cubby. So nice to have them all visible, although I may find I need to purchase a few missing colours.:)

  9. I hang all my scarves from tiered skirt hangers. The clips are padded as to not snag and each hanger will hold five or maybe six scarves. There are several inches between each row of clips so its easy to find the right scarf. I fold a scarf into a manageable rectangle and group them loosely by colors. These hangers will take up no more space than a regular hanger. I think they came from WalMart or Target.

  10. I keep mine in a drawer. The Hermes are folded and kept in their original orange boxes. It’s not as accessible as your solution but I don’t have the space.

  11. I am using a plastic bag holder. It’s made of smooth plastic so it doesn’t catch on the scarves, and it has several holes at different levels just large enough to pull any sized scarf through. Here are pictures.

    Since we are short on space and I don’t have too many scarves, this works and holds plastic bags, too.

  12. My solution is similar to Denise’s. I have a 3-tiered towel rack on the back of my small walk-in closet door that holds at least 24 lighter weight scarves. I have another hanging inside our coat closet door that holds another very large selection of heavier knit scarves.

  13. I love your Scarf Condo, but don’t have enough hanging space, so I have purchased 2 over-the-door shoe bags and place my scarves in the shoe holder pockets. I have two of these and each one is full. I must admit……. I am a scarf-aholic.:)

  14. I like your solution. A multiple trousers hanger works for my much smaller collection. I’d be most interested to know how you store your earrings. I waste precious morning minutes untangling mine.

  15. I have a ladder from West Elm resting against a corner of my room, and the scarves are on that draped over each of the three rungs, arranged by color and length. It’s a fabulous way to use them for decoration but still have them tucked away and organized. The shoe cubbies won’t work for me, unfortunately, because we have very tiny closets as it is (apparently, people didn’t keep much clothing around in the 1920’s), but I think that’s a great idea, too!

  16. I use several of the small plastic drawer rolling storage carts (available at Target, office supply stores. Like this: They usually have four or five drawers each, but they can be split into just two or three drawer sections and the rollers can be removed. I made labels with my label maker (e.g., “red/orange silk”) for each of the drawers so I could find the right colored scarf more quickly. It’s not the greatest for bulky scarves, but I can put them in a bin and find them pretty quickly.

  17. I use open-ended hangers – presumably made for hanging pants – that have a slightly flocked surface for gripping, purchased mostly at Ross, when I can find them. I fold my long scarves in half and then lengthways and can usually hang two on each hanger. Wraps get one hanger each. They go on a lower rack so I can view them from above easily. (Squares and crinkle scarves still go in plastic drawers like yours.)

  18. I use scarf organizer/hanger something like this: (I made a tiny url of the container store website for the hanger). I have two of them and am able to put more than one scarf into some of the circles. I use the hanging shoe cubby for shoes – it’s a great way to store them if the shoes aren’t too bulky. I even got a second shoe cubby that I use in a shorter section of my closet – the bottom few sections just rest on the bar below.

  19. Scarf storage is a big problem for me, as I too am a “scarf-aholic”! I’ve been collecting them since I was in my early ’20s. When I was a young banker, I bought quite a few Hermes squares, but since I now live in sloppy-casual California, I mainly wear long rectangular scarves, and boy, do I have a lot of those! I store my better silk scarves in lidded plastic boxes labelled “black, white and gray”, “navy/red combos” and “brights”. The cheaper ones I keep on a couple of those plastic scarf holders, and I have other zippered cases from the now-defunct Hold Everything catalogue that I keep my pashimas and winter shawls in. I’m hoping that my daughters will eventually appreciate my large collection and take some off my hands (er..neck!).