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Say you have a holiday event or four to attend in the next few weeks.  Say you want to look festive while stopping short of DEFCON2-level glitz.  Say you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on an item that will only be appropriate to wear between now and New Year’s.  Say you’d rather not have your party clothes out-bling your party jewelry.  Say that even though there are definitely times that call for sequins, you’d like an option that’s a bit more subtle.  Say you want something, anything to wear for an evening out that isn’t black. 
Say at least two of the above statements apply to you. This is the top you are looking for.  The satin charmeuse camisole underneath is a lovely emerald color, and the lace overlay is navy.  Pair it with a pencil, full or maxi skirt, black or navy trousers, or even jeans.  (It looks GREAT with dark wash jeans!!)  Wear under a tuxedo jacket, or shrug or cardigan if the room is chilly.  It’s a very flattering cut and you can always swap out the camisole to change up the look.  Yes, this one came home with me.
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  1. So happy you bought this! There is really no substitute for a ‘party top’, even if its season is short. (But with the green, hmmm, you could rock it on St. Pat’s?)

  2. OH – I get it now – the cami is totally separate. Very clever. Let’s see now..I’ll take the top and wear it with my red cami and the ice blue cami and the…

  3. I love that it has sleeves…so many holiday/formal outfits are sleeveless, which TOTALLY doesn’t work for me. I am a big fan of the elbow length sleeve.

  4. Duchesse – it’s true, a “party top” can be a truly versatile piece. Once I tried this on, there was no way I was leaving without it!

    Sal – thanks! I think these colors would work for almost anyone.

    Toby Wollin – yes, that’s the brilliant part! I can see wearing the lace overlay in the summer over a white cami.

    Ruby Tuesday – thanks! Talbots has come up with some really great pieces lately.

  5. Rita – it’s really hard to find anything with long sleeves anymore that’s halfway dressy! But I figure that the shorter sleeves will allow me to wear this during warm weather as well.

    WendyB – somehow I knew you were going to say that, you Queen of Glam, you!

    hostess – “just the right amount of party” is a perfect description!

    Jill Ann – these sleeves aren’t quite elbow length, but the length is tolerable to me.

  6. materfamilias – thanks, and yes, this feels like a no-fuss piece that will be easy to throw on and “pretty up” whatever else I’m wearing.

    LBR – I agree! I think I’ll be able to wear year round.

    Susan – thanks! I’m planning to wear it to one party this weekend, and will try to get le monsieur to snap a pic.

  7. So pretty! I, too, would like longer sleeves, but I’m in New England where all of a sudden it’s in the 20s, and I almost wish that it also had a turtleneck.

    My one holiday top is a 3/4 sleeve scoopneck stretch velvet number. Nice with jeans, nice with a pencil skirt and heels, not so low cut that I can’t wear a silk cami underneath for warmth…not for pretty, alas.

  8. Frugal Scholar – I agree, and it’s taken me a while warm up to navy, because I grew up with so many darn *rules* about what it could be worn with. Navy and black was one of the no-no’s, but I adore that combo now and find it very sophisticated.

    Rubiatonta – your velvet top sounds like a perfect piece!